When the ability to travel through time is perfected, a new type of law enforcement agency is formed. It’s called Time Enforcement Commission or TEC. A cop, Max Walker, is assigned to the group. On the day he was chosen, some men attack him and kill his wife. Ten years later Max is still grieving but has become a good agent for the TEC. He tracks down a former co-worker who went into the past to make money. Max brings him back for sentencing but not after telling Max that Senator McComb, the man in charge of TEC, sent him. Max has his eye on McComb.

Also Known As: Патруль времени, Le flic du temps, Zaman Polisi, Timecop: Policía del futuro, Vremenski policajac, Timecop - Indagine dal futuro, Straznik czasu, Timecop Czech, Timecop, Eisvoli sto parelthon, Timecop - poliţaiul timpului, Ченге във времето, Patrulha do Tempo, Rãfuialã dincolo de moarte, Időzsaru, Εισβολή στο παρελθόν, O Guardião do Tempo, Timecop: O Guardião do Tempo

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  • patriot

    All these wannabe movies with the fucking action and plot holes galore .. of course they wouldn’t give me a proper hardcore on the screen, then why bother with this weak shit? I just need a good movie god damn..

    • what

      Try watching Upgrade 2018 I think you’ll like it better than this.

  • univ-prof-age-olsen
    univ prof age olsen

    …movie, suitable for younger viewers. As for me, I simply love movies dealing with time-traveling, but this one had so many “holes” in the script, that I was surprised, when i saw that it wasn’t directed by Van Damme itself. The story is pathetically boring and too predictable, acting is way belove average and the action-fighting scenes are nothing special. Is there something in it that saves this one? Well, some humorous scenes (some, not many) and the fact, that there are even worse movies on the market involved in time-traveling (pathetic Time Machine, 2002). That’s why a still high grade for this one3 out of 10

  • marcus-warren
    marcus warren

    I do not agree that those two scenes make some sort of porn. Neither do make they problem to young fans. It is pretty mild nudity/romantic and are no problem for everybody. I personally watched it with my two teenager boys and did not find any “shame”. Only narrow-minded puritans find that little amount of nudity/sexuality as “PORN” and harmful. (Are there any open-minded puritans? Rhetoric question).Other then arguing with other comments, I can provide some arguments for this movie. First of all, this is very nicely done plot. Secondly, very good acting. Thirdly, wonderful final. Fourthly, very good action scenes. Fifth,…

    • patriot

      Fifth, you’re a fucking single mama who wishes to death she was somebody else, anyone but who you are, and now wants to land it big through the latest analog of tinder. Double whammy if you’re a guy.

  • megan-martinez-phd
    megan martinez phd

    I only made it through the first few minutes, for good reasons.At the beginning, there’s a meeting where the guy says it’s impossible to go forward in time because it hasn’t happened yet – not true – hasn’t he heard of Eintstein’s theory of relativity? He then says you can go back in time ‘because it’s already happened’ (which isn’t an explanation of anything) – furthermore, backwards time travel is as doubtful now in 2008 as it was in 1994 when the film was made. Then he contradicts himself by claiming someone jumped forward in time to buy arms with gold bullion.He says the age of the gold bullion was determined by carbon dating. Firstly if something jumped forward in time, then the process of carbon isotope decay would be skipped. Secondly, there isn’t an awful lot of carbon in gold! I am willing to suspend belief when I watch science fiction, but it needs to come up with an explanation that is just a little bit plausible or keep it pure fantasy and miss out so-called scientific explanations. If the writer can’t be bothered to do some basic research, then I’m not interested in anything else this idiot has to say.

  • dawn-ford
    dawn ford

    This is a kick ass good movie. Van Damme doesn’t suck at all, he does a great role!!! This movie has the action the humour and the science fiction. This video you got to owe. I am not going to write more about it cause others have. But if you want good action, dont wait go buy it now!!!!!!!

