When Sheriff Deputy Carter (Aaron Poole) discovers a blood-soaked man limping down a deserted road, he rushes him to a local hospital with a barebones, night shift staff. As cloaked, cult-like figures surround the building, the patients and staff inside start to turn ravenously insane. Trying to protect the survivors, Carter leads them into the depths of the hospital where they discover a gateway to immense evil.

Also Known As: The Void: il vuoto, Conjuros del más allá, Пустота, A Seita Maligna, Praznina, The Void, El vacío, Nicota Czech, Pustka

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  • the-truth
    The Truth

    Interesting…. worth watching.

  • eduardo-cavalcanti
    eduardo cavalcanti

    ‘THE VOID’: Four Stars (Out of Five)Indie horror flick about a group of people being held in a hospital, by a bunch of crazy cultists, when they learn that the hospital is also inhabited by vicious creatures. It was written and directed by Steven Kostanski (who also wrote and directed a segment of the 2014 anthology horror flick ‘ABCS OF DEATH 2’) and Jeremy Gillespie; the duo also co-wrote and co-directed the 2011 indie grindhouse flick ‘FATHER’S DAY’ (with other filmmakers). It stars Aaron Poole, Kenneth Welsh, Daniel Fathers, Kathleen Munroe, Evan Stern, Stephanie Belding and Ellen Wong. The movie was given a limited indie theatrical and VOD release, and it’s gotten mostly positive reviews from critics (who have almost all praised it for it’s classic 80s nostalgic feel). I also enjoyed it (for it’s classic 80s nostalgic feel).Deputy Daniel Carter (Poole) finds a man, named James (Stern), crawling in the middle of the road, covered in blood. He takes him to the local hospital, where his estranged wife Allison (Munroe) works. After handing the man over to the staff there, Daniel finds a nurse (Belding) in a bizarre trance and murdering a patient. He then shoots her in self defense. As the Deputy goes outside, to call for help, he’s attacked by crazy cultists. The cultists then surround the hospital and trap everyone inside. Daniel, and the other people there, soon realize that the cultists are the least of their problems. There are murderous creatures about to attack them as well.The film is a lot of fun for people that love low-budget horror movies, especially the kind that came out in the 1980s. It’s got some great gore, some cool 80s style effects and an awesome 80s style soundtrack. The movie is like going back in time to the 1980s, if you remember what horror movies were like then. There’s not a lot to the story, or character development, but the film is creepy and disturbing enough. Genre fans should have a blast!Watch our movie review show ‘MOVIE TALK’ at: https://youtu.be/b6j-_hcq7Wo

  • holly-allen
    holly allen

    This is way better than I expected. Just watched this out randomly because it was mentioned on some list expecting some b (or lower) level trash. I was wrong.NO SPOILERS: Storyline goes pretty much like John Carpenter’s and Clive Barker’s best work mashed together (and perhaps Fulci style surrealism blended in imo) Like assault to precinct 13+The Thing+Hellraiser with some Cthulhu references. The Void does not quite get to the level of those masterpieces mentioned but effort is there. Just learned this was crowd funded project so whatever money they got, they used it well. Acting was acceptable, all the technical stuff professionally made and oh boy the effects: All the practical fx and monsters were truly disturbing and cgi was only used when needed.Even though apparently small budget slightly shines through all the effort, it kinds of adds to it. Like some random flick that you picked up from video rental place randomly that appeared to be good instead of random b shlock. Anyhow, every film student should watch this that it is possible to make decent movie without billion dollar budget. Guess low rating is from people who don’t know how proper horror movie should end.Solid 3 out of 5 (plus 1 for effort) and 10 out of 10 for IMDb to make things right. Check it out.

