Three druggists travel with a Milquetoast inventor, Schuyler, and his girlfriend, Diane, to ancient Greece on a newly invented time machine. There, the evil tyrant, Odius, takes a shine to the woman and has the guys enslaved as galley rowers using the excuse of the three druggists helping a rebel leader, Ulysses, escape. The rigors of the rowing pump Schuyler up into a muscleman with strength comparable to Hercules himself, who is in the employ of Odius. The threesome get the idea of raising money by promoting Schuyler as Hercules for a series of physical contests. Using a combination of his great strength and, a judicious use of a large supply of potent tranquilizers Curly-Joe brought with him, Schuyler is a success. However, this leads to trouble when the real McCoy learns about the imposter.

Also Known As: Трое комиков встречают Геркулеса Soviet, De tre træmænd møder Herkules, The Three Stooges Meet Hercules, Haut den Herkules West, Hércules y los tres chiflados, Os Três Patetas com Hércules no Olimpo, Üç Kafadarlar Herküle Karşı, To trio Stooges enantion tou Irakli, Tre oriundi contro Ercole, Os Três Estarolas contra o Hércules, Herkules övermän, Les trois Stooges contre Hercule

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