Taw Jackson returns from prison having survived being shot, to the ranch and gold that Frank Pierce stole from him. Jackson makes a deal with Lomax, the man who shot him 5 years ago to join forces against Pierce and steal a large gold shipment. The shipments are transported in the War Wagon, an armored stage coach that is heavily guarded. The two of them become the key players in the caper to separate Pierce from Jackson’s gold.

Also Known As: Assalto ao Carro Blindado, To tøffe gullgravere, Harp vagonu, Comoara din diligenţă, Οι ακατανίκητοι, Die Gewaltigen West, Военният вагон, Guld till El Paso, The War Wagon, Oi akatanikitoi, delidjan-e atesh, Военный фургон Soviet, Ataque al carro blindado, Carovana di fuoco, Asalto al carro blindado, Borna kola, Panser-diligencen, Die Gewaltigen, 戦う幌馬車(1967), Wóz pancerny, Pansar-diligensen, Tatakau horo basha, Lucha de gigantes, La caravane de feu, Rabold el az aranyat!, Kultaa El Pasoon, Vatreni karavan, Karo furgonas, Gigantes em Luta

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