  • josef-hajek-dis
    josef hajek dis

    No 80’s horror vibe at all let’s get that out of the way! This movie is sucks bawelzzzz! Characters = boring and blah Script = straight up stupid Actors= terribly terrible not like 80s horror actors who are mostly terribly awesome (At least knives chau got another job) Gore= pointless (two out of nowhere uncharismatic “brothers”? I think? Chopping at a pile of play-doh with axes…ha…OK? Plot= idk movie is so boring not paying attention anymore I was so hyped to watch this movie with all the good reviews it had. You reviewers let me down…how dare you! This is a warning for people who like awesome horror films that don’t suck. ….just looked up at the movie while writing this review to see the end of this crap…haha now I get the hellraiser comments.

  • robert-hopkins
    robert hopkins

    What is wrong with the people giving these movies such high reviews. This movie was utterly VOID of any story or plot. It was an endless hodgepodge of nonsense.How in the world can anyone rate this more than one star. I’m sick of these positive reviewers, who are either connected with the film or paid, wasting my time and money by having me watch this crap!

  • gaaykvaadd-vivek
    gaaykvaadd vivek

    I eagerly waited to see this one but didn’t have high expectations. Thankfully, was actually “better” than I hoped. If you’re a fan of H. P. Lovecraft or mythos themed movies, you’ll consider this a decent flick. If that sort of ancient elder evil from outside isn’t your sort of thing, steer clear of this one. I’d compare it to “The Resurrected” with Chris Sarandon. Both have the same visceral creature effects and outer horror theme. Good acting and production values. Basically the story is about a tiny group of people trapped in a nearly abandoned small town hospital while under siege by cultists. There is actually much more going on with the plot with a couple of twists I didn’t see coming and while you never get a tired explanation, you do get just enough to piece together what has been going on in this small town. It is action and gore heavy with good old-school creature effects not CGI. Sadly, I don’t think we don’t get enough of this kind of modern horror movies. I rather enjoyed this and picked up a copy to keep. It isn’t anything stellar, but I was pleased with it and can say it was worth watching.

  • aaron-komar
    aaron komar

    The plot doesn’t really make much sense overall but arriving at that conclusion is an enjoyable journey. There are many references to earlier sci-fi/horror works which sustained the interest when the plot turned slow. I counted nods to The Thing, Aliens, Alien Resurrection, Reanimator, The Beyond, Night of the Living Dead and there were more besides… Good acting throughout, good production values and everything was taken seriously so well worth the watch.

  • gianmarco-pellegrini
    gianmarco pellegrini

    Nothing short of classic horror film-making here. It could have neatly fit into John Carpenter’s apocalyptic films, specifically Prince of Darkness to which it seems a spiritual sequel of sorts. It kicks off a disturbing scenario from the first minute and plummets straight into nightmarish soon enough. I haven’t seen this kind of enjoyable and well made practical effects since the 80’s The Thing, or perhaps as late as Species. No glaring and cheesy CGI is to be seen. What there is of CGI budget is all splurged on gorgeous otherwordly scenes. The main set has the lovely dichotomy you would find in a classy Silent Hill hospital, with juicy decorations from Clive Barker’s Hellraiser. The people who made this clearly knew what they were doing.Tired of teen splatter films? Seen one ghost movie too many? Do jumpscares make you groan and roll your eyes? Try this. You won’t be disappointed.

  • vera-amorim
    vera amorim

    The Void is a hectic, unoriginal mix of hellraiser/lovecraft/Assault on Precinct 13/ and capcom’s various biohazard games.Acting is average at best. The bland music does not help this movie much either. The camera is flat throughout the film and the weird editing is just confusing.This awkward B-movie production doesn’t offer anything new. The void felt like a student project. And i was glad when it was finally over.

  • thomas-alvarez
    thomas alvarez

    Spoilers ahead. None of the plots are ever explained. Why was the first couple in the farm house being hunted by the 2 men? Why couldn’t one of those men talk? He was silent the entire film and it never said why. They set the girl on fire? What did she ever do? The guy said he went there just to do some drugs so that made no sense. Why was the cop car moved away from the hospital by an extra 100 feet? He still had the keys on him. The cop chopped up his wife with an ax then it shows him in his same cop uniform while she changed clothes holding his hand in the end. Never shown what happened to the Doctor once he entered the void. Why did anyone else need to go into the basement besides the cop looking for his wife? The Asian girl who stayed up top was the only smart one.

