A young boy, recently orphaned, is taken to England by his grandmother. At a hotel in which they are staying, a group of witches have gathered to prepare a plot to rid England of all children.

Also Known As: Cadilar, La maldición de las brujas, As Bruxas, Heksene, Kuka pelkää noitia, Οι μάγισσες, Wiedzmy, The Witches, Oi magisses, Convenção das Bruxas, Galdranornin, De heksen, Ведьмы, Veštice, Czarownice, Häxor, Hexen hexen West, Boszorkányok, Chi ha paura delle streghe?, Las brujas, Вещиците, Les sorcières

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  • freshnclean

    I love the movie and the happy ending.

  • the-truth
    The Truth

    This is not the witches………

    • truth

      It’s The Witches you ass clown.