Lara Jean Covey writes letters to all of her past loves, the letters are meant for her eyes only. Until one day when all the love letters are sent out to her previous loves. Her life is soon thrown into chaos when her foregoing loves confront her one by one.

Also Known As: Do wszystkich chłopców, których kochałam, Tutte le volte che ho scritto ti amo, À tous les garçons que j'ai aimés, Προς Όλα τα Αγόρια που Αγάπησα, A fiúknak, akiket valaha szerettem, Всем парням, которых я любила раньше, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, A Todos os Rapazes que Amei, Para Todos os Garotos que Já Amei, Tuturor baietilor pe care i-am iubit, Till alla killar jag har gillat, A todos los chicos de los que me enamoré, Do wszystkich chlopców, których kochalam

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  • justin-ortiz
    justin ortiz

    They keep calling her with her full name Lara Jean it is really dumb and off-putting while watching the movie i hated it. But even if we regard that the plot is just so cliche and predictable its not even worth watching. People who liked it are probably 12 year old girls who dont know better. Conversations were so unrealistic and boring the whole vibe of the movie is weird and the main character is one dimensional and annoying the whole plot could have been avoided or solved if she were just using her brain ughhhh!!!!

    • bobo-ka-siz
      bobo ka siz

      bat nagagalet?

  • thomas-gardner
    thomas gardner

    Yes, Peter Kravinsky is very dreamy. However, this movie is almost too horrible for words. I thought this would be a cute movie and a harmless way to pass the time. First of all, the plot line is completely rediculous. All Lara Jean had to do was simply tell her sisters ex that she didn’t love him anymore. she did NOT have to parade around with Peter. it was a transparent set up to them falling in love. The conflicts were stupid, the acting was laughable at best. Character development was nonexistent. The sisters ex bf was supposed to be an important character and he was like a stranger in the movie; invisible. The script writers clearly though the movie would be less of a cliche by referencing classics like fight club and sixteen candles. I would give this a 0 if I could.

  • cynthia-wilkinson
    cynthia wilkinson

    This movie is pretty unoriginal in terms of its story. A girl, not really knowing what romance feels like, fake dates a jock crush to defy letters that were stolen and passed out by her sister to her other crushes and then the unexperienced girl falls in love with the jock after all. Hoo, boy…This movie fails at interesting shots. The whole movie, the camera either stays still or zooms in/out. The only interesting shot that happens the whole movie is a 270° shot clockwise when it’s Christmas and whoever returns home to her family. Even then, it’s a million times better to do a 90° shot counterclockwise instead.The acting feels unnatural and is unconcerned about being authentic to the modern American teenager, not to mention annoying because of this. This includes Anna Cathcart and whoever played the other boy that defended the girl at the end.The music is quite literally stock/pop music for a soundtrack that’ll probably make the charts. None of it really fits all that well. Also, I guess we needed some old movie references that totally aren’t in there to make the viewer go “Hey. I like that movie. I like this movie because another movie I like is in there.” None of the jokes add to the charm nor the jukebox scene.There are too many characters, and the ones that become developed end up not mattering at all anyway, like Lara’s friend or the gay guy that was once straight. The dad doesn’t end up mattering. He’s just there to be the punchline of a couple jokes and then have a meaningful conversation with Lara.I know this review was rambling on a little, but, on an end note, please don’t watch this movie.

  • bradley-dickerson
    bradley dickerson

    So I know most people absolutely adore this movie, and I will admit that it’s one of the better teenage rom-coms out there. However, in my opinion, that doesn’t make it good. The acting is good and the premise is interesting enough, but ultimately it fails to be very different from your typical teenage rom-com movie. This is definitely a variation of something you’ve seen before. And while the movie does contain messages about self-confidence and self-love, the ultimate lesson we learn is that a boyfriend fixes all of your problems. In fact it’s explicitly stated at one point that the main character wasn’t happy or fun until she got a boyfriend.

  • daniel-persson
    daniel persson

    Oldsters (like me) are decades removed from this movie’s target YA audience but, if you liked the teenage angst movies of John Hughes (“Sixteen Candles,” “Pretty in Pink,” “Some Kind of Wonderful”) you can truly enjoy this modern-day, politically corrected dip into that genre. (“Sixteen Candles” actually gets a shout-out in the flick.)It takes some suspension of disbelief (some relaxation of the critical mindset that comes with age) but no more than others of its type. (“Lady Bird” being the exception — a teen angst movie that overlaid the Hughes blueprint with grit and realism.)The biggest obstacle is accepting the obviously older actors playing teens, especially the 30-something actress playing the 18-year-old sister. (Molly Ringwald was 16 when she played a 16-year-old.) If that doesn’t bother you, then go for it. (Mostly it’s 20-somethings in the late-teen roles, according to birthdates on IMBD.)