  • william-bell
    william bell

    Simply put, I dig this cop. A friend of mine wrote this film, before his death. Based on a comic book following. I think, even with the regular mode of acting that Mr. Van Damme has, this was on the level as well as an over the edge thriller! The story I loved, with the turn in plot etc, etc, but I found this as many times as I have seen it is still a movie that can glue me to my seat. It is always a wild ride, with one Hell of a punch! I like the fact that our hero loves his wife and family, (in the end with the family). He is a solid character to lean on. He is honest and true to his work and dealing with the criminal element. This was and still is a hard driving story, that’s why it was in 1994, Number One at the Box Office. Again however, Peter Hyams, the director and visionary-creative force, has a way with his characters, in shooting scenes, the way the light is brought about from the foreground and the back drop and everything in between. I passed on a chance to meet Mr.Hyams, at a friends house, in Summerland Ca, back in 1994. What an idiot I was! I don’t believe too much time goes by that I don’t want to kick myself in my own ass for passing up the chance to meet a master craftsman, in the arena of Hollywood film. This action drama doesn’t let down! It is a knock-down drag-out festival of action maneuvering and intellectual willing against a stronger more powerful force than himself(Max). I fully enjoyed Bruce McGill as commander Matuzak, the lead guy in charge. I thought that was a different pick then I would have cast in the beginning, but he was actually better than I imagined! He seems to have an air of craziness, and civility together that works out in the part that he is playing. Max Walker, (Van Damme) was a likable guy I think and that’s what gives the film more appeal to the masses. He is someone you want to root for, again and again.I recommend this thriller action drama, for action and good twisted plot- lovers.(****)

  • lucia-dobre
    lucia dobre

    The one of the greatest flicks of the Belgian hero (Jean Claude Van Damme). He has proved every thing at his peak in this film . Its a shame he didn’t got the Sequel of it. The film was great with special effects and action stunts ( when Max jumps out of the hospital ). Max Walker looks perfect as the (TEC) cop. Peter Hyams has proved to be a good action director.I will rate it as a A+ grade Movie Must watch it.

  • reinhilde-gerlach
    reinhilde gerlach

    Don’t ask me why, but this is my favourite film of all-time. The story is excellent, as is Jean-Claude’s acting. I’ve always been interested in what would happen if you had a made a different choice in certain situations, this film tackles that brilliantly. What more can I say – EXCELLENT!!!

  • aatos-savolainen
    aatos savolainen

    One of those full-speed films in which Van Damme’s wooden acting has no chance to get in the way. Really good science fiction effort, with good time travel twists and turns, and few of the grotesque plot holes that movies like this are subject to. Other than two entirely gratuitous sex scenes, this would be a great choice for young sf fans — but those two scenes (both early in the film) turn a comic book into porn. A real shame.

  • patricia-graves
    patricia graves

    This is pretty run-of-the-mill as far as sci-fi goes, and Van-Damme’s acting wasn’t any better than it was in his other films – contrary to popular opinion – but Peter Hyams’ competent direction keeps the thing moving forward at a brisk pace, and Ron Silver makes for a wicked baddie that rivals his work in Blue Steel. If only the action were more exciting. Most of it consists of Walker staying in one position shooting at another guy, and vice-versa until somebody goes down for good. The shootouts lack energy and a sense of life for the most part. The fight scenes are……okay, but nothing that can compete with what I’ve seen in other actioners from that era. Oh yeah, and what was up with the villain’s death scene? That was some frighteningly terrible CGI. I guess they were trying to rival the liquid metal effects in T2 and failed miserably. In fact, the entire finale was way too dark, like pitch black. I remember catching the finale on TV back in the day and noticed it was excessively dark then, too, but Blu-ray doesn’t seem to have corrected the problem. Well, flaws aside, this is still one of Van Damme’s better films, with some amusing moments here and there.

  • douglas-sutton
    douglas sutton

    Oh my god there’s some miserable people rating stuff these days. I understand not everyone likes the same things but every movie I watch with a low rating some actually turn out to be great.

