Her name is Diana Jackson, but you can call her T.N.T. When T.N.T.’s brother is killed by ruthless drug dealers, the beautiful young karate expert goes to the most dangerous part of Chinatown to find the killer. In trouble with the law since she was 13, T.N.T. wants no help from the pigs; but she does befriend a Chinaman named Joe, whose impressive martial arts skills prove useful more than once. In her quest for the killer, she’ll meet the white drug lord, Sid; Elaine, his bitchy girlfriend; his suspicious Chinese assistant, Ming; and Charlie, his handsome black assistant with criminal ambitions of his own. Before her search is over, she’ll find herself making love to Charlie, trading insults with Elaine, and fighting criminals while nude and in the dark. Just call her T.N.T.

Also Known As: Dynamite Wong and TNT Jackson, Dynamite Jackson, Джексон-тринитротолуол Soviet, TNT Jackson - La furia di Harlem, TNT Jackson

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  • taylor-cole
    taylor cole

    Karate expert Diana ‘T.N.T’ Jackson (Jeanne Bell) travels to Hong Kong to try and find her missing brother. When friendly club owner Joe tells her that he thinks her brother is dead, having fallen foul of local drug-dealing gangsters, T.N.T goes in search of his killer, looking for revenge.Produced by Roger Corman, written by cult actor Dick Miller, and directed by prolific Filipino film-maker Cirio H. Santiago, TNT Jackson is a blaxploitation/martial arts hybrid that fails to do justice to either genre. The titular character of Diana ‘T.N.T.’ Jackson has clearly been modelled on tough blaxploitation babes Coffy and Cleopatra Jones (played respectively by Pam Grier and Tamara Dobson), but Jeanne Bell, an ex-Playboy centrefold, has very little appeal (besides her smashing tits, that is): she’s a lousy actress and an even worse martial artist, her fight scenes being some of the least convincing I have ever seen committed to film. She’s in good company though, ‘cos everyone else in this film is utterly dreadful too.On paper, the film sounds like it could be a trashy hoot: there’s a Chinese guy with butterfly knives who has his elbow broken by one of TNT’s pathetic blows, Ms. Jackson takes on a roomful of tough guys while wearing only a pair of black knickers, our heroine is sprung from jail by a Chinese dancing dragon, Bell is replaced by an unconvincing double for the more physically demanding scenes, black gangster Charlie sports a huge afro and some shocking 70s attire (that beret is HUGE!), and in the final fight against her brother’s killer, TNT delivers a death blow that goes straight through her opponent’s stomach. Unfortunately, the weak fight scenes rapidly become tiresome, the script is absolutely dire and the dull direction makes the film extremely tough going despite its exploitative nature.

  • edouard-bonneau
    edouard bonneau

    This is another film from the Mill Creek Drive-in 50-pack collection that I have and find highly unappealing. It’s a blaxploitation karate film.In the 1970s blaxploitation and martial arts films were all the rage… this film seeks to combine both into one boring story of a karate chopping woman in Hong Kong in search of her bother’s killer.Not all blaxploitation and martial arts films from the 1970s are bad – in fact some are quite good and entertaining but TNT Jackson does not suit my taste in either film category.Some people my find some kind of entertainment with this film – but I find it quite unentertaining. This film is just bland action.1/10

  • lampros-akhilleas-zormpas
    lampros akhilleas zormpas

    Movies from the 1970’s were different and much not to the norm and true they had plenty of action and the skin scenes and nudity combined with violence made most of them a real eye candy treat to watch. This low budget 1974 film “TNT Jackson” fits all of those themes. It featured “Playboy” playmate Jeanne Bell as TNT Jackson in this blaxploitation take which has her to travel from Harlem to Hong Kong to look for her missing brother who has gotten himself in trouble with the mob and this world involves the mob and plenty of violence. Miss Jackson poses and goes undercover as a prostitute in order to find out some information along the way this film is a fun eye candy treat of sex, nudity and action which includes topless karate. Good watch to pass a little time a nice fun independent film that gets right into it and doesn’t take itself to serious.

