A teenage girl’s overdose at an unsupervised party sends ripples through those connected to her, with some experiencing the “unmiracle,” that moment of understanding that one’s been viewing life’s hardships upside-down, as if God hates them.

Also Known As: O Mistério da Fé, The UnMiracle, Невиданное чудо

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  • vitoria-do-vieira
    vitoria do vieira

    Thanks to all involved in making this movie. It is hard to talk about the cure before anyone knows there’s an illness. To show the illness in many guises is what makes the cure visible. The Unmiracle.

  • agnes-carlier
    agnes carlier

    Well I admit the acting was pretty bad. But the story line addresses real issues in a real world. Addiction, PTSD, and how easy it is to loose our faith. This movie was just what I needed, just when I needed it.

  • dwayne-anderson
    dwayne anderson

    The dialog is bad. The acting is bad. It purports to be a Christian movie, but the teenage Christian character is arrogant and defiant in the name of WWJD and the “gospel” presentation by the woman is deistic at best (“God stepped away” she said), not Christian by any recognizable feature.

  • jiyujin

    The dialog and acting in this movie remind me of an elementary school play that the kids wrote themselves. This is hands down the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Horrible Horrible Horrible.

  • vinicio-palmieri
    vinicio palmieri

    Great story but it was excruciating to sit through because of horrible acting. Even with years of experience in acting, Stephen Baldwin still hasn’t perfected his acting skills.

  • dr-anne-cook
    dr anne cook

    The writing and acting are wonderfully bad, there are lines in this that will make you stop the movie and back it up because you won’t believe how silly they are. This is bad Christian cinema at its finest, the message of the movie is only slightly poisonous so you can enjoy this movie without feeling morally sick over the message. If you like bad Christian movies this is the perfect movie for you.