  • taras-zakharchenko
    taras zakharchenko

    Time travel is always a neat concept when it comes to movies. It also can be quite confusing. And because there are these too extremes to using this idea, only some people can use it wisely enough and not have the film involve too much time travel. Director Peter Hyams displays that he’s one of those people who can handle this kind of situation. From start to finish, I was thoroughly sure I knew where and what was going on. I wasn’t confused once. This shows Hyams had control of how much time travel was used in one instance.Timecop is actually a generalization for the people who do the job, but focuses on the story of Max Walker (Jean-Claude Van Damme), a man who belongs to an institution of individuals who police time, based on a popular Dark Horse comic. As stated, time travel was discovered in 1994 and now there are people needed to prevent the past from being altered. One thing I didn’t understand was that throughout the entire film, I only saw about two or three timecops. Where’s everyone else? However, I only noticed this after the film had ended. I was too busy focusing on what was currently happening on screen.Going back to Van Damme, I was somewhat skeptical about his performance, but in the end, I had much appreciation for it. However, my only complaint is that he reminds me of other actors. His voice sounds a little like Antonio Banderas, his fighting techniques and flexibility, which are impressive, look too much like Jackie Chan’s style, and lastly he sports this Peter Weller hair-do as if he were playing Alex Murphy from RoboCop (1987) and not a timecop. I’m not saying this is bad but I was hoping Van Damme would come out as his own actor and not like someone else. Like I said though, Van Damme is cool when he’s fighting and he also has some comical moments too. I liked the character of Max Walker, I just thought he’d be somewhat more original and not a knock- off of some other character.Playing the villain, Aaron McComb, is Ron Silver, a corrupt politician who will do anything to make sure he’s sitting in the president’s chair by the end of the election. Even Silver has some unique moments where he lashes out at characters and then abruptly simmers down. This shows good characterization because it reveals what a loose cannon McComb is and why he’s not fit for a president. Mia Sara portrays Max Walker’s wife, Melissa Walker. I also think that the two actors made a good couple; too bad it wasn’t real. Melissa definitely may not be a physically strong character, but she has a hardy spirit. As the film came to its finale, I had a fondness for her bravery.The special effects are also fair game. There wasn’t anything that seemed to be overloaded with CGI and the idea of “matter occupying two spaces at one time” is also another visual treat to see. The part where the film shows how the police go back in time was intriguing as well. It recalled what it was like to first watch Back to the Future (1985), with a speeding vehicle hurtling towards some wall and then suddenly disappearing with track marks ablaze. Mark Isham composed the score to this film. Sadly, I did not feel a whole lot from it but and maybe that’s because there was no theme song to it. But it definitely was a soundtrack, because it wasn’t noise like Keith Emerson’s score from Nighthawks (1981). What a mess that was!Peter Hyams’ direction on the Dark Horse comic of a time traveling police officer not only boasts visuals, but also has a great story line. The characters are nicely acted and the action scenes are well played.

  • michael-odonnell
    michael odonnell

    This isn’t at all a bad movie, though the plot has some minor faults.The acting is quite decent actually.This movie is about a cop travelling in time to wipe out the ever increasing problem of time crime. It’s a very emotional movie where a lot of scenes moved me to tears.Go see this movie if you want sci-fi packed with drama and action. I highly recommend it to anyone. Don’t rent it, buy it.

  • ronald-clayton
    ronald clayton

    I’ve only ever seen this film while drunk, so bear with me …Awful Belgian ‘actor’ John Claude Van Damme grows an emergency mullet in order to go back in time and rescue Ferris Bueller’s girlfriend. While in the past he runs into that chap out of the Kirstie Alley sitcom (the one about underwear where she’s put on a lot of weight).Meanwhile, back in the future, the guy with the moustache who’s been in loads of stuff gets killed by the future version of the guy from the Kirstie Alley sitcom. In retaliation, John Claude Van Damme kills the Kirstie Alley guy by throwing another version of the Kirstie Alley guy at him – the two sort of moulding together in a bubbling, bad special effects mess on the carpet. John Claude Van Damme then finds out he’s had a kid in the future and that the guy with the moustache who was killed by the Kirstie Alley guy isn’t dead after all. So that’s alright then.