  • thierry-begue-de-delmas
    thierry begue de delmas

    What do you get when you cross the creature designs of The Thing, the gruesome depravity of Baskin, and the atmosphere and aesthetics of Silent Hill? You get The Void, one of the most deliciously gory and stomach churning films of recent memory. The movie begins with a deceptively simple set-up, and gets progressively more complex as it goes on. The acting is top-notch, especially that of the supporting cast, and the soundtrack is effective and nicely implemented. The star of the show, however, are the incredibly disturbing and disgusting creature designs. It takes a truly depraved mind to create such abominations, and I enjoyed every single frame that was used to showcase each forsaken vessel of filth. It was a masterclass in practical effects, and anyone who says that the craft is dead would get a run for their money after seeing these atrocities.I have seen some pretty entertaining horror films this year, and this is certainly no exception. It was like watching a nightmare unfold in stunning clarity. Everything from the script, the acting and the SFX culminated into one of the most effective creature features I have seen in some time. Go in expecting to be impressed, and you most likely will be. I will be following this creative duo and anticipate their next feature film with bated breath.

  • iker-tovar
    iker tovar

    This review contains spoilers.The Void is a low budget horror movie with Lovecraftian themes. The story follows a sheriff that discovers a wounded man. The two drive to the local hospital but then discover a mysterious cult surrounds them. The sheriff along with the hospital’s patients, nurses, and doctors desperately try to survive against the cosmic horror before them.The Void is an excellent movie with Lovecraftian themes. it is a movie that has a low budget but executes its story and themes well. Audiences should be warned that the story does become wild and strange. This feeds into the theme of cosmic horror well as many horrific occurrences are not explained and not understood. The audience only understands as much as the main characters do and even this is open to the character’s dwindling sanity as the horror envelops them. I liked all of the characters and they are well written. The story has enough twists to keep it engaging and to keep the audience guessing.The budget of the movie low. This is evident in most of the movie taking place in one location with confined spaces. This does work to the benefit of the movie as it contributes to the claustrophobic atmosphere of the movie. The monsters in this movie are not well realized. The monsters are shown too much on the screen where they lose their weight. With the low budget it can be easy to pick apart messy details on the monsters. The monsters do look horrific at first but become static as the screen time goes on.The actors and actresses did a good job in this movie. The only complaint I have is the lack of range. Most of the characters are reacting to horror. The actors and actresses were fine for this purpose but were not fully tested. Likewise, the dialogue was well written.There are some story problems. Since, the movie does not explain actions, some events are open to interpretation. Once it is revealed that the hospital’s doctor was behind the events, some of the plot does not make much sense. The doctor was able to reincarnate and serve his eldritch god. He also wanted to bring back his daughter. it seemed as if he could have killed the other characters before the movie started or even have caused character deaths to aid in his plans. This is still open to interpretation and I am glad the movie ended the way it did.I highly recommend The Void. It is a movie with heavy Lovecraftian inspiration. The movie is a must watch for any fan of Lovecraft.Four stars out of four stars.

  • haykowhi-k-rk-oryan
    haykowhi k rk oryan

    Event Horizon + the Thing + occult horror = this movie I can’t believe it took me this long to find this gem. The effects are well done by eschewing 3d generated effects for old style animatronic and real props. The story is creepy but cool and really speeds up fast. A great horror movie if you want to see creative monsters.

  • amanda-nelson
    amanda nelson

    The biggest weakness the movie has is the plot. It starts off simple enough, weird cult with some monster/alien things, definitely some Lovecraft influence here. The characters are good, not as fleshed out as other horror movies, but they aren’t stupid and their actions make sense. The disconnect for me was the ending, once they go down to the morgue and the doctor starts talking about cheating death and turning people into monsters, the plot just dissolves for me. Had the cult been about “reaching enlightenment” by turning into these disgusting creatures, that would’ve been weird and creepy, but it went for a more trippy ending with this portal to another world opening up. The practical effects are great, reminding me a lot of “John Carpenter’s The Thing”, but I just wish the story actually explained what was going on better.