  • maria-rasanen
    maria rasanen

    “T.N.T. Jackson” is, admittedly, the kind of thing I wouldn’t consider “good”, but it does deliver a fair amount of exploitative fun, combining the blaxploitation and martial arts genres. Co-written by actor Ken Metcalf, who plays the white drug lord Sid, and actor Dick Miller – yeah, *that* Dick Miller! – it stars pretty, voluptuous former Playboy Playmate Jeannie Bell as Diana “T.N.T.” Jackson, a karate expert who travels to Hong Kong (the movie was actually shot, like many of its kind, in the Philippines) in search of her brother, who was murdered by American hoodlum Charlie (Stan Shaw), who’s determined to gain control of the entire local drug trade. T.N.T. teams with local martial arts instructor Joe to take on the bad guys. As produced and directed by the ubiquitous Cirio H. Santiago, the movie is breezy fun, that at the very least is fairly well paced, getting down to business quickly enough and including as many fights as it can. Bell, who displays *plenty* of attitude, comes off well enough in the fight scenes, and has some chemistry with Chiquito, who plays Joe. Incidentally, the write-up in the annual paperback guide to movies by Leonard Maltin and associates has it wrong in that Ms. Bell is *not* constantly getting her top yanked off. She only displays her breasts twice, but in one of these scenes she shows off her body in a highly amusing fight with multiple bad guys that she plays almost totally nude, which has to rank as the highlight of the movie for trash fans watching. The acting from the cast is engaging, with Shaw, who had a respectable subsequent career as a character actor, making for a fun villain, and sexy blonde Pat Anderson playing the lady in Sid’s employ who turns out to be a federal agent, or as T.N.T. would put it, a “pig”. The fight scenes indeed don’t quite work and could have been better choreographed. Accompanied by a typically funky and energetic music score (by Tito Sotto), “T.N.T. Jackson” still makes for an acceptable diversion, if not on the level of blaxploitation icon Pam Grier’s best vehicles. The ending is just too abrupt, although it features an unexpected, unlikely, and utterly hilarious act of brutality. Fans of this sort of thing may be reasonably entertained. Seven out of 10.

  • emil-makela
    emil makela

    T.N.T. JACKSON sets aside the other “blaxplo” movies from the era because of the fact this was made somewhere in the Filipino region. In other words, this isn’t the U.S.A., but the scenery is a change of heart. Sort of like another martial arts picture with scratchy print quality and a plain “THE END” screen. It does deliver some fun, and you won’t want to miss former PLAYBOY playmate Jeanne Bell do some topless kung-fu in her undies. All said and done, the pleasure best compares to a Mighty Mouse cartoon. I’ve seen many action movies with female leads before, and there isn’t a whole lot they can do. Bell’s moves, while high flying, aren’t choreographed very well and they look as if they’re fragile. It’s a good combo of the two classic 70s genres wrapped up in one single outing. There could have been more to prevent this from being your totally average movie, though.

  • petra-basnec
    petra basnec

    As another piece of fine programming recently featured on the newly created “Bounce Channel,” a TV network devoted to the exclusive showcasing of African-American programs, many of which, unfortunately, are B-films, former black Playboy model Jeannie Bell stars in this movie as a kung fu gal who–in Pam Grier, super girl fashion–is out for vengeance against the bad guys in Asia who killed her brother.All of the typical elements of sub par B-movie/Blaxpliotation filming are at work here–wooden acting performances, cheap dialogue, vague movie direction, and a confusing story line, all topped off by some of the cheesiest and most bogus kung fu “fight” sequences ever filmed for the big screen.Perhaps the only good thing about this movie is that it makes for ideal fodder for the guy and his two robotic buddies over at “Mystery Science Theater 3000” to tear up.

