The hectic adventures of D’Artagnan (Gene Kelly), a young provincial noble who came to Paris to become a Musketeer. He will meet action, love, hate, King Louis XIII (Frank Morgan) and Queen Anne (Dame Angela Lansbury), as his impetuousness gets him involved in political plots… and of course, virile and indestructible friendship with the three Musketeers Athos (Van Heflin), Porthos (Gig Young), and Aramis (Robert Coote).

Also Known As: De tre musketörerna, Три мушкетёра Soviet, Trimata musketari, 三銃士(1948), De tre musketerer, I tre moschettieri, The Three Musketeers, Die drei Musketiere, Üç Silahşörler, Три мушкетёра, Oi treis somatofylakes, Cei trei muschetari, Los tres mosqueteros, Les trois mousquetaires, La vendetta di Milady, Kolme muskettisoturia, Les 3 mousquetaires, Tri musketara, D'Artagnan au service de la reine, Tri Musketara, De 3 musketeers, Trzej muszkieterowie, Alexandre Dumas' The Three Musketeers, Οι τρεις σωματοφύλακες, Тримата мускетари, A három testőr, Tri musketýri, Die drei Musketiere West, Os Três Mosqueteiros, De drie musketiers, Tri mushketera

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