A family comprised of Richard Hooper, his wife, Susan, their teenage daughter, Jen , and young son, Ben try to deal with the tragic death of their son Todd with a move to a picturesque yet mysterious farmhouse in Montana. Jen Hooper blames herself for the accident which took the life of her young brother and is not only guilt ridden but overly protective of Ben. Jen quickly becomes convinced that something is not right with the house after peculiar occurrences with young Ben. Ben can’t articulate what he’s seen since he stopped speaking when his brother died, and Jen’s story is met with skepticism by her parents. The creepy neighbors next door only add to Jen’s suspicion that her father’s “dream house” is turning into a nightmare. Mayhem ensues when the parents leave Jen alone to babysit young Ben. The creatures from the attic attack and Jen isn’t about to lose her only remaining brot her. Now the guilt and shame that has haunted her is the only thing keeping her and her brother alive.

Also Known As: They Came from the Attic, Above Us Lives Evil

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  • rein-kangro
    rein kangro

    This film is creepy, low budget but a cool flick to watch with a few beers

  • rusudan-tugushi
    rusudan tugushi

    This is one cool flick,Yes,It takes awhile to build ,But, OMGosh then The Creatures….The family that has to move too much,Is nice enough,Mom is Haut and so is daughter and Dad and son have layers.The house seems like a good deal to our Much Moving Family and neighbors are nice enough.The Creatures are really amazing and have a lot to do,Once they show up and get to feast on teenagers and the May/December couple and then… Wait,I hate spoilers and those who spoil,Get this flick,Bet on Amazon and Hulu plus.

  • ustim-teslia
    ustim teslia

    “They Came from the Attic” is a great easy watching indie film. There are some excellent aspects of the film that really caught my attention. The first one would have to be the creatures! They are unique and well designed! The second one would be the storyline. The writer/director did a grey job of capturing the essence of simple yet effective plot. And last but not least, I was impressed by the use of locations! They were able to use the location to make the movie more eerie. Nicola Elbro- lead actress was very good at her part. “They Came From the Attic” is an independent film, and for an independent not Hollywood type movie, it was exceptional.

  • alice-stepankova
    alice stepankova

    They came from the attic, a great title. I just watched this film last week and I’m very impressed, For a low budget indie it has a great feel Obviously it’s not a Hollywood million dollar movie but it’s pretty good Not much on the story but it is good watchingThe creatures are really well done too Definitely worth a watch, the main actress JEN (Nicola Elbro) did a great job The creepy neighbours Jack (Greg Tiderington) Larry (Dick Pugh)added a creepy touch To the great location of the film I would like to see where this goes from here, what will happen next? Good job guys If you are an indie horror fan I suggest you watch this Creature feature

  • bianca-campos
    bianca campos

    “Above Us Lives Evil” is a throwback to classic, basic horror stories that just put people in terrifying situations, where they scream, bleed and die. In this case it is at the hands of some monstrous creatures. The story actually begins with the guise of a paranormal or creepy neighbor situation that makes you think the family just picks the wrong neighborhood to move to, but what unfolds is standard foray into some really creative areas of creature feature that reminded me of old school horror like “C.H.U.D.” or “The Beast Within”. The acting is pretty decent, with a cohesive cast that give believable performances. The directing and cinematography are superb and offer up some eeriness that rocks. The special effects are a blend of practical effects, great creature design, and paranormal-esque trickery that combine to give a creepy, chilling nightmare. Visually I found “Above Us Lives Evil” to be easy to watch, fun, and entertaining. There is blood, screams, spooky night time horror, and -oh yeah some pretty wicked creatures. The soundtrack isn’t really anything spectacular but it does a nice enough job at setting an emotionally macabre atmosphere to the story. The music and sound effects are what you want to hear in a film like this. Really I was impressed at how well thought out and put together the film is for a low budget indie horror. Overall “Above Us Lives Evil” is a cool, simple horror film with some pretty nice creature makeup and carnage. The story is pretty basic and not built up as nicely as it could have been. Some of the characters aren’t as well developed as they should have been and some depth to the story surrounding the creatures could have really helped to anchor the horror of the situation. That is the only reason I didn’t give this a higher score on IMDb or Amazon. That and the ending. It doesn’t really feel complete. It ends mid action, or death. So there is no closure or finality other than some final credits scenes that we get to enjoy along with the rock song that ends the film. I really was wanting to watch the family have to fight through till the bitter end instead of having it suggested to me. Still “Above Us Lives Evil” is worth watching!

  • kalliroe-kuriakopoulou
    kalliroe kuriakopoulou

    From the start it was clear this movie was going to be terrible. From the generic quality to the horrible acting and audio issues. The actress who plays the mother is so terrible she may be the worst i’ve ever seen. The father was boring and flat and unmemorable with line deliveries that are so forced and contrived you’d think he was auditioning for an elementary school play. Onto the children, the boy didn’t have a lot to really do so it didn’t matter that he was bad. The daughter was the only one with some level of potential and is the only one who seemed to have any kind of talent or training.Now onto the plot, if you can call it that was recycled bits of other horror movies thrown together. Sometimes that can be fun but this time it didn’t even make any sense. I am the kind of person that has to finish a movie I start. Watching this disaster of a “movie” though, I found myself wishing it was a 5 minute short on youtube and nearly stopped watching at least a dozen times. Trust me, this is coming from someone who has been watching Horror constantly since the early 80’s and can usually find something redeemable in most films…. skip this one. It is a waste of time.Just a side note, IMDb really should come up with some kind of system to prevent anyone involved in a movie from planting fake positive reviews.

  • t-inat-in-p-ic-xelauri
    t inat in p ic xelauri

    The premise is straight forward- a family move to a house- there are creepy neighbours, a creepy child and a tragic past. Then the creepy kid begins to see and hear things coming from the attic…This film is bad on so many levels. Terrible acting,terrible script, terrible production- poor and out of sync audio as well as an entire scene that is shot so dark you will have to an inch from your TV to see exactly what the hell is going on. It has no originality and you have seen this story many times before. Avoid and spend your time washing your hair, or watching paint dry- it would be more entertaining that watching this!