  • marika-salminen
    marika salminen

    As much as one might try to watch each movie unconditioned, unprejudiced and ready to judge it for what it is, it’s really hard to tackle a title such us the void and not to expect another B horror movie filled with cliché and disastrous acting. Luckily, it takes but a few minutes to realize “The void” is something else, a bold take on cult movies with a very limited budget.If there’s something “The void” stands out for, that’s its Lovecraftianish feel. You’ve got the cult, got the creatures, got the parallel dimension, got the eerie atmosphere that spans through the whole film, with a story that tells you just enough to keep you hooked and, at the same time, unaware of what it’s going on. Sure, it’s got its holes, and contradictions, and its unexplained events, as is to be expected of any indie flick mimicking a Lovecraft universe, but the film is so well paced and the action so packed, you can’t but overlook them and let you drown in the thick nightmare and the gore fest.With acting performance that don’t let down (except for a few exceptions -ahem, Ellen Wong-) and a solid music score, “The void” won’t win big awards or be labeled as movie of the year, but it’s probably one of the most pleasant surprises 2017 will bring us, we who long longed for a flick drinking from 80s classics such us The thing or Reanimator.

  • dr-fekete-gabriella
    dr fekete gabriella

    A local sheriff brings the victim of a mysterious attack to a rundown hospital, where sinister events ensue during a night of blood and gore …Ambitious siege horror with all sorts of influences. After a disturbing opening scene, we have one moment of normality followed by a constantly twisting nightmare that never lets up. At one point it seems there’s a triple threat coming from different angles, and the story is at risk of collapsing from overload, but then the endgame comes into play through well produced set pieces and the climax brings some clarity.The weakness is in the writing, which gives us two heroes, three pregnancies, over elaborate back stories, and plenty of shouty dialogue. The strength is in the effects and the photography and sound that create the hellish otherworld. The performances are OK, but the pace ebbs and flows instead of building steadily.Overall: impressive vision delivered through a hectic concept.

  • hugo-fernandes
    hugo fernandes

    The premise of this movie at first feels like a simple creature feature. It’s standard horror fare set in a hospital, but this movie goes a little higher concept in its aspirations. There is a lot here just below the surface. The creature effects were some of the best I’ve ever seen which is unsurprising when you find out that the two directors were respectively a makeup artist and an art director for many years before. All the effects look like they were done practically and if there is any cgi it’s unnoticed except for one unfortunate green screen scene. The action was explosive and cathartic in nature. Mostly this film just gives a sense of dread, a sense of insignificance. It doesn’t feel like there is any way that these people will survive what is being thrown at them. I’d call it the best Doom movie we will ever get because it does give a good sense of what our collective imaginations have decided hell is like. The triangles and the cult aspect were also welcome additions and the aesthetics it adds subtly changes your reaction to the film in a way I would not have expected. This was one of the best theater horror experiences I’ve ever had and one of the best modern horror movies I’ve seen.

  • rousa-mantou
    rousa mantou

    I saw this movie at the Festival du film Fantastique (Gerardmer, France). We were watching 6 movies per day for 3 days in a row, “The Void” was the last movie we were going to see for the day and I had absolutely no idea what it was about. In fact I thought it was a sci-fi movie when we stepped into the theater, and boy am I glad we did not know more ; we were in for quite a ride.If you plan on watching the movie, I strongly advise you to stop reading/watching any type of review, teaser, trailer or any form of info about it. Not that I am going to spoil anything here, but I believe this movie is enjoyed much better if you know absolutely nothing about it. If you’ve seen the poster you already know too much. OK you might be wondering “What if I don’t like the genre ? I want to know what this is about !”. It’s true that this movie is not for everyone, and I can understand that some people will strongly dislike it. Well, just know that if you appreciate the kind of movies John Carpenter was delivering in the 80’s, this is for you. Now go !Personnaly, I absolutely loved The Void, it has been a very long time since I felt so much tension while watching a film. The buildup is very well done. This is no “jump in your seat” crap. It is the kind of movie that makes you hold your breath and make your blood pressure go up, the kind that makes you feel like you are in a nightmare. The Void will get the same kind of cult status as movies like Event Horizon or In the Mouth of Madness did.