  • joseph-mcdonald
    joseph mcdonald

    Probably Van Damme’s last big hit, Timecop is a mix of action, sci-fi, time-travel, and revenge with the usual roundhouse kicking fun. The big budget is clear to see with a myriad of special effects and explosions every few minutes. What makes Timecop better though is a decent story, even though it follows the usual revenge theme, a good script, and s decent cast to back up Van Damme.Van Damme stars as Max, a cop with a difference in the future. Time Travelling has been near-perfected, and Max is a Timecop- an elite crime fighter with the special authority to travel through time to stop criminals. Only a few people are authorised to use this technology, but naturally some bad guys get there hands on it and plan to change the past. A few years earlier Max’s wife had been murdered. When Max learns of a sinister plot involving Senator McComb, who plans to become President by going back in time, Max takes the law into his own hands and goes back to stop him. This leads to further trouble of course, and Max soon sets out to save his wife as well.The time travelling stuff is handled to an average degree, certainly not as good as in Back to the Future or The Terminator, but it’s adequate. Van Damme has enough star quality now to carry the film but Silver and Sara provide strong support. The effects are mostly very good, the action scenes are exciting and there is some honour and a few good one-liners. Probably a good one to watch for people coming to Van Damme movies for the first time as it delivers what it promises and doesn’t try to be special.7.5 out of 10

  • leonard-tran
    leonard tran

    This is one of the best Action/Sci-Fi films ever made in my opinion with a kick ass story and 2 amazing performances from Van Damme and Mia Sara!. All the characters are wonderful, and i think this is Van Damme’s 3rd best, plus Van Damme(as usual) and Mia Sara are simply amazing in this!. The effects were just awesome and one of the coolest scenes for me is when The future Van Damme confronts his wife it was rather tense and very moving, plus Ron Silver is extremely menacing as the main villain!. I thought Van Damme’s acting was fantastic, and he and Mia Sara had amazing chemistry together, plus the opening is quite disturbing and very memorable. It’s quite original and it had a fantastic all around cast, plus it’s exciting throughout!. The finale is one of the best ever and, i thought the ending was really neat and quite emotional, plus It had some great fight scenes as well!. It’s one of Van Damme’s best performances, and i thought it was extremely well written and made as well, plus i can’t believe this only has a 5.5 rating as it should be much much higher in my opinion!.It really is a brilliant film, and i just loved the whole concept of time traveling!, plus it’s very imaginative and creative as well!. All the characters are very likable, and i really hope they make a true sequel to this with both Van Damme and Mia Sara back together!, plus it has quite a few shocking and disturbing scenes as well. Van Damme once again has a cool look,and i thought the scene where Van Damme visits Sarah Fielding in the hospital, was really moving and tense, plus the locations were also awesome!.There were also quite a few harsh jokes throwin’ at Van Damme and he took them extremely well This is one of the best Action/Sc-Fi films ever made in my opinion with a kick ass story and 2 amazing performances from Van Damme and Mia Sara, and if you haven’t seen it do so immediately!, you won’t regret it’s one of Van Damme’s absolute best!.The Direction is amazing!.Peter Hyams does an amazing job here with wonderful camera work, fantastic angles, some great close up shots, great use of colors and he kept the film at an extremely fast pace!.There is a little bit of blood and violence. We get some bloody gunshot wounds, harsh beatings, a bloody broken nose,gunshot wounds to the head with blood and brains spurting,wicked shattering arm,graphic fall victims, cool scar transformations, and other minor stuff.The Acting is amazing!. Jean Claude Van Damme is AMAZING as always, and is amazing here, he is extremely likable, fantastic in the acting department, had amazing chemistry with Mia Sara, gives one of his best performances, had tons of charisma, had a lot of character, and just did an amazing job overall!. (Van Damme Rules!!!!!!!!, he is the man!). Mia Sara is also AMAZING as always, and is amazing here, she is STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS!, was fantastic in the acting department had amazing chemistry with Van Damme, had a great smile, and was especially good in the finale!, she is one of my favorite actresses. (Mia Sara rules!!!!). Ron Silver is wonderful as the evil Senator McComb, he had some awesome one liners, had some great scenes with Van Damme, was extremely menacing and just did a wonderful job overall!. (Silver Rules). Bruce McGill is great in his role, he was very likable and did a great job i liked him lots. Gloria Reuben is hot, and did excellent with what she had to do, although i wished she had more screen time. Rest of the cast do great.Overall if you haven’t seen this do so immediately you won’t regret it it’s one of the best Action-Sci-Fi films ever made, and Van Damme’s 3rd best. ***** out of 5

