A special Christmas tree decorated with handwritten wishes helps Evan and his group of orphaned students develop a connection and a sense of family.::Crown Media

Also Known As: L'arbre à souhaits, The Wishing Tree, L'albero dei desideri

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  • eric

    It’s been a few too many years since I watched this, but I remember well enough to know it was a movie I liked a lot. This year, it appeared on Hallmark Drama, one of many Christmas movies they showed back in October. While that should seem too early for Christmas movies, I’m really glad it happened. Why? Because most of the movies they showed were movies that don’t show up on television often enough anymore, movies like this that are better than most newer movies for one simple reason: they are not CHRISTMAS ROMANCES!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good romance, even at Christmas. The very unfortunate problem with Lifetime and Hallmark is that these days, they run them into the ground! The Wishing Tree and A Season for Miracles are just 2 of the many movies to prove Christmas movies don’t have be to be love stories to provide good, wholesome entertainment, decent values, or, of course, simply put you in the Christmas spirit! And, since there are no longer enough of these great classics that get shown on tv, I’m overjoyed that Hallmark Drama is bringing some of them back! HOORAY, HALLMARK DRAMA!!! Keep up the good work, year after year!!!