A young boy’s wardrobe contains a time hole. Through this hole an assortment of short people (i.e. dwarfs) come while escaping from their master, the supreme being. They take Kevin with them on their adventures through time from Napoleonic times to the Middle Ages to the early 1900s, to the time of Legends and the Fortress of Ultimate Darkness where they confront Evil.

Also Known As: Os Bandidos do Tempo, Trela koulouvaxata tis istorias, Bandyci czasu, Time Bandits, Vremenski banditi, Razbojniki za vse čase, Qarasenat alzaman, Razbojnici za sva vremena, Bandits bandits, Υπέροχοι ληστές και τα κουλουβάχατα της ιστορίας, Time Bandits - Aikavarkaat, Időbanditák, Os Ladrões do Tempo, Бандити на времето, Banditer, banditer!, Rosvoja, rosvoja!, I banditi del tempo, Razbojniki za vse case, Los aventureros del tiempo, Det våras för banditerna, Yperohoi listes, Бандиты во времени Soviet, Yperohoi listes kai ta koulouvahata tis istorias, Aikavarkaat, Bandits, bandits, Bandidos del tiempo, Sareghan-e zaman, Los héroes del tiempo, Bandit Q, Zaman Haydutlari, Laiko banditai

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  • patriot

    Fuckin popcorn movie, didn’t totally suck though lmao