A young woman wrestles with the costs of chasing a dream, and struggles to keep her eye on the prize during her “make it or break it” year in Los Angeles.

Also Known As: This Is My Year

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  • kelly-arellano
    kelly arellano

    Great movie. One of the best ive seen in awhile. It is hard to find movies like this around

  • ms-lynne-lambert
    ms lynne lambert

    With only bad ratings and reviews, I figured I would turn off this movie after watching maybe half an hour. But there was something about it that kept me hooked.The story is not particularly original. Young girl (Connor) moves to Hollywood to chase her dream of making it in showbiz as an inspiring writer. She lives with her childhood friend, Sofie, an attractive blonde who wants to be an actress. Neither of them have much success.One day Connor hooks up with a guy who is allegedly a producer, and perhaps he can be her ‘connection’ that will make her script find its way to the right people. Who is using who? The answer may surprise you.Indeed, as the fairly simple plot moves along, the story slowly reveals surprising layers to the characters. Especially Connor’s brother Milo (played by R.J. Haynes who also wrote the story) is interesting and funny.The best part of the movie, however, is Kanani Rose. Charming, beautiful and smart – she’s wonderful in the lead as Connor, who generally goes through many more downs than ups in her road to stardom. In fact, the movie doesn’t have the traditional Hollywood Ending if you will, but a refreshingly original one.While most of the story takes place in the same set, the production is stellar as well.Not a groundbreaking movie by any means but I enjoyed it, and hope to see much more of Kanani and R.J. going forward!

  • georgia-matina-panagiotou
    georgia matina panagiotou

    As someone who lived in LA for about 6 years, I related to this movie in more ways than one…I really enjoyed the lead actress – Kanani Rose’s performance! She is both beautiful and interesting to watch; definitely an up & coming star! She was the highlight of the movie for me.

  • racz-istvan-gabor
    racz istvan gabor

    Some movies don’t make you feel like Spider-Man. This movie made me feel like Spider-Man. In my humble opinion, more movies should make you feel like Spider-Man. I’m horny for movies that make you feel like Spider-Man.

  • saavitrii-baalkrssnnn
    saavitrii baalkrssnnn

    This movie is a great little indie film with funny writing and solid acting. It follows a young woman as she gives herself one last shot to make it in Hollywood — perhaps because I have friends in the entertainment industry, I found the story very relatable. It’s charming, likable, and an exceedingly pleasant way to spend a couple of hours.

  • yara-guerreiro
    yara guerreiro

    This is a movie that could so easily be dismissed in the flotsam that washes up on Amazon Prime, but that would be an unfair dismissal. What could so easily have been an exploitative and airheaded account of a pretty actress’s year of breaking into Hollywood, is a surprisingly tough and deep look at the price of fame in a highly competitive industry, but one that retain a light touch.The leads are excellent and even the supporting cast well fleshed out. The arrival of RJ Haynes as the midpoint character, the lead’s slacker older brother, is particularly welcome in providing a warm and comic injection. I especially liked the subplot of the famous actress and her downward arc as presented on the E!-Like Hollywood gossip channel that the characters watch throughout the movie.I understand the one location used for the film is the director’s apartment. This sums up the shoestring budget but the filmmakers really impress in injecting the film with so much spirit and interest that I didn’t really mind the limitations of the budget at all. The film felt real in a way many higher budget films don’t.All in all, a really refreshing and thoughtful comedy about Hollywood entryism.

  • ing-albrecht-wulff-b-eng
    ing albrecht wulff b eng

    It was really very enjoyable. It shows what I can imagine being a very difficult and scary time for someone moving to LA and trying so hard to succeed. The comedy mixed in nicely with the story. RandP

  • dr-kovacs-m-szilvia
    dr kovacs m szilvia

    God, this movie got me. It’s not the kind of movie that jumps out and grabs you, it’s subtle, and you have to be able to relate to people.It so much touched on the struggle of balancing the dream with the reality. We bust our asses trying to achieve something we believe in, something we believe ourselves to be capable of, and it feels like an endless rat race without a guaranteed win. It’s slow, it’s tedious, it’s emotional, and it doesn’t always end the way you want it to.I thought this was a really thoughtful look into the failures. Beautifully shot, funny, emotional.

