In Arkansas, a stagecoach is robbed by Colonel Brinkley’s gang. What the gang is really after is a treasure map one of the stagecoach passengers carries. However, Mr. Engel only has half the map. The other half of the treasure map is held by Engel’s partner, a Mr. Patterson. Even so, the gang kills Engel and steal his half a map. Later, Fred Engel, the son of the murdered stagecoach passenger, seeks help to find his father’s killers and retrieve the map. He contacts famous frontier scout Old Shatterhand and his Apache blood brother Winnetou. The three men set out to catch the killers. Fred Engel reveals to his two friends that his father’s missing map pinpoints the location of a gold treasure at Silver Lake. They head toward the farm owned by Mr. Patterson, Engel’s business partner. Patterson has the other half of the map and a daughter, Ellen, whom Fred is in-love with. Unfortunately, Colonel Brinkley’s gang has the same idea of retrieving the other half of the treasure map, since the gang already has the first half of the map.

Also Known As: Le trésor du lac d'argent, Съкровището в Сребърното езеро, Winnetou - präriens son, Karl May's Winnetou: De Schat Van De Zilverzee, Poklad na Striebornom Jazere, Poklad na Stříbrném Jezeře Czech, The Treasure of the Silver Lake, Hopeajärven aarre, Skarb w Srebrnym Jeziorze, O Tesouro do Lago da Prata, Poklad na Stříbrném Jezeře, Sukrovishteto v Sreburnoto ezero, Treasure of Silver Lake, Skatten i Sølvsøen, El tesoro del lago de plata, Az Ezüst-tó kincse, Сокровище Серебряного озера Soviet, Winnetou, o polemistis ton Apache, Treasure of Silver Lake South, Zaklad v srebrnem jezeru, Blago u srebrnom jezeru, Daglarin Kahramani, Schat in het zilvermeer, Ο θησαυρός της χαμένης λίμνης, Der Schatz im Silbersee, De schat aan het Zilvermeer, Sokrovishche Serebryanogo ozera Soviet, Comoara din lacul de argint, El tesoro del lago de la plata, Скарб Срібного озера, Treasure of Silver Lake New, O Tesouro dos Renegados, Sølvsjøens forbannelse, O thisavros tis hamenis limnis, Il tesoro del lago d'argento, Skatten i Silversjön

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