  • katja-zeleznik
    katja zeleznik

    Yes, this was made when blaxploitation film making was at its peak, with Playmate Jeannie Bell assuming the main-character role. Poor production values make for a sloppy, mostly silly movie with bad fight scene choreography, bad acting and a near absence of plot or story. Made in the early 70’s, a time when nudity was becoming de rigueur, one scene with nude fighting leaves audiences chuckling, though that was clearly not the intent. The plot has Bell and co-star Shaw, both African American, at odds and as temporary lovers in Hong Kong. According to the story, all the gangsters in town live in the same neighborhood of the city, one where even the police fear to tread. Strangely enough, leaders of the locale criminal syndicate are both American, one white, one black, though the henchman are all Chinese–an occurrence that would surely never happen in China. Virulent, unabashed racism was a staple in these films and it makes a brief obligatory appearance here. The audience wonders why Miss TNT is roaming around in a city and country far from her stated birth place of Harlem, and she must regularly ask “do you speak English?”. Could such a true soul-sister be working for the pigs (cops)? We finally get the answers in the end, but no revelation from this writer, though as bad as the flick is spoiling it seems unlikely.

  • leon-ferreira
    leon ferreira

    The film opens with traditional Chinese ceremony being performed to “whack-a-da” music to an audience of black people. TNT (Jeanie Bell) is attempting to locate her missing brother and ends up finding out his killers were heroin dealers. The movie has the uppity black woman using era phrases like “dig it” and “tell is like it is.” It is a part of town where you can’t walk down the street without engaging in a karate fight.The best fighters are those that can make their fingers look the most crooked and broken. TNT has a body double thick in the waist do her back flips. The production includes a classic ripped open blouse scene and ridiculous in the dark fight that follows.Guide: No swearing. Brief sex. Nudity (Jeanie Bell, Pat Anderson + uncredited Asians) Part of a badly restored 50 DVD set)

  • janet-adams
    janet adams

    Stan Shaw (spoiler), the principal, nor any other of the principal actors know anything about martial arts and it is VERY obvious. Also, the camera angles show more missed kicks than cereal of the same name and more punches than kool-aid. This thing really has no redeeming qualities, except for the 70’s required boob shots. No script. No camera angles. Lousy acting (in all deference to the stars, they did what they could with this crap script). I gave it two stars because the stars were good looking. That’s it.

  • pestova-marfa-semenovna
    pestova marfa semenovna

    This movie was enjoyable to watch as it had a mostly well written script that had some good fight scenes with very little blood plus there wasn’t that much profanity used but there was a lot of nudity. All of the actors did an excellent job in their roles and Jeanie Bell really did do a great job especially in her fight scenes. The cinematography was good but the DVD that I watched had sound and film quality issues that may be due to the age of the film.

  • viktorija-mrak
    viktorija mrak

    TNT Jackson is Ok. It’s all you can think of in a Blaxploitation/Martial arts mashup-BUT the story is not that good…it’s fun to see a young Stan Shaw getting busy, Jeanie Bell and Pat Anderson are gorgeous and premise is interesting. I just think the storyline could’ve been better. Anyway don’t take this film seriously and you’ll have a great time; still there are better movies in this genre to watch.

  • gorazd-hrovat
    gorazd hrovat

    Her name is Diana Jackson, but you can call her T.N.T. When T.N.T.’s brother is killed by ruthless drug dealers, the beautiful young karate expert goes to the most dangerous part of Chinatown to find the killer. In trouble with the law since she was 13, T.N.T. wants no help from the pigs; but she does befriend a Chinaman named Joe, whose impressive martial arts skills prove useful more than once. In her quest for the killer, she’ll meet the white drug lord, Sid; Elaine, his bitchy girlfriend; his suspicious Chinese assistant, Ming; and Charlie, his handsome black assistant with criminal ambitions of his own. Before her search is over, she’ll find herself making love to Charlie, trading insults with Elaine, and fighting criminals while nude and in the dark.This movie made relatively early in the Blaxplotation days is quite simply horrible.. There’s no real plot, at least nothing to hold your attention, and it’s made more in the lines of those Bruce Lee Bruce Li karate movies than any thing else.The print that is running on World Worth Watching looks like it was lifted off a TV.

