High school teacher, Rainer Wenger, may be popular with the students, but he’s also unorthodox. He’s forced to teach autocracy for the school’s project week. He’s less than enthusiastic at first, but the response of the students is surprising to say the least. He forces the students to become more invested in the prospect of self rule, and soon the class project has its own power and eerily starts to resemble Germany’s past. Can Wegner and his class realize what’s happening before the horrors start repeating themselves?

Also Known As: Вълната, A hullám, Эксперимент 2: Волна, A Onda, Die Welle, Nás vudce Czech, Το κύμα, Val, Tehlikeli oyun, Fala, The Wave, Хвиля, La vague, Nás vodca, To kyma, La ola, L'onda, Bølgen

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