Thirty year old Richard Kerm knew that he wanted to be an investigative journalist ever since he was a teenager, he dropping out of school at age sixteen to work at The Eagle – the local newspaper edited by Burt Delfino – in his hometown of Glenville, population 5,100. He left the paper, Glenville, and his fiancée, Jackie Bell, the mayor’s daughter, at nineteen, he who vowed to Jackie that he would be back after his first raise so that they could get married, his return and thus the marriage which never happened, with not a word to her. Instead, Richard moved from one medium sized newspaper to another, each job lasting on average one year, he continually running away largely out of dissatisfaction. An incident with his current job at the Tulsa Standard Bearer is the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back with this career. Unsure exactly why, he feels compelled to return to Glenville for the first time since he left eleven years ago. He finds that the town has not changed at all – Del still running The Eagle – with nothing much ever happening. He also finds that Jackie still lives there, she taking over where her father left off both running the family restaurant and the town as mayor. Jackie, angry with Richard below the surface, has moved on in her life without him, she seriously dating another of their high school classmates, now Dr. Jeff Farley. One new person in town is fifty-five year old Dick Woodstein, who works at the paper. Dick and Richard not only have their given name and being journalists in common, but among other things a love of meatloaf and having the same birthday twenty-five years apart. Richard will eventually learn but will slow to accept the reason for these similarities: Dick is really Richard twenty-five years in the future. Dick has come from the future to make sure that Richard makes the right choices at this crucial stage of his life, including marrying Jackie, which may be easier said than done seeing as to her current feelings toward him, her serious relationship with Jeff, and another of their classmates, now teacher Anna Palindrome, having her eyes on Richard. Even if Richard is able to get Jackie to fall in love with him all over again, he will further learn that Dick has ulterior motives for returning, in part in dealing with an issue concerning Jackie’s mayoralty and Richard’s career in combination, one possible action by Richard, mirroring what happened with his Tulsa job, which could make Jackie hate him in the present as he would not have any substantive evidence as to his story, with the opposing action of doing nothing which would ruin their relationship and their lives sometime in the near future.

Also Known As: Időről időre, Ayer, hoy y mañana, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Time after Time

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  • agafonov-ermil-gennadievich
    agafonov ermil gennadievich

    There was a song that goes time after time, so happy to be in love, etc. The writers of this song should be grateful that it has nothing whatsoever to do with this pretty muddled film.As with all Hallmark themes, a guy comes back to the town that he left 11 years before to discover that the girlfriend he jilted is engaged to the town doctor. It is never explained what the doctor had done which was not exactly ethical.In the town, our guy meets Richard Thomas, who is supposed to be our guy at age 55.Our guy is a reporter and the full story of why the large outlet shouldn’t come to town is never fully explained. Is Walmart listening?The ending will confuse all of us regarding who our gal goes with. You’re going to be turning your head with this one.

  • fernando-jorge-carreras-sanabria
    fernando jorge carreras sanabria

    This was a sweet, bit of nothing movie that won’t leave any lasting marks about a journalist who quits his job after publishing an unconfirmed article about political corruption that causes the politician in question to commit suicide. “Richard” has a penchant for running away from his problems and this latest turn sees him returning to his hometown after an 11 year absence.He is immediately hired back at his old job at the local paper where he meets a creepy, stalker dude who turns out to be his future self. Future Richard (AKA Dick) is played by Richard Thomas and the two actors couldn’t look more different, but whatever, its a Lifetime movie. Anyways before long Richard also runs into his high school sweetheart and realizes the spark is still there despite her beaning him in the head with a frozen chicken and being engaged to the town Doctor (yawn).There are some fun twists and turns as future “Dick” remains mysterious and tries to get Richard to turn his life around, stop running away and get the girl because, well, he’s been there and knows how it will turn out if he doesn’t. There’s also a weak sub story regarding preserving the small town image and not allowing big business “Sir Save-A-Lot” in.A couple things: Richard wears the same leather jacket/clothes for the entire movie, as do most of the cast. His wife also doesn’t age in the 20 year gap we are shown. Duncan B.C plays small-town “Glenville” USA. 12/15/14

  • ziva-blatnik
    ziva blatnik

    Unlike most Hallmark love stories, this one is less about the process of the lovers falling in love and more about using time travel to change what is from the story’s viewpoint is the future.We very quickly learn that Dick is really a future version of Richard who has returned to get Richard to correct his mistake of giving up yet again on his true love, Jackie. This isn’t going to be easy because Jackie has a boyfriend.In the usual Romance movie, much of the plot centers around how the potential lovers fall in love with each other. In this movie, the plot centers more around first convincing Richard and then having Richard do what needs to be done to change the future which has more to do with being a journalist than being romantic.I really dislike time travel movies that are based on changing history as opposed to restoring it. Since the perspective is not so much changing the past as it is changing the future (its all in the viewpoint), that makes this one a little easier to live with. Dick’s attempts to convince Richard are intended to be funny, but I found them to be more clumsy writing and acting than funny.And there was at least at little time spent trying to bring the lovers together again after an 11 year separation. There are a couple of funny moments as Jackie appears more intent on crippling Richard than loving him, but they are really more accidents than intention. There are some warm moments as well.Unlike most sci-fi, there is very little techno-babble, so both the sci-fi fan, and non-fan, may enjoy this different take on Hallmark romance.