  • berzins-krisjanis
    berzins krisjanis

    Now any Blaxploiation fan will recognise the ingredients: big Afros, topless babes, surreally bad fashions and some ‘jive’ talk. In this case add in a lead who can’t act, a plot that makes little sense, editing by someone with no hands who has been blindfolded and the most god-awful fight scenes and you have ‘TNT Jackson’. Not quite bad enough to be good, but not good enough to be bad, this is a wonderful mess from start to finish. I especially loved the endless continuity errors and the lead’s white stunt double.This is so ’70s bad Far Eastern martial arts meets black power that it hurts, but boy it hurts so good! I am ashamed to admit that I almost enjoyed it.

  • riabova-zoia-nilovna
    riabova zoia nilovna

    I’ll be reviewing another public domain title called TNT Jackson. A blacksploitation film in 1974 starting a playboy bunny, Jeanne Bell, as TNT Jackson. The movie starts in Hong Kong where her brother gets killed. She then goes to Hong Kong to find out who killed him. Also finds a drug operation going on too. The fight scenes are okay and Jeanne Bell seems to do a decent job. I’m not quite sure since the audio is pretty bad. It’s in mono so it’s whispering bad at times I can only hear them when it’s quiet. There’s also a scene where TNT fights topless and keeps turning off a light. Also at the end they go to some place in Africa I’m not quite sure where exactly. Anyway this is a low budget blacksploitation movie so if your into mindless entertainment, enjoy. I watched it for the exotic location of Hong Kong and maybe just for fun.

  • prof-stein-simonsen
    prof stein simonsen

    A very feeble cross between a kung fu film and a blaxploitation movie, aimed squarely in the middle of both markets and yet failing as a vehicle for each genre. This is a Filipino-shot movie with the Philippines standing in for Hong Kong, directed by old hand Cirio H. Santiago. Believe it or not, I’m a fan of Santiago’s movies – call me a masochist if you will – but even I’ll be the first to admit this is one of his worst efforts.The problem is that the film is boring, despite best efforts otherwise. The plot is slim and of the standard revenge format, but most of the production values are terrible. The fight choreography is very poor and there never appears to be any genuine skill on the part of most of the performers. In particular, Jeannie Bell is terrible, completely failing to cut it as both a fighter and a leading actress; it’s painfully obvious that her career background is as a model. Best of the actors is Stan Shaw, later a Hollywood mainstay, who’s a pleasure to watch whenever he’s on screen.Unfortunately, TNT JACKSON has to be considered a failure at the end of it all purely because it’s so badly made. Sure, there are a handful of decent scenes in here, and one or two scenes that are memorable for all the wrong reasons, but it’s not enough to make this come close to resembling a decent movie in any way, shape or form.

  • jillian-holmes
    jillian holmes

    Recently found a series of DVDs called Women Who Kick Ass. I’ve seen a few kung fu films over the years. Some were superb, some were ok and some were lousy. The common denominator in all being the action scenes were pretty good. The acting, writing and general filmaking in this film is terrible plus the fight scenes really suck. It looks like most the action scenes were done by stunt people and the actresses didn’t know much about martial arts.All this taken into account it is still a fun film to watch.

  • pani-janina-bialczyk
    pani janina bialczyk

    After a young black man is killed in a drug transaction in Hong Kong a young black woman named “TNT Jackson” (Jeannie Bell) arrives at the airport and asks the taxi driver to take her to the “Yellow District” of the city. The taxi driver refuses because he believes it is too dangerous. So she then asks to be taken as close to that area as possible and decides to walk the rest of the way. In no time she is attacked by several thugs but manages to fight them off with her skill at martial arts. Eventually she arrives at her destination and meets a man named “Joe” (Chiquito) who takes her under his wing and gives her guidance and information that she needs in order to survive in the strange world she has just entered. Now, rather than divulge too much of this movie and risk spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it I will just say that this is both a “blaxploitation” film and a “martial arts” film rolled into one. Unfortunately, it doesn’t honestly rank up there in either category because of the less-than-stellar acting and the rather low-grade fight scenes. Still, Pat Anderson (as “Elaine”), Imelda Ilanan (as “Joe’s Assistant”) and the aforementioned Jeannie Bell were all somewhat attractive and I suppose that should count for something. But even so the movie still seemed kind of cheap and shoddy. Below average.

