Raised by wolves, the vulnerable last survivor of a cannibalistic tribe bathes wounded in a river somewhere in the lush woods of North-east Coast, where she used to roam free. In the eyes of the misogynistic lawyer, Chris, the naked beast-like savage seems to be the perfect trophy for his home; however, is there a place for a feral, flesh-eating primitive among civilised people? In the following days–bent on domesticating the untamed female by breaking her will–the sadistic man will make the woman his project, as Chris’ dysfunctional family struggles to keep the proud predator in captivity. Although, pretty soon, no restraints, no training–and, certainly, no male supremacy–will be no match for the raging woman’s raw and merciless retaliation. Can they escape from the monster’s fury?

Also Known As: The Woman - Nem Todo Monstro Vive na Selva, Η Γυναίκα, Женщина, The Woman, ザ・ウーマン 飼育された女, The W, La prisionera, Жената, La femme étrange

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