Lara Jean and Peter have just taken their relationship from pretend to officially official when another recipient of one of her old love letters enters the picture.::Netflix

Also Known As: À tous les garçons: P.S. Je t'aime toujours, P.S. Ti amo ancora, Všetkým chlapcom: P.S. Stále ťa milujem, Những Chàng Trai Năm Ấy - Tái Bút: Em Vẫn Yêu Anh, Προς Όλα τα Αγόρια: Υ.Γ. Σ' Αγαπώ Ακόμα, A fiúknak - Utóirat: Még mindig szeretlek, To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, Sevdiğim Tüm Erkeklere: Not: Seni Hâlâ Seviyorum, Do wszystkich chłopców: P.S. Wciąż cię kocham, To All the Boys I've Loved Before 2, A todos los chicos 2: P.D. Todavía te quiero, Till alla killar: PS. Jag gillar dig fortfarande, Para Todos os Garotos: P.S. Ainda Amo Você, A todos los chicos: P. D.: Todavía te quiero, A todos los chicos 2 - P.D. Todavía te quiero

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  • diamante-sorrentino
    diamante sorrentino

    I feel like this movie and the first one has no like “spark” or excitement, like it’s just so…bland i want to say? Personally, I don’t like teen-rom com movies as it sets unrealistic expectations of “teen love” that girls believe actually believe (which is sad)! I’m sorry but the only reason people watch this is because of the “cute” relationship with LJ and Peter, and the whole thing girls have with Peter. But there is a very small amount of Peter Kavinsky’s in the world, i think these-types movies make young girls self -conscience and naive. By the end of the movie there was no “gain” in anything like it all just restarted to how it used to be because LJ doubted herself. I don’t think this movie was necessary as the characters barely changed. There’s so many unresolved questions too, like what happened with LJ’s dad and the neighbour? what happened with LJ and Jen? I’m not sure how I feel about this movie, tbh I really like the aesthetic of the clothing and furniture in the movie lol!

  • bryce-norton
    bryce norton

    ** 7.5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💫 ** What the first movie got right this one got wrong. Despise differences between book and movie script are quite common, on TATBILB its differences made it better than the book but on TATB:P.S.ISLY these discrepancies made it weird and draggy. Lana Condor was amazing as always though. Jordan Fisher was also great.

  • victoria-ariza-torralba
    victoria ariza torralba

    I’m not big into romance movies especially Netflix’s originals, but man, I absolutely loved this movie. Everything felt so much more real than others. I didn’t get any cringe-feelings throughout and I could relate to the actual struggles of the relationship. I was super invested in the characters and connected to this sequel than the original.****Spoilers****I don’t think that they explored the relationship with John Ambrose as they could’ve, but it wasn’t too abrupt for Peter and LJ to get back together

  • elias-palm
    elias palm

    The movie is what you expect it to be. Not great..not all bad. My question is “why is there yellow in EVERY SINGLE frame in this movie????”. Am I missing something??? Was it a “thing” in the previous film? I don’t know..am i the only one who noticed this???

  • lars-lindgren
    lars lindgren

    Although it is not perfect by a long shot, To All The Boys feels very similar to the inferior but fun filled sequels to 80’s classics, and if that is your type of thing, this film is clearly for you. The film improves much on its predecessor at times, with some shining moments, but also falls flatter in moments than before. The obvious new standout is Jordan Fisher, who was much better than I perceived would be from the trailers. The script’s dialogue does seem a bit on the nose, but at times, does make for some tenderly sweet moments. The cinematography was honestly my favorite part of the film, with some unique, clever, and awfully beautiful shots that I simply couldn’t take my eyes off of. The acting is nothing too special for the most part, and the film is very entertaining, almost addictingly, but does seem to have an issue with pacing, and it’s rather short length. In the end, however, despite its many problems, the film was highly enjoyable and put a smile on my face for nearly the entire second half. It does a fairly impressive job of handling it’s somewhat bland subject matter, and although it feels a bit like a cash grab at times, it truly handles its subjects with true care, and in result, makes you truly care too. My Rating: 7.75/10

  • dr-nikolai-jakobsen
    dr nikolai jakobsen

    I read all three books before watching these movies and absolutely loved the books. Then the movie came around, and boy was I disappointed. The acting was okay for the most part but the romance was NOT there. Now, this movie comes around and I’m thinking, great another one to ruin. I’ll talk about the good points of the movie first. Jordan Fisher was so cute as John Ambrose. I personally loved what he brought to the character and thought he should have ended up with Lara Jean. Also, the soundtrack for the movie was great. Now, to the bad. Peter was a complete jerk the whole freaking movie. I couldn’t believe how rude and terrible he was. His acting was even pretty bad for this movie. He didn’t seem to care. Lara Jean and him were not given justice this movie. I cringed every single time they were together. I loved Peter in the books but now I honestly hate what they did to his character. Once the movie ended, I sat there and thought wow… that was awful.

  • lina-stroh
    lina stroh

    Why did my wife Jennifer left me for the mailman who isn’t they good looking Pls Jennifer come back I missed you pls let me see the kids

  • guliaeva-polina-vladislavovna
    guliaeva polina vladislavovna

    To All The Boys: P. S. I Still Love You is not anything like To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before even though it tries hard to be. This movie was boring at times unlike the first one which was very good on its full runtime. I think the director change was the reason for this. But still, this movie is a watchable continuation to Lara Jean and Peter Kabinsky romance. It’s a bit cheesy and cliché most of the time unlike it’s predecessor but still most of the people will like this who liked the first part. Lana Condor did a good job as Lara Jean as she did two years before but Noah Centineo’s performance was not good eventhough he’s so charming. New man Jordan Fisher did a neat job. Overall, this is an okay movie and just watchable one unlike the first one which was so good.