  • angelica-morrow
    angelica morrow

    Diana “TNT” Jackson (Bell) is a fish out of water – a tough, foxy lady from Harlem now on the mean streets of Hong Kong looking for the drug dealers who killed her brother. When she arrives in HK, she wants to go to the section so dangerous, her cabbie won’t even take her there. It’s a good thing she’s a Martial Arts expert. During her quest, she ends up meeting the charming Charlie (Shaw), a cool brother with designs on TNT. Her rivals include Elaine (Anderson), who works for the criminal organization headed by Sid (Metcalfe) – the nefarious syndicate she’s trying to bust up. With only her wits and her fists and alone in a strange land, will TNT’s revenge be truly explosive? Find out today! TNT Jackson is the earliest Cirio film we’ve seen to date, and one of the first we had seen by him, period. We would certainly end up seeing many more in the future from this prolific director. The movie is a Blaxploitation classic, and even has some of the themes Cirio would use throughout his career, well into the 90’s – namely, the show-stopping nude (or nearly so) fight scene. Hey, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. He stumbled upon a winner with that idea, and used it again in such films as Silk 2 (1989) and Angelfist (1993). The movie is certainly entertaining enough, and at a brief 72 minutes, you really can’t go wrong. It also features great, funky music by Tito Sotto and some great, pre-political correctness dialogue. For example, many characters refer to TNT Jackson as “that Black chick”, and the most dangerous section of Hong Kong is called the “Yellow District”. Add to that some amazing 70’s hair and fashions, and you have a mild winner.Mild because there’s not exactly a lot of substance here, and the fight scenes are sped up, slowed down, and tinkered with in a lot of ways…but it’s all in good fun, and we realize Jeannie Bell isn’t supposed to be Donnie Yen. The fights are more like the ones seen on the old Batman TV show. Maybe this is all the concoction of J.Lo, a person we were frankly surprised to see credited as Martial Arts instructor. (In case the deadpan humor of that isn’t coming across, that’s supposed to be a joke. But there is a guy named J. Lo in the credits, which was fun to see). While it’s unfair to compare Bell to someone like Pam Grier, who pretty much remains the queen of the Blaxploitation era, Bell can certainly hold her own, appearing in Trouble Man (1972), Black Gunn (1972), and Three the Hard Way (1974), among others.When seeing this movie, make sure you see the DVD included as part of the Roger Corman Lethal Ladies collection, released in 2011. This version blows away any released before it. Throw away your old VHS or gas station DVD’s. It’s in widescreen, with crisp, clear colors. The movie has never looked better. If you’re going to see, or re-see this pleasant-enough entry in the Blaxploitation canon, there has never been a better time than now.

  • angela-zeleznik
    angela zeleznik

    “TNT Jackson” isn’t completely unwatchable. But either the version I saw on DVD was edited with a weed-whacker, or the screenplay itself is the lowest level of grind-house/blaxploitation sausage. Or maybe both.Jeanne Bell is supposed to have been a Playmate at one point in her career,and the movie makes the most of the connection by displaying her breasts at least two times more than was really necessary (including a hilarious topless fight scene that I am pretty sure was meant to be funny). I will admit, they are quite nice. Still, she’s sort of average looking and doesn’t have the charisma of a Foxy Brown, or a Cleopatra Jones. She does have her moments as an actress in the film, though, but it would have been nice if the director had pushed her a little harder or the screenplay had given her a chance to do more than emote “attitude” and kick people.Speaking of kicking people, the fight scenes (the other putative reason to watch a film like this) are pretty poorly done.There’s no real choreography to speak of here, just people posing and sticking feet and fists in the general direction of their opponents. One minor exception is a nice moment with an opponent equipped with butterfly folding knives; another is a sequence near the very end where an obvious stunt double for Bell (and maybe for Stan Shaw) leap around and do some decent sweeps and groundwork for a minute or two before Bell/”Jackson” punches her enemy’s liver out, Shaw collapses and the screenplay just stops. (Again, I will admit that this is very much in the tradition of Shaw Brother quickies since time immemorial).There are a couple of supporting actors who are actually better than the film deserves (I’m thinking of “Joe” and the fellow playing the drug lord’s right hand man). There’s a halfway decent funk laden soundtrack that complements the action on the screen and add a star to the rating by itself. There’s a semi-dodgy sex scene that manages to be effective almost in spite of itself.This one is strictly for hardcore fans of blaxploitation. I saw it out of sheer curiosity, and I’m not sorry I took the time. But I can’t imagine wanting to take the time to see it again unless I decide to write a dissertation on the pop culture intersections of “Kung Fu Theater” and “Foxy Brown”.

