Broadway director Bix Bixby, down on his luck (thanks to gambling), is reluctantly persuaded to go to West Point military academy (with Eve, his gorgeous assistant and on-and-off love) to help the students put on a show. Ulterior motive: to recruit student star Tom Fletcher for Harry Eberhart’s new production (Eberhart just happens to be Tom’s uncle). Then, Bixby finds that he himself must live as a cadet. Of course, sundered hearts come into the story also…

Also Known As: Vårflamman, Kadetten van West Point, The West Point Story, Invasión de West Point, Вест-поинтская история Soviet, Fine and Dandy, Les Cadets de West Point, I sholi diaskedazei, Os Cadetes Divertem-se, Regimentet danser, Kevätheila, Conquistando West Point, Historia de West Point, Los cadetes de West Point

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