When Julius Cesar fears, that he will probably never be able to defeat the gaulic village of Asterix and his friends, he has the idea of offering the Gauls a deal: if they are able to solve twelve tasks that he selected, he will hand over the Roman empire to them. If not, they have to submit.

Also Known As: Divpadsmit Asteriksa Varoņdarbi, Astérix tizenkét próbája, Asterix verovert Rome, Os 12 Trabalhos de Astérix, Oi 12 athloi tou Asterix, The Twelve Tasks of Asterix, As doce probas de Astérix, Le dodici fatiche di Asterix, Astérix: Las doce pruebas, Las doce pruebas de Astérix, Les Douze travaux d'Astérix, Οι 12 άθλοι του Αστερίξ, Asterix's Twelve Tasks, Dwanascie prac Asteriksa, Asterix indta'r Rom, Les 12 travaux d'Astérix, O Asterix kai ta trella katorthomata tou, Ástríkur og Þrautirnar 12, Asterix erobert Rom West, Asterix inntar Rom, Asterix 12 stordåd, Os 12 Trabalhos d'Astérix, 12 подвигов Астерикса Soviet, Os 12 Trabalhos de Asterix, Asterix valloittaa Rooman, The Adventures of Asterix, 12 задатака Астерикса

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