  • tracy-walsh
    tracy walsh

    The stimulating concepts: T.N.T fights 10 men in the streets of Hong Kong; 4 men in her room while she is topless; an attractive blonde woman (Pat Anderson, who is a major hottie and kicks a lot of butt herself). The poor execution: the (occasionally sped-up) fight scenes range from clumsy to REALLY clumsy. Sometimes they look more like playfights; you can HEAR the sound of a hit but you don’t SEE any contact. For a former Playboy Playmate, Jeanne Bell is an average-looking woman and her acting is stiff. But at least she’s tall, she looks fit and she has the right attitude for this role down pat. As her love interest / main target, Stan Shaw adds the only touch of class to the film, and has all the best lines as well. The production values are dreadful, and the DVD picture quality is on the level of a bad VHS. For a better execution of the same story, I suggest you seek out the same director’s “Naked Fist” / “Firecracker”, made in 1981. The female lead in that one, Jillian Kesner, actually has some real-life martial arts background, so the fight scenes are much better. (**)

  • anthony-beck
    anthony beck

    This extremely bargain-basement Blaxploitation/Kung-Fu hybrid was in my country released by a questionable DVD label that usually speaking just occupies with the transfer of pure crap onto disc, so that wasn’t exactly a favorable herald. Several other titles were released in the same series, like “The Black Six”, “The Black Gestapo” and “The Black Godfather” and judging by all their low ratings and negative reviews none of these belong to the elite of the 70’s Blaxploitation hype, neither. “TNT Jackson” is a pretty lousy film, completely lacking a significant plot but featuring far too many laughable fighting scenes and horrible acting to compensate. Apparently Roger Corman – never too embarrassed to make some easy money – assigned two of his most loyal acolytes to rapidly invent a simplistic story that would appeal to fans of both oriental Kung-Fu movies and contemporary trendy Blaxploitation flicks. The result Cirio H. Santiago and Dick Miller came up with was “TNT Jackson”; the tale of an arse-whooping black babe traveling to Hong Kong in search of her missing brother. She quickly discovers he was killed by a criminal network of drug-smugglers and swears to avenge him. Mrs. Jackson smoothly infiltrates into the underground and encounters macho pimps, helpful undercover agents, loads of vicious Kung-Fu fighters. Only one thing’s for sure; they all want a piece of TNT’s ravishing body in one way or another. I sincerely doubt movie concepts get any more elementary than this, but – unfortunately – all the other aspects suck too. The battle scenes are overlong and moreover pathetically staged. Jeannie Bell and the other poor suckers try really hard to stare menacingly and assume a tough position, but eventually all they ever do is kick in the air and stupidly leap across rooms. The cinematography is horrid, the soundtrack is vastly disappointing (whatever happened to soul music?), the few dialogs are poorly written and the acting performances are inferior. Speaking of which, Jeannie Bell is undeniably a beautiful woman, but still she can’t hold a candle to Tamara Dobson or Pam Grier. There’s only one really good and memorable scene in “TNT Jackson”, namely the famous hotel room battle where Bell, entirely naked except for panties, repeatedly switches the light on and off whilst kicking the hell out of some goons. Amusing scene … I just haven’t figured out yet whether it’s thanks to the light switch ingenuity or Bell’s perfectly shaped breasts.

  • inkeri-puhakka
    inkeri puhakka

    This blaxploitation classic about a kung fu mama who travels to Hong Kong to avenge her brother’s death offers everything you learned to expect from the genre. Playmate Jeannie Bell (with a giant afro) really kicks ass and usually loses her clothes very quickly. If you don’t take it all too seriously, the movie is great fun to watch. Stan Shaw gives a solid performance, Jeannie Bell is a little less convincing. Pam Grier she ain’t.This is where Quentin Tarantino got his idea for the light switch scene in “Jackie Brown” from.The soundtrack by Don Julian is a gem and is frequently used in rap songs.