  • kifaye-feden-bilgin-koruturk
    kifaye feden bilgin koruturk

    A sweet and funny slice of life pic about trying to make your dreams come true, or not. With good performances, a killer Sum-41 bit, and a clever use of a single location.Also, rollerblades 🍑😎

  • jeffery-middleton
    jeffery middleton

    Well directed, well shot, and superbly acted. As an acting coach I was impressed by the actors’ ability to access truthful emotion, seemingly at the drop of a hat. Might be a little too “inside” for some but if you’ve ever lived in L.A. or tried to get into the film (or TV, or music) industry, this story will hit home.

  • amy-haley
    amy haley

    Wow 2018 was a not a good year for great movies and this is definitely another that is not even close to being a great movie! This film has no real substance or “soul” that can keep the watcher entertained or even interested for that matter. you don’t really care about the characters in it, at least i did not. There is a sort of backstory going on about a hollywood celeb actress that is getting into all kinds of trouble but it really has no connection to the girl or anyone in the film? The only “connection” is she is a hollywood movie actress and the girl is a writer. The plot is about a young girl who wants to be a successful movie script writer but that kind of takes a backseat to the meaningless stuff thrown in the film. Acting is nothing special from any of the cast and a majority of this film takes place in this girl’s L.A apartment which does not bother me if it had substance. In this films case it just makes it that much less interesting. Sorry but there really is not more to tell about this meaningless, not thought out film , i gave it a 3 of 10 because i have seen a lot worse and i did manage to finish watching it.

  • anupm-bhaart
    anupm bhaart

    If you reset your expectations to indie low budget drama, you’ll enjoy this one. There’s a vibe you get with homegrown flicks that feels more real (see:Clerks) and this has that, despite fairly good production values.

  • elita-zalitis
    elita zalitis

    Loved this film – it made me feel like I was privy to a peek behind the curtain of an aspirational Hollywood success journey. Although the ‘make it in Hollywood’ theme is familiar, this is an entirely new take on it. The dialogue is humorous and authentic and made me feel like I had a vested interest in their collective successes. The acting is great across the board, and the solid cinematography shows that you don’t need a Michael Bay budget (or copious amounts of unnaturally orange explosions) to shoot a beautiful film.

  • anita-johnston
    anita johnston

    An intimate, sparse, cinema verite-style film about the despairing grind of trying to make it in Los Angeles. It resonated with me due to my own personal experiences.

  • ilmari-rantanen
    ilmari rantanen

    Not enough films about trying to make it in Hollywood. Really enjoyed it 10/10

  • shrmaa-liilaa
    shrmaa liilaa

    This movie is awesome, reminds me of my LA experience- and there’s a great Sum 41 joke, which not many movies can say

  • michael-hodge
    michael hodge

    I decided to pop this on because the lead looked hot – Yes, I was hook, line and sinkered.Beauty distorts, and it is like one of those girls that you meet who you are instantly attracted to, but after a few weeks of dating, you realise that there’s nothing much else there.Actors are a dime a dozen – good actors are hard to come by (I know) – this film is the result of good looking and affable people who confuse acting with flirting with a guy with a camera.In fact, I’m going to stop the review here because it would be totally unfair to go on – as I could only last a painful 17 minutes. I mean… I was totally stunned…Sorry, but this is hands-down, the worst film I’ve seen THIS YEAR and the two stars is down to the skill (or stupidity) of being able to drag this out for 97 minutes… As I say, at 17m, I was looking at the time left and when I saw 80 minutes, my brain nearly fell out of my ear.Stop with the fake shill reviews please – everyone is onto you!

  • kerry-thompson
    kerry thompson

    Its a strange film about a girl in an apartment, and thats that. its a 1 location movie,a lot of existential strive,discussions,sex and talk. it never reahes anything interesting, just a boring year in l.a..its a terrible lack of story that does not satisfy an old grumpy man like me.i cannot give 1 to this film,because the craftmanship of making a low budget movie with such technical quality deserves more,so i give it 3