  • kari-hale
    kari hale

    I never read the book but I really enjoyed this movie it’s super cute and the characters are not annoying which I was afraid of and the acting was good. I didn’t expect to like it this much, I am a 27 year old woman and just randomly decided to watch this high school flick which I never do and I thought I had grown out of the celebrity crush phase but apparently I did not (Peter Kavinsky). I highly recommend this movie if you just want to watch something happy and not super drama filled or depressing. I especially love that the main character is Asian, there is a sad shortage of Asian American actresses and actors in America so it was refreshing to see something different for once.

  • kayla-pitts
    kayla pitts

    If you’re looking for a cute rom com to pass the time and fantasize about cute boys a little bit , this is a great film. It’s done well and the character development is good.

  • sig-ra-gastone-rossi
    sig ra gastone rossi

    I thought there can’t be a worse love story then twilight. Here you go.

  • snizhana-tverdokhlib
    snizhana tverdokhlib

    It was a very cute story, and nicely shot. For the most part I found the dialogue to be natural and believable and the fake dating trope (though far from something we’ve never seen before) is one I can never tire of.Though I was rooting for the main couple I felt their resolution required a tad more build up. I loved the overall concept and characters but I did feel more could have been done with them

  • karen-rose
    karen rose

    Many people are defending this movie saying that “it’s written for 12 yo girls” but I myself. (a 12yo girl),I couldn’t stand it.Its worse than Twilight!!At least it’s better than the kissing booth but that’s like being taller than a dwarf!!Its cringe and a complete waste of time.If you’re looking for a good rom-com I could suggest a million ones better than this pathetic excuse of a movie!!

  • kyle-obrien
    kyle obrien

    Dear Jenny,I am disappointed that Asian males were basically excluded in a novel written by an Asian female author. Your novel To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before doesn’t contribute anything to changing existing stereotypes when it had so much potential to. Your novel glorifies the White Male Asian Female (WMAF) relationship, from Lara Jean’s parents to the main plot of the story. It upholds the white supremacy and excludes Asian males as romantic options. What’s worse is that your novels are targeted at teenage girls, so you’re indoctrinating them with white worshiping attitudes from a young age. What happens when they grow up is that both white and Asian women would socially exclude Asian males in favor of white males and propagate existing racial hierarchies in society. Why couldn’t LG have a Korean father and a Caucasian mother? Why were none of the letters that LG wrote addressed to an Asian male? Your novel seems like one Asian woman’s fantasy about dating white guys. Which is fine, but you should be more cautious of the societal impact and excluding an entire racial/gender group.

  • sara-sedlackova
    sara sedlackova

    Yet another film from a female perspective that is exclusively centered around romantic relationships. Even when the bland female lead with a Pinterest-looking bedroom isn’t talking to/about some crush, she reads crappy romance novels. Because a young woman’s life revolves around being rescued from the world by a man? She has no personality trait other than the fact that she’s vaguely considered “smart,” and she dresses nice. At one point the male lead (the men are impossible to tell apart btw) asks her “how have you never had a boyfriend?” This girl is only 16! Why would she be expected to date? Is that her standard of worth? The love interests also lack personality. The only defining characteristic of the Peter character is that he really likes her. They don’t ever talk about anything deep except for their interest in each other. I really don’t understand all the positive reviews for this film. Maybe there was something in the original book that was worth while. If you’re skeptical about seeing this film, do not listen to the positive reviews. If you’re looking for an extremely shallow take on the world, then by all means, feast your eyes. But trust me, you’re better of with a different romantic film that can develop it’s characters and maybe make a more positive comment about the female experience.

  • chad-patel
    chad patel

    Very relatable and cute. A perfect feel good movie.

  • jared-willis
    jared willis

    Considering how weak the romantic-comedy genre has been lately and the fact this was a Netflix production I decided to ‘hate’ watch it for fun, expecting something awful. Instead I found a gem.’To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ is one of the few rom-coms to come out recently that actually focuses on character and relationship development. There is no gimmick B-plot, or wasting a ton of time on advancing a tangential storyline that distracts from the main couple.Instead, the movie smartly plays to its genre’s strengths and focuses almost exclusively on fleshing out the relationship between Lara & Peter, so that when they link up at the end of the movie (as expected) you actually feel something. This moment is not just an empty kiss but rather culminates the organic character growth and relationship struggles you see throughout the film. This is in stark contrast to most modern rom-coms where the character development and relationships come secondary to a gimmicky plot, leaving you not knowing the characters or even caring about their hook up at the end.’To All the Boys’ is a rom-com done right and major studios should take note.

