At the age of 9, Tommy Woodry has a reputation for telling tall tales — the latest one being that his family is moving from Manhattan to a ranch out west. When the landlord interrupts the Woodrys at dinner to show their about-to-be-vacated apartment, the Woodrys tell Tommy enough is enough. Then that hot summer night Tommy decides to sleep on the fire escape — outside the Kellerson’s apartment, since it is a story higher and gets more breeze. Tommy sees the Kellersons kill a man. Tommy’s parents and the police won’t believe his story. But the Kellersons want to silence him.

Also Known As: Fönstret, La ventana, The Boy Cried Murder, Das unheimliche Fenster, Fereastra, O Que Viram os Meus Olhos, Окно Soviet, Eida to dolofono, La finestra socchiusa, Das unheimliche Fenster West, Ikkuna, The Window, Une incroyable histoire, Ninguém Crê em Mim, Vinduet

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