  • pedro-lucas-oliveira
    pedro lucas oliveira

    On the effects and style end, The Void is an example to all of those filmmakers who say “fix it in post” and want to only use CGI blood instead of actual syrup mixed with whatever. It’s an often grotesque display of what can be done with rubber and latex and some imagination. Is it the *most* imaginative use of practical effects? Perhaps not, but it’s a lot of the time in the designs, and that the lighting is often cued to make us see the creatures and monsters and tentacles so that it’s just real enough without becoming fake. And there are some unsettling choices in direction and atmosphere – how we first are introduced to the mind-control aspect involving a nurse with a scalpel and a face as revealed to be pretty much (gulp) torn off is exciting and disgusting. These directors weren’t lazy when it came to effects, but unfortunately they became lazy when it came time to do the *work* of a movie script.These characters and the plot that are cooked up for The Void are half-baked, and the actors, while not necessarily bad, are not given enough to rise up to a challenge of doing something more than what their one (or simply half) dimensional characters require them to do. The set-up is The Thing with a bit of Night of the Living Dead and then there’s I’m sure a butt-load of Lovecraft there too, as a small town cop and a few locals (including the cop’s pregnant wife, who we don’t find out is so until later on) are trapped in a hospital as strange, white hooded figures (no KKK component with that, by the way, they’re more like evil monks one sees in horror with cult scnarios) with some powers that sometimes get sort of explained, and other time (mostly) do not. It’s a siege movie where people walk slowly in dark hallways and down to dark cellars, and one of the stakes is that the pregnant girl may give birth at any moment. Plus, there may be a… inter- dimensional portal of some kind? This is a movie made by people who clearly (nakedly) love their influences (and maybe smoked a good amount of weed possibly before the script writing process, maybe during too), but they didn’t put in what has to be done to make us care about the characters. This is a story where people keep acting mean and obnoxious to one another because, well, DANGER! But one of the aspects of a movie like Carpenter’s The Thing is that we get to know and like the characters, and while they’re types the actors do a lot of good work to help flesh out the characters too. In here, the actors often have one expression planted on their faces, and it stays there whether it’s panic or mean consternation or… more panic. And while I mention that the movie has some good atmosphere, it’s not directed with a distinguishing vision that would set it as something unique: a lot of hand-held when it has to get intense, a music cue that comes in when a character does a surprise move into a room or reveal in a shot (and music that becomes extremely loud and *TELLING YOU THIS IS SCARY TIME*-like during some of the more gruesome scenes).But more than with the characters, I don’t think the writers/directors did a good job selling us on what the mythology is supposed to be. There’s a lot of symbolism involving these triangles and shots of dark-ominous clouds rolling in the sky, and, obviously, there is some fantastical/outer-space/interdimensional things going on. Although we do eventually get two scenes where separate villainous characters monologue to other characters – one being someone who is curiously strapped down with some scary medical things about to happen, and the reveal is a good troubling sight, while the other fills in only the slightest gaps in logic and this by the climax – I wanted to know more about the rules here. There’s mind-control and there’s sometimes scenes where this world of ‘The Void’ or what have you shows characters some of their dreams and tries to trick them with fulfilling their desires, and yet it’s also not clear how they can do this and why it’s only done to some of the characters. And moreover, if they could do mind-control, why doesn’t the ultimate main Bad-Baddie get the pregnant woman to him sooner for what is ultimately an impregnation-incubus sort of plot? This is a lot of style that can often work though mostly in the use of practical effects, and I must emphasize that whoever did the effects deserves a free bar for a year for the amount of work put in here (though some of that reaction may be like a guy coming in from being in the CGI desert for so long, whether some of that is derivative too I’m not sure right after seeing it), and at the same time it’s sizzle-no-steak. I didn’t go with high or low expectations since I didn’t know much about the film, but that’s usually a good thing I think: show me what you got and try to impress me with a vision that isn’t encumbered by a franchise or a major studio breathing down your necks. The Void has its moments, but a lot of it is humorless and without charm (this really could’ve used, if one is going to go for the ‘but its homaging Carpenter and Romero etc’ argument like a Ken Foree or Kurt Russell or something, someone who can make me feel some concern for these people), and at worst it may be all too impressed with its own half-baked imagery and context. 5.5/10