  • hnumaan-dhaaliivaal
    hnumaan dhaaliivaal

    I’m not going to lie, there were a lot of red flags going in to this, given the massive amount of dull and terrible Netflix films that have come out this year, many of which focused on relationships and slice-of-life type stuff, but I think I kind of like this one. It’s certainly the least obnoxious of the bunch, and is even more surprisingly carried by the young female supporting actress. There’s nothing this film does that’s extraordinary, but it’s an easily watchable film that’s fine through and through, and manages to avoid dragging despite having such a simple premise and it doesn’t overstay its welcome. The leads in the film aren’t amazing, but they’re certainly above average, and are relatively charming. The film is quite heavily reliant on exposition, and feels oddly reminiscent of 13 Reasons Why, though I would say this is a much more tasteful story that handles it’s premise appropriately whereas 13 Reasons Why felt melodramatic and edgy. The melodrama here manages to be less melodramatic, and the material is light-hearted enough to deal with a pinch of superficial acting.The dramatic elements are certainly nothing new, such as dealing with the loss of a parent, but they’re implemented in a reasonable manner and are played out naturally and they add a bit of spice to what might have been an otherwise bland story with flat characters. It’s refreshing nowadays to see characters with tragic backstories being portrayed in an empowering way. These elements are almost understated, and as a result the characters seem stronger than the usual. Towards the end there’s a bit of an incident, but it doesn’t cause tonal whiplash, and it’s certainly not frustrating as it tends to be in other stories.I’m not a huge fan of teen films, especially not in modern times with how the music industry has degraded into simple, easy-to-produce tripe whilst brainwashing the simple-minded teenagers into thinking they love superfluous and downright useless music, and there’s certainly an abundance of that in this film. It’s a shame because the score feels fine for the most part, and the film opts for no music when a scene works better without it. I’m fine with simple and fluffy tunes to accent the films various moments, but the commercial trash is hard to deal with, even in small doses.This film’s a bit of a pleasant surprise, and is among the few 2018 Netflix films I would recommend so far. For those who dislike 13 Reasons Why for being edgy or tasteless, this film will likely be more up your alley, and it’s much less of a time investment as well.

  • terry-franklin
    terry franklin

    Its just your everyday stereotypical American Highschool movie. Nothing special

  • brandon-stanley
    brandon stanley

    To start, this is my first ever IMDb movie review, which honestly should be saying something. Additionally, I did not read the book so my review is based on the movie alone. I decided to watch this movie due to an ad on Instagram; 45 minutes in I had to skip forward to scenes because it was so boring (and I honestly didn’t miss a thing…alert spoilers ahead!!) While the acting is fine, all the scenes are one big cliche. I don’t understand how many of the reviews state that this is an original rom com? A shy awkward girl dating the hot jock so that he can get back at his ex girlfriend is not an original storyline people! The said non conforming couple temporarily breaking up because the popular ex girlfriend did.somethig mean? Wow, I am blown away by the novel idea! Also, I felt that unless you are a highschooler, it was very hard to identify with the story line; the plot was quite juvenile.A last thought; I am getting so tired of seeing movies with these priveldged teenagers (I.e., this movie, with love Simon, etc.). Maybe in LA that is the norm, but everywhere else in the real world a 16 year old shouldn’t be driving a car that most can barely afford. (Insert eye roll) it white washes the characters and creates an unidentifiable and vanilla storyline.

  • kyle-gomez
    kyle gomez

    I’m always very wary of book to screen adaptations, but this one did not disappoint! I was nervous that they would take the story and make it cheesy, in a way that Netflix tends to do, but the movie was real and lovable. The actors did a fantastic job and the set was amazing! I will be recommending this to everyone!

  • steven-lawrence
    steven lawrence

    No, she is not a shy girl with spectacles that suddenly finds her true love to remove the spectacles and notice she is beautiful. No, he is not a mindless cruel jock with the only purpose in life to show girls what not to date. No, he is not the good friend who in the end gets the girl because that’s who she really loved. The characters in this film feel real and act like real people. It is so painfully obvious that the movie is based on a book: few original scripts for romantic movies ever pay attention to the people in the story and care about making the story original and relatable at the same time.Bottom line: for a romantic movie it was great. I loved and understood the characters (all except the little sister who should have died in any kind universe), even the “villains”. I loved that there were no real villains, only people with goals and hopes and desires. I liked the actors, the acting and the direction. The movie is based on the first book in a trilogy by Jenny Han. I am not sure the other books are as good or if the story even needs a continuation. I thought it was perfect the way it was. Is it a romantic young adult novel adaptation? Yes it is. Is it stupid and formulaic? Definitely not! To me it is one of few movies about love and romance that don’t retell the same cardboard story with the same cardboard characters. It is an art to find the perfect spot between relatability and realism. I think this film found it.

  • jeremy-snow
    jeremy snow

    Having watched a lot of girl romantic comedies and the like, I was really surprised how bad this movie turned out to be. The story has basically no depth at all and while you desperately wait for someone to do something for something to happen you realize that the movie is almost over. It’s like many other Netflix movies lately, overrated and boring.