  • zdenka-matas
    zdenka matas

    A young woman nicknamed “T.N.T.” for being virtual dynamite in a fight and a knockout in terms of looks to boot, goes to the most lawless part of Hong Kong in search of her missing brother Stag Jackson. When she learns he has been murdered, she decides she will bring the killer to justice in a fashion only she can.Sounds good, doesn’t it. Well, there’s really nothing wrong with the basic premise as a starting base for a martial arts/blaxploitation action thriller, which is what this aims to be. The leads actually prove pretty good too with Jeanne Bell fitting nicely into the role of “T.N.T.” and Stan Shaw doing well as the ambitious, power-hungry Charlie. Where this fails miserably is in terms of the fighting action it offers up. The fight scenes are totally and completely unconvincing and/or sometimes so completely over the top it reaches the point of ridiculousness which doesn’t at all help when the basic focus of your movie is a Kung Fu action heroine. Also the poor lighting, actors sporting accents making them hard to understand, the confusing camera-work and the sometimes poor sound doesn’t help this obvious low budget effort out either any. This does deliver in one area which may delight some fans, it does offer up plenty of the T in “T & A”, in fact practically every fight scene in the film is proceeded by some type of nude scene and Jeanne Bell actually does have one extended fight scene in which she is completely topless.In the end, this fails to be something you want to revisit because the fight scenes are so pathetically, laughingly bad.

  • diamanto-khatzekharistou
    diamanto khatzekharistou

    I managed to pick this up in a sale for one pound; thought it looked like a laugh and bought it.Just finished watching it and would thoroughly recommend it to blaxploitation/kung fu/trash movie fans. The dialogue is frequently laughable, the plot is predictable, and there are some bad editing and post-production flaws in dubbing. Effects are generally pants, except for one slow motion sequence with butterfly knives; which I particularly liked. You also have a dodgy sex scene.But on the other hand, the action scenes are pretty good with some innovative sequences and ‘special moves’. The music is also great especially for fans of groove/funk.This movie has everything you’d expect from a trashy kung fu movie- crime lords, Afros, revenge, flares and of course EVERYONE knows a bit of kung fu. It’s only about 60 minutes long and if you can pick it up on the cheap then do so!

  • ashley-gray
    ashley gray

    I’d been warned off ‘T.N.T. Jackson’ but couldn’t resist as I’m a sucker for 1970s trash like this. Directed by Cirio H. Santiago, one of the producers of the classic Jack Hill chick in chains movies ‘The Big Doll House’ and ‘The Big Bird Cage’ which co-starred Pam Grier, with Roger Corman as executive producer, and a script co-written by b-grade legend Dick Miller(!), how could this go wrong? Well it does. Kinda. Jeanne Bell, who I vaguely remembered from bit parts in ‘The Klansman’ and ‘Mean Streets’, is beautiful and is a reasonable actress, but lacks the charisma of Pam Grier, or closer to home, Tamara Dobson (‘Cleopatra Jones’). Despite being mainly filmed in the Philippines it lacks the grittiness of the aforementioned Pam Grier vehicles and is closer to the fantasy of the Dobson Cleopatra Jones movies. Only it isn’t anywhere near as good. On the other hand it isn’t as downright silly as say, ‘Black Samurai’ starring Jim Kelly (a guilty pleasure of mine), so I can’t say it’s a complete stinker either. Bell is supported by Stan Shaw (‘Truck Turner’), and Ken Metcalfe, who co-wrote the script with Dick Miller, and both actors were better than the movie itself. One thing that really lets the movie down is the fight scenes which just don’t convince. In one of them Bell is topless, and that is certainly a novelty, but on the whole they just don’t work. ‘T.N.T. Jackson’ is neither the best nor the worst blaxploitation movie I’ve ever seen. It’s one of those movies that you won’t regret watching once, but you are very unlikely to rush to watch twice.