  • diachkov-elisei-dmitrievich
    diachkov elisei dmitrievich

    “The Void” has been compared, quite a bit, to John Carpenter’s 1980’s remake of “The Thing”, and understandably so. The use of practical effects in this movie are really its highest selling point. Like “The Thing”, this film does not shy away from showing you some extremely well crafted and effective monsters. However, to compare this film with “The Thing” for reasons outside of practical effects, does not make a lot of sense.In short, “The Void”, is well worth a watch. If the trailer interested you, the movie will absolutely deliver. In a recent rash of indie horror films, “The Void” stands out for several reasons. In many of the recent indie horror films, there is usually something glaring that needs to be overlooked in order to make the film enjoyable. Whether it be poor acting, loose plot lines, or an over abundance of things that attempt to shock, many recent indie horror titles have been held back by mediocrity. “The Void” as a sum of its individual parts its a well crafted and enjoyable ride that I would feel comfortable recommending to most horror fans. The special effects are easily its highest selling point, but the film is held together by a decent story line and fair acting. The characters are believable for the most part, and the story does a good job explaining the necessity of the effects.Where the film falters the most however, is in its lack of atmosphere. The film feels as if it should be claustrophobic and isolating, but for some reason, I was unable to connect with these themes. I am usually an advocate for a movie telling less to the audience, in order for the viewer to create some of the more frightening aspects in their mind, bu with this particular film, I was left wanting more exposition. Unlike the original “Hellraiser” film, “The Void” did not leave the origins of the monsters creation completely unexplained, but the origin story was a little to vague, and it made it difficult to connect as deeply to the conclusion of the film as I may have liked.Overall, “The Void” is a good movie to throw on for a horror movie night with some friends who enjoy some good over the top gore and monster effects.

  • t-amar-berianize
    t amar berianize

    I stepped into this flick without knowing what it was all about so it was a big surprise that I found this one a gem. Can I say something negative about The Void, well, no. Maybe for some the story will be a void because it’s all about weird things, supernatural stuff, I don’t know what to say but pick it up without hesitation.If you are a newbee into the genre this is going to be a hell of a ride because nowadays with all those rather low on gore flicks this will get you. For the old school geeks this is a must. I can’t say a thing about the story because I would spoil it. And even if I would I couldn’t say what’s it all about. It’s somewhere between Hellraiser (1987) and The Thing (1982). And all the effects are on-camera, no use of CGI. It’s messy, it’s weird and it has a lot of gore inside. By all means, this is just a throwback to old school horror. Long time ago I’ve seen such a joy for the eye. Masterpiece.Gore 3/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 4/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5

  • muhammet-ushan-hayrioglu-bilgin
    muhammet ushan hayrioglu bilgin

    I gave this one a solid 7 out 10. What it lacks in solid lead actors it makes up for with some amazing visuals and special effects. The void does have some real levels to it and really immerses you into the threat of imminent danger. It’s almost reminiscent of silent hill meets Netflix’s stranger things. The only thing that drove me bonkers about this film is it’s unapologetic and total lack of explanations on plot and drive. It’s like being dropped into hell and the devil forgets to tell you how you died. The whole time i was waiting for that one character who seemingly knows all but for “reasons” inconveniently discloses the full story by the time its too late. The void is worth watching for sure but don’t expect to understand right away. I will definitely be pondering away and painfully scratching my head on this film for a while. It isn’t without it’s perks though. For the avid horror and sci fan it contains some real tone and plenty of gore to tide you over