  • joakim-henriksen
    joakim henriksen

    Having thoroughly enjoyed the book and it’s characters, my expectations for the film were somewhat high – and met!The film is a light hearted and fun watch, not dissimilar to films like The DUFF and How to be Single. I was left feeling sentimental and warm, I’ll be watching it again later today!The adaptation was true to the book and contained the key elements that made it such a fun read in the first place. Lara Jean is as fickle but entertaining as her character in the book, the same with other characters (Peter is just as cocky but charming). My only slight complaint is that we didn’t get to see the best of Kitty, the craziest and wittiest character in the book at such a young age! She had some fantastic one liners in the books that still make me cackle. The ending of the film set it up well for the sequel – hopefully other fans enjoy it as much as I did and we get to see everyone reunite to tackle the next plot!

  • phanourios-aristoboulos-kamperides
    phanourios aristoboulos kamperides

    Such a feel good movie! 10/10 It gave me lots and lots of butterflies through out the whole movie!

  • jesse-smith
    jesse smith

    Netflix has been scorching the rom-com game this summer. As other major movie studios have neglected this beloved genre, Netflix has capitalized on this underserved market by releasing a steady stream rom-coms just about every week. The latest, ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,’ is perhaps the best yet. Sometimes, I just want a movie that will make me smile. It’s such a simple wish that often goes unfulfilled when watching movies. But not this time. During this movie, I couldn’t stop smiling. I smiled so much that it made my mouth sore. Lara Jean (Lana Condor), a delightful 16-year-old who doesn’t realize how delightful she is, lives her love life in fantasyland. She enjoys romantic novels and daydreaming about love, but she’s afraid to pursue it in real life. She’s forced to reckon with this when the five love letters she wrote to her crushes are mysteriously (but not really mysteriously because the culprit is obvious) mailed to each of them. One letter went to (gasp!) her sister’s ex-boyfriend Josh (Israel Broussard), who Lara Jean has secretly crushed on for years. Another went to Peter, the ex-boyfriend of Lara Jean’s nemesis. This guy who plays Peter, Noah Centineo, looks to be one of the breakout stars of 2018. He’s ridiculously charming in a Mark Ruffalo kind of way. He will also star in the upcoming Netflix film, ‘Sierra Burgess is a Loser,’ so look for more big things from him in the future.After finding out that she likes (or at least used to like) him, Peter suggests he and Lara Jean enter into a fake relationship. It’s perfect-he can make his ex-girlfriend jealous, and she can convince everyone that she isn’t in love with Josh. The two of them make rules, ones that seem destined to be broken at just the right moment. Even in the earliest stages of the fake relationship, they have obvious chemistry, both as characters and actors. Condor is a bit flat in her performance, but Centineo effortlessly lifts her up, and lifts up everyone, really, each time he appears on screen. The story is decidedly 2018. The dialogue includes biting remarks like, “you don’t even post about me on Instagram anymore!” Instagram comes up a lot. The litany of present-day references and apparent progressiveness of the overall film made me wonder why the writers made the Asian girl a terrible driver. Is it supposed be that self-aware type of joke that pokes fun at a silly stereotype? Maybe, but it didn’t play that way.The only real complaint I have is the casting of Lara Jean’s sister. The actress is 30 years old and looks old enough to be Lara Jean’s mom. That opening scene becomes confusing very quickly when this 30-year-old woman kisses her teenage boyfriend, and we find out that we’re supposed to believe she’s 18. Fortunately, the sister leaves for college, and we can forget about how weird that moment was. ‘To All the Boys’ likely won’t surprise viewers with any twists-it’s not going for that. But, it remains charming throughout, even if it has its ebbs and flows. Once the story passes the effervescent 30-minute opening spurt, it goes somewhat flat. It’s like a soda that’s lost its fizz-it’s still sweet and pleasant enough, but it’s not quite the same. Though I must admit, I gobbled it all up, even the hokey message about putting yourself out there because you never know what might happen. Bottom line: the movie is delightful. I’m smiling now just thinking about it. Give it a watch. You’ll be glad that you did.

  • richard-jones
    richard jones

    This movie has this certain vibe that makes you want to fall inlove. The script of the movie was definitely superb and was able to translate the emotion that you would feel while reading the book. The cast, the music, the atmosphere of the film, evwrything was on point. Definitely a must see

  • sean-ponce
    sean ponce

    I haven’t read the book, and hadn’t heard about it, so I didn’t have high expectations. Like others have said, Netflix hasn’t had many good original movies recently (or shows, for that matter), but this one was good. I didn’t have high expectations for the first 10 minutes but it redeemed itself pretty quickly. I think i might read the book!