SEptember, 2001. On its last leg homeward, from Pearl Harbour (Hawaii) to San Diego, the USS Constellation hosts a jolly ‘tiger cruise’ for USNavy, Marines and USNAF relatives, mainly minors (‘Navy brats’). Attitudes and emotions vary from simple joy to open frustration, the worst brat being XO commander Gary Dolan’s daughter Maddie, who wants him to refuse a promotion to command for a shore job. Then the news of the WCC terror crisis changes everything, as the crew is recalled to war footing.

Also Known As: Tiger Cruise, Тигриный рейс, Croazierã de neuitat, Un père pas comme les autres, An Bord der Tiger Cruise, Civil a Bordo, Riadó a fedélzeten, O Cruzeiro dos Tigres, El crucero de los tigres

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