  • luc-pasquier
    luc pasquier

    I wasn’t expecting too much of this film, but I have to say it really hooked me from the start and was a really enjoyable journey for 90 minutes. All the usual elements of a Hallmark movie were there – small town, local stores , local newspaper and lost romance – but the storyline and Richard Thomas gave the film a big boost. The time travel supposition was a bit weak (no, very weak !), but I’ll forgive that. Nice to see a kiss not saved up for the end credits too. ! Worth a watch – go see it.

  • dr-katy-hermighausen
    dr katy hermighausen

    Too many people look for the little things they see as faults and “goofs”, however a movie is intended since the earliest times to be a “break” from your everyday life , a diversion from your worries . For some reviewers, I suggest not going to the fridge during critical junctures in the film. One said he didn’t understand what Doc did that was so bad and also said we would all be confused at the ending having to guess who our lady would end up with or why the mega-mart would be so bad. Enough! For starters, every time travel flick I’ve ever seen has never been able to convince anyone on the first try that they have indeed come from another time. A doctor who is cheating on his sweetheart has character issues. A small town inviting a mega-mart to build there would expect life to change dramatically for everyone regardless of an impact study.No brainier. Small stores downtown would all disappear as the big store supplied all of your daily needs. The clues are there to see which way our town mayor Jackie(Christine Chatelaine) is leaning. Our central character Dick/Richard (Richard Thomas/Kaj-Erik Eriksen) writes an editorial piece that tugs at the heart-strings of the townspeople including a tearing up Jackie..what do you think the town will do or Jackie?If you watch all the little things, you will end with a fairly well portrayed little piece of Hallmark..sweet..history changing heartfelt story telling..

  • alexander-gonzalez
    alexander gonzalez

    In my IMDb persona, I most enjoy finding “bumblebee” movies that is, movies which on paper should have been a dud yet somehow surpassed their own limitations.On the negative side, this is yet another creation of the Canuck movie machine, from the country that via clever tax planning and a chronically weak currency turned B-movies into a cash cow. The locations are Canadian as are most of the players, except the leads of course.It is the plus side the ledger that is interesting. First, the movies starts and ends with a quote from Kierkegaard — you don’t see that everyday.Second when it comes to delving into the paradoxes of time travel – something even the Star Trek franchise agonized over — these guys had no fear. Maybe it is because they are fearless. Maybe (as with most Canuck films) they were into profit the moment shooting wrapped, so they did not care whether anyone saw ever this or not.To say the basis for the time juxtaposition here is weak is like saying that President Obama sometimes overlooked the democratic process. There are tropes, edits, cuts, even entire scenes that make little sense.But through it all, the cast delivers solid performances and, at the end of the day, you know this is just a very brave love story. So if you watch it with your heart and not your brain, it will engage.In spite of itself.

  • montserrat-tome
    montserrat tome

    It’s a cute movie. Requires that you suspend your sense of reality, but still sweet.As to the other review. You do see where the “important” birthmark is placed. The reasons the doc is a jerk are very clear. The reasons the super store is bad, are also very clear. Finally, there is no doubt whatsoever who she chooses, and how it turns out for them.The facial birthmark differences are distracting, but again, just suspend your sense of reality and go with it. 🙂 Whenever you wonder, “Why?”, just remember, “Cuz it’s in the script!” It’s a love story, and a fairy tale.

  • kayla-hill
    kayla hill

    I love Hallmark movies I’m afraid to admit. Most of them wouldn’t win any awards, but, are sweet lovely films that do what movies are supposed to do – leaves you entertained and smiling at the end. Most of them you won’t remember in a day or two, but, at least they don’t leave you numb with shock at the violence, sex or language like big movies do now. So I was looking forward to Time After Time and it didn’t disappoint me. It was lovely and gentle and left me smiling. Richard Thomas was marvellous and the ending was rather wonderful. I may not watch this over and over, but, it kept me smiling. Also, the ending of who she went with couldn’t have been more obvious as well as what the Doctor did and why the supermarket was no good.

  • nagy-zoltanne-kovacs-ilona
    nagy zoltanne kovacs ilona

    I thought that this was a decent film; it was gentle, moved at a comfortable pace and gave me a warm feeling. The setting was beautiful, as you would expect of Duncan B.C. and the background score was not intrusive but assisted the atmosphere rather than distracting from it.The actors were all good and likable characters, even the town doctor who strayed (the unethical behaviour which another reviewer mentioned) with someone who was likely a patient. Richard Thomas has always been that actor who is like the home town boy of the Waltons who we all like. He gives just enough of that boy with the angst of the man who left things undone but finally finds a way to make his biggest mistake right.Though there are not many surprises there are a few little twists that make the plot work but basically it’s a feel good film to give you the warm fuzzies on a cool day under your blankie.