  • filip-ruzicka
    filip ruzicka

    This was actually a decent film. If you can get past the gratuitous violence (a virtual requirement for Van Damme films), you might like this movie. Van Damme plays the title character who needs to stop a crooked politician from changing history while trying to decide whether to save his murdered wife. I liked this. Silver is good as the bad guy, and Van Damme is watchable. See it if you get the chance! *** out of ****

  • clinton-howard
    clinton howard

    ‘Timecop’ probably represents Jean-Claude Van Damme at his very best – this movie demonstrates his ability…The movie itself is slick and some thought has obviously gone into it – some time-travel movies do fail on grounds concerning plausibility, though ‘Timecop’ is intelligent as it is enjoyable…The complexity of the film really finds the viewer respecting Van Damme a lot more, it simply isn’t an action movie, though Van Damme shows that he still retains his amazing physical talents…I recently saw this movie on NBC, and though not seeing it from the start, it brought back memories of the entire film, and what a great film it is – I had originally thought about giving this a [6/10], then thought maybe [7 or 8/10]…I opted for [8/10]…(maybe leaning more towards nine)…:)

  • frank-frye
    frank frye

    Forgot how good this movie actually was! Definitely one of Van Dammes best and one of the better action movies in the 90’s! Also Ron Silver is great as the bad guy “You can forget about being my Chief of Staff, if slamming your head into the sideboard turns you into a Snivelling Weasel” 😀 … give it a watch you wont be disappointed!

  • marilyn-higgins
    marilyn higgins

    Timecop is a pretty hilarious movie, and it has all the trademarks of aTapert/Raimi film (i.e., the guys who brought you Evil Dead, Hercules,Xena, Jack of All Trades…). It’s definitely a big-screen movie, but they have some fun, even including dialogue that pokes fun at Jean-Claude’s at times unintelligible accent. There are some decent martial arts set pieces, they don’t spend too long on the time travel aspects (which is about par for the course for the guys who did time travel in Evil Dead, Hercules, and Xena…). Ron Silver makes a suitably sinister villain, but Bruce McGill steals the show as the protagonist’s somewhat befuddled but loyal boss. There are the usual holes that accompany any time travel story, and a weird ending. With the feel-good ending, no one seems to realize that Max won’t recall the last 10 years of his married life and time raising his kid! Still, it’s a pretty good, not too deep, enjoyable movie.

  • valerie-dennis
    valerie dennis

    I thought this was a notch above the normal no-brainer kick-boxer action flicks which star men like Jean-Claude VanDamme, Steven Segal, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan, etc. because of the interesting and somewhat complex tale with time travel as the main theme. The story also has some good twists and humor.THE GOOD – Kudos to the four s’s in here: Silver, suspense, special-effects and sound – all of them are very good. There is something about Ron Silver’s looks that spell “sleazy and rotten” before he even opens his mouth! When he speaks, his accent and profanity quickly verifies those suspicions. The special- effects – at least when this came out in the mid ’90s – were very cool when the time travelers reached their destinations and appear out of this wall of near- transparent plastic. The story can be a bit confusing at times but is fun at most times, especially near the end when doubles of all the characters are on the screen at onceTHE BAD – The bad part of the film is the credibility, especially with Silver who plays a politician. No politician, no matter what party or where, would be this much of low-life. In fact, the story is full of unlikable and untrustworthy characters, too many of them. There also is too much Rambo-mentality and the final action goes on way too long. The time travel ange of the story may be intelligent but the dialog in this movie is just plain dumb and too juvenile.Overall, this is one of the best of a small group of well-done Van Damme movies.