  • andre-andreasen
    andre andreasen

    I attended a screening of The Void at the Nevermore film festival in Durham, NC. It was a remarkable throwback to classic John Carpenter-style films. I hesitate to list too many details about it, since the feel of the film is very much like a nightmare that might be spoiled if you go in knowing how it turns out. I can say that the creature designs were some of the best I’ve seen on film in recent years. The feel of the film reminded me a great deal of Silent Hill, perhaps because it shares a lot of the same influences.My few criticisms have to do with the screenplay. The filmmakers do a good job of leaving some mystery, but there’s a bit of exposition I felt like I missed that would explain why some of the people take the actions they do. Even so, that didn’t detract from the film enough for me to stop enjoying it. It’s a minor miracle how nice the film looks given its low budget. The production design was just outstanding. Considering how ambitious the feature is, I think missing the mark by a bit in certain areas is forgivable.

  • mursine-masiala
    mursine masiala

    First off, I’ve seen some negative reviews on here that have truly surprised me. After growing up as a fan of Horror during that wonderful 80’s period, I can honestly say The Void felt as comfortable as it does uncomfortable, especially if you’re a fan of those movies of that time. Yes there are some very strong Clive Barker influences running throughout the movie (both Hellraiser and Nightbreed for example), but I think that’s what kept me hooked throughout. That with a dash of Lovecraftian themed fantasy here and there really gave this movie a lot of (albeit dark) charm. I think the last time I saw something this twisted was probably the Turkish movie ‘Baskin’, with which it shares a lot of similarities, but The Void tends to push the boundaries a bit further, The landscape and atmosphere are nightmarish, imaginative, and gleefully sinister and foreboding. If they set out to create a true vision of hell then I can safely say that they’ve achieved that goal and then some.Its only true flaw is probably some moments of shoddy dialogue but they by no means break the movie. I can think of a lot of top box office Horror’s that have far worse dialogue in fact.One of the things that I found most pleasing was the return to practical effects, so if you’re a fan of movies like Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ then you’re in for a real treat here. I think I only saw one moment of CGI in the entire picture, which was extremely refreshing. Nothing kills horror like bad CGI (‘Mama’, I’m looking at you) but its obvious from the get go that this is a movie made by people who respect the genre, and want to bring it back to its roots.Ignore the negative reviews. If you’re a true fan of the genre then I’m sure you’ll find a lot to love about this movie. Its one hell of a trip, literally!

  • hermelinda-velazquez
    hermelinda velazquez

    I am shocked, seen too many “80s feel” horror, or so called, which are either poorly filmed or the acting is painful.Just heard about this and thought “oh not another” but happy to say this is very good, its not going to win any Oscars for acting, the script is not Shakespeare, but what it try’s to do it does well.The practical effects for the most part are great, The Thing/Hellraiser type, on a very low budget.Story is in realm of Hellraiser/Phantasm/Event Horizon, seen those? you will get my drift.Its ending does leave questions, but also left me wanting to know more, and I would happily watch a second film if they stick to this way of making them, maybe a bit more money spent but keep away from CGI.Overall I am impressed, they should be applauded for going old school and doing it well.

  • iuri-dumbaze
    iuri dumbaze

    I’m floored by the poor reception this movie got. It’s a loving throwback to horror classics with modern polish, clearly influenced by HP Lovecraft and body horror classics like Hellraiser and The Thing. If you like “classic” horror – i.e., horror before CGI and jump scares replaced practical effects and slow dread – you owe it to yourself to watch this movie.It does drag a little bit at the end, but the opening and middle are fantastic. I would have given this movie a 10/10 if the denouement had been done more efficiently. But honestly, it’s very watchable right up to the credits.This movie has some of the best damn body horror I have EVER seen, period. I don’t know how much of it was accomplished by practical effects, but it does seem like a lot. The acting is mostly good, and the pacing, while slower than most modern horror movies, is brisk enough that I didn’t get bored. I really wish horror movies like this were still getting made.