It’s 1893 London. Futurist H.G. Wells believes that the future holds a Utopian society. He also believes in time travel. He has just built a time machine which he is displaying to a group of skeptical friends, including surgeon Dr. John Leslie Stevenson. Unbeknown to Wells or anyone else among that circle, Stevenson is better known to the public as Jack the Ripper. Just as the police are about to capture Stevenson, he uses the time machine to escape, with Wells being the only one who knows what happened to him. Not telling anyone except his trusting housekeeper, Wells follows Stevenson in order to capture and bring him back to face justice. Where Stevenson has gone is 1979 San Francisco. There, Wells is dismayed to find that the future is not Utopia as he had predicted. But Wells is also picked up by a young woman named Amy Robbins. As Wells and Amy search for Stevenson, Stevenson conversely is after Wells to obtain the master key to the time machine. As Stevenson continues his murderous ways, he will stop at nothing to achieve his desires, which places Amy in danger.

Also Known As: Time After Time, L'uomo venuto dall'impossibile, Um Século em 43 Minutos, Путешествие в машине времени Soviet, Escape al futuro, Zamanın İçinde, Flucht in die Zukunft West, Aikakone eli mitä Jack Viiltäjälle kuuluu tänään, C'était demain, タイム・アフター・タイム, Flucht in die Zukunft, Os Passageiros do Tempo, Podróż w czasie, Anametrisi me ton hrono, Μάχη με το Χρόνο, Отново и отново, Kapløb med tiden, Időről időre, Jakten på Jack the Ripper, Подорож машиною часу, Tidsjakten, O taxidiotis pou gyrise apo to avrio, Los pasajeros del tiempo

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