  • sr-bernardo-cardoso
    sr bernardo cardoso

    When time travel was developed by a scientist in 1994, there was the need to create the Time Enforcement Commision (TEC) under the control of Senator Aaron McComb (Ron Silver) to protect the past from modifications. The police office Max Walker (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is invited to join the TEC, and when his wife Melissa (Mia Sara) is murdered by strangers, he accepts the invitation to work under the command of Eugene Matuzak (Bruce McGill). In 2004, Walker is assigned to capture his former partner Lyle Atwood (Jason Schombing) that is manipulating the stock market in 1929. Atwood tells that he is working for Senator McComb, who is a powerful politician that is running for president. Atwood prefers to die and does not confess that McComb is a criminal. Now Max knows the truth but McComb is changing the past and Max does not know how stop him.”Timecop” is a highly entertaining film, despite the clichés and the inconsistencies. Most of the scenes are written to explore Van Damme´s skill with fights. Ron Silver performs his usual villain roleand is very effective. But better of turn your brain off and enjoy “Timecop”. My vote is six.Title (Brazil): “Timecop – O Guardião do Tempo” (“Timecop – The Guardian of Time”)

  • leslie-barton
    leslie barton

    A few reviewers here need to chill out. ‘Tis true, Hyams is no Kubrick, even an infusion of the great man’s DNA wouldn’t guarantee his next flick would rise above plebian mediocrity. So what? Does Hyams aspire to creative brilliance? or does he just make films at his own pace and at his own level of artistic creativity, which after all is his right to do. If there are those who look down from their own lofty pedestals frowning upon what they see as ungilded simplicity well – whoopy do, go shoot your own celestial Heart of Darkness – make your point that way!For my money, TIMECOP achieved exactly what it set out to achieve…value for your $12.95 whatever. Certainly no cerebral rush, but honest entertainment nonetheless. I rather doubt the Van Damme brigade were looking for some kinda kick-ass Yoda with nunchukas. Hyams delivered his requisite quota of high kicks per dollar and exploding blood capsules per reel.The imdb rating for this film is laughable…it rates a minimum of 6.6!

  • povilonis-edita
    povilonis edita

    kicks? check punches? check signature semi-nude van damme splits? checkvan damme playing multiple roles? check ‘Pete’ from MacGyver? checktime travel police going back in time wearing futuristic uniforms labeling themselves as Time Enforcement Commission officers indicating to those in the past that time travel will one day be possible even though TEC code 40.8 subsection 9 strictly forbids time travel with intent to alter the future as a crime punishable by death? checkVan Damme takes a break from his usual tournament-style fare to bring us a movie based around a story rather than a series of jump kicks. I won’t repeat the synopsis you can read on IMDb. What I will say is that this is honestly the single best movie of Van Damme’s career. It made a solid attempt at a story, it had decent special effects and sound effects, the acting was as good as van damme gets, and the action was good. Perhaps if he had made a few more of this caliber he might have become a more stable box office draw rather than the queen of straight to video punch-and-kick drivel.

  • andrew-sims
    andrew sims

    Timecop is probably remembered as his last good movie before he got into a rut of mediocre(though successful) action flicks.Its also the most mainstream picture he was ever in for my money.In 1994 Time-travel has become a possible reality.Washington decides that it needs to be “policed” from criminal activity and the paradox’s of undoing life as we know it.Cut to 2004:Enter Van Damme as Walker the on-the-rocks time-cop who uncovers a plot to swindle the presidency by a corrupt Senator McComb played by Ron Silver,who actually engineered the murder of Walkers-wife(Mia Sara).Can Max stop McComb?Can he go back and save his wife?After some decent gunfights and roundhouses you’ll have to find out.Timecop benefits from having a talented director Like Peter Hyams behind the wheel for this one.He stages everything well,Keeps the action and plot flowing,Special FX are engaging,and gets a very good performance by Van Damme.Who comes off vulnerable and like a real person.The production values are very good here too.It is also pretty decent political backdrop/Sci-fi combo.Ron Silver is a great Bad Guy here as McComb.He gets to shoot, beat people up,Snarls And looks frankly maniacal at times.Mia Sara is engaging and looks beautiful as ever.Bruce McGill has some funny bits as Van Dammes Boss.The very sexy Gloria Ruben also shows up as Walkers new partner.Timecop is not the greatest when it comes to plot-holes.But unlike the recent version of HG Wells Time machine, it is a very fun movie.And one of Van Dammes best.

