A Scotland Yard detective is investigating a string of robberies and a murder, and the information he uncovers leads him to the estate of a wealthy but strange English family, who share their mansion with a group of nuns. The detective comes to suspect that neither the family nor the nuns is quite what they seem to be.

Also Known As: Valkoisen nunnan salaisuus, Kolmiokierre, Le Signe Du Trigone, La grande sfida a Scotland Yard, Det stumma vittnet, Edgar Wallace: Valkoisen nunnan arvoitus, Tajna bele opatice, To recital tou eglimatos, Factor One, A fehér apácák titka, Das Geheimnis der weißen Nonne West, Død mand sladrer ikke, The Trygon Factor, 大強盗団, Das Geheimnis der Weissen Nonne, Secretul calugaritelor in alb, Sob o Signo da Suspeita, Trígono de muerte, O Triângulo Mortal, Le signe du Trigorne, La planque, Dai gôtô-dan, The Secret of the White Nun West, El templo del hampa

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