  • narusis-greta
    narusis greta

    Timecop (1994) is my favorite Van Damme action sci-fi classic! Just Like Sylvester Stallone’s Judge Dredd, Van Damme’s Timecop is very Underrated action sci-fi flick ever. One of my favorite and serious Van Damme’s roles in this film. Great travel time, great action, great villains and great story. I love the fighting sequences as well. One of my favorite action movie flicks till this days. It was directed from Peter Hyams who become a good friend with Van Damme and a year later he directed Sudden Death with Van Damme. He was the only one of the directors who come visit Van Damme in hospital after he got injured. His son years later directed two Universal Soldier film sequels. I love this movie to death and it is my 6th favorite best Van Damme movie.What I meant in the top written: “to take a few sci-fi leaps of faith” This movie involves time travel about a cop who travels from 2004 to 1994 and try’s to prevent the death of his wife and change the future. It does involve travel into the past, so it immediately presents a time-travel paradox which can’t really be resolved. Timecop (1994) is very underrated film, there was a sequel and a short-lived ABC series. I watched the sequel without Van Damme in it and the sequel sucked. In here you have nice realistic martial arts and action. You have a lot of explosions and it also involves conspiracy. Ron Silver did an excellent joy playing a villain in this movie as Senator McComb. Mia Sara was absolutely wonderful as Max’s (Van Damme’s) wife Melissa.Timecop is more classic. Half-n-half sci-fi/action films get lost beneath pure action and pure sci-fi but Timecop is top shelf. This was another childhood movie. I actually rented on a VHS tape in the 90’s my parents paid me for the VHS tape so I could watch this movie. I like this movie a lot. I have it on Blu-ray in my Van Damme collection. I have grew up with this movie and it was a hit in 1994 when it was released out. Today I love it so much. The film is a lot smarter than people give it credit for. I also think Van Damme definitely deserves some credit for his non-action scenes in this film, but I suppose his performance in this film will always be remembered for that splits scene. The movie it self has a good look, action and effects and very good acting performance by Van Damme, you really feel bad for him and want to see him kick bad guys asses. Also I think that this movie has Van Damme’s best hairstyle. That mullet Is the best he ever had, not the one in Hard Target. And yes, this movie, like many other Van Damme classics deserves a special edition.Not only this movie is my favorite best Van Damme movie, it is one of those movies that you watch over and over again and never gets tiring . A lot of my friends that I know in real life, loves this movie. Someone said it is even the best one. Honestly this is the third time Van Damme played in a science fiction movie. The first time was in cyborg (1989) and the second time was in Universal Soldier. I never really liked Cyborg, but I absolutely love this movie. The action sequences where amazing, the fight scenes and Van Damme martial arts where very realistic. I always enjoy watching Timecop. I enjoy the story, the concept and the action. I think this film is beginning, to get a bad wrap from the general audience. like “oh it is cheesy”. “oh its a guilty pleasure at best” that’s stupid! This film deserves a special edition in some way.That is the more or less basic plot, In order to even try watching this movie, you MUST LOOK PAST THE PARADOX. If you don’t, this movie has zero credibility, and is not worth your time. The paradox in leap faith of this movie is also that works so well and fits with the story. Jean-Claude Van Damme was great. In my opinion, this was one of his best performances. I also liked the opening scene and the scene in which he goes back to 1929 to arrest his partner.