  • julia-baptista
    julia baptista

    I have watched the first one more times that I would care to admit and I’m a women in her mid thirties. I’ve been waiting for the second movie since the minute I watched the first one. This one is really good and keeps the chemistry between Peter and Lara Jean alive. However, they did cut some of my favorite parts out from the book. I also wish we would have gotten to see Josh at least once and Margo a little bit more too. Introducing Trina the neighbor for e dad was enjoyable. Overall I’m still really pleased with it and will be watching it again soon!

  • alexios-khrusikos
    alexios khrusikos

    The first movie was so exciting and brought the book to life with an excellent cast and there was a certain charm about it. I love that that charm stayed with this sequel! It dealt with some realistic issues for high school romances and relationships and navigated them well. I think Lana Condor portrays Lara Jean brilliantly and I loved the addition of Jordan Fisher too.

  • elena-de-reede
    elena de reede

    The chemistry is still there, if not more than the first time!I’ve been waiting to see this movie for so long and it definitely lived up to my expectations!Lara Jean and Peter are so adorable and perfect together. I never would have thought they could find someone to make us question that, but I stand corrected! John Ambrose McClaren is just as charming and handsome as our fave, Peter Kavinski.Will Lara Jean make the right choice?I think she did 🤗❤Cant wait for the 3rd one already!

  • julie-taylor
    julie taylor

    I loved the first movie so much I read all the books! Although it couldn’t include all the events from the books my heart was still torn with the love triangle. Lara Jean is back with her quirky facial expressions as well as her clever commentary. The sequel continues to unpack teen relationships struggles that face most couples. I appreciate the respectful and courteous male characters in this film. Peter cares for Lara Jean and doesn’t want to pressure her in anyway in this relationship. John Ambrose and Lara Jean connect on many levels. Loved the casting, writing, great chemistry, and the music editing was exceeded my expectations again! I am excited to rewatch this several times in 2020!

  • puk-steinmeiern
    puk steinmeiern

    If you really loved the first movie as I did, then you have to see this one. I have read all the books about five times and I had really big hopes for this sequel (I think the second book was the best of all of them) – well I give the movie 10/10.Not because I am a really good fan, I just love the drama in this movie and they are really good actors- Lana and Noah have very good chemistry and you just love their lovef for each other in this film.SPOILER:Even though it was a lot of missing scenes from the book, I really think they took the most important things so we could see it. Like when Peter always knew that it was Gen who spread the video of them kissing, or when he took the bracelet away from LJ (we who read the books know he returns it later in the books), or the Kiss with John when she realizes she wanna be with Peter- but most important; That Peter was not waiting for LJ in the Hot Tub in the first movie, he waited for Gen- IT CHANGES EVERYTHING!! I loooove it!Please I can not wait for the third movie- I will watch this one over and over again.

  • bay-fazul-alanalp-turk
    bay fazul alanalp turk

    Finally good teen movie made by netflix It brought me back to old school teen’s movie

  • angelo-iara-mendes
    angelo iara mendes

    I wasn’t that much of a fan of the first movie but I still had hopes this for this movie. Whilst it isn’t a bad movie, it definitely is a step down from the first movie.Unless you’ve escaped a mental asylum or on more drugs than all the riverdale writers put together, you shouldn’t like the very uncharismatic Noah Centineo. He tries his best but he cones of so bland. He seriously effects the film and the chemistry with Lana Condor. Lana Condor is really great as is Jordan Fisher when they are on the screen, it becomes more investing.My issue is that Lana Condor was a refreshingly different character in the first movie but here she feels like the other movies, the first movie didn’t try to be. That being the film is sweet enough despite being riddled with more cliches than your typical teen film. The ending however is a let down.That being said it is an enjoyable film which does have a lot of charm and heart but it just doesn’t stand out that much. It is still worth watching and it’s not exactly a bad film. I hope if they do a third movie I seriously hope it is better.

  • saavitrii-mnni
    saavitrii mnni

    This hit home with me and I enjoyed the story and acting. Chemistry off the charts. Heart so prevalent in the story

  • siim-sirel
    siim sirel

    It would have not seemed so rushed and more plausible if they would have just tried to follow the book. It is not like they even tried. I am so disappointed! The first movie was way better!

  • ada-sirchenko
    ada sirchenko

    I liked the first movie a lot, and i’m not a fan of this kind of movie. I’m more into romances like “About Time” or “500 Days of Summer”. Still, I really enjoyed To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. This movie has some of the things that made me like the first one, like Lara Jean being a great character and the main couple being AWESOMELY cute together. The problem with this movie is that it has a great lack of conflict. We don’t see understandable reasons for the way that the characters act. Three quarters through the movie I was kinda of asking myself when the conflict of the story was gonna begun and when it actually happened I was kinda of disappointed. They had so many time to build a good story and make me buy the two sides of it, still, they didn’t.Despite that, the movie is fun. I recommend it for anyone who liked the first movie and I strongly recommend the first movie for anyone who isn’t used to watch this kind of movie.

  • dion-oosterhek
    dion oosterhek

    There has always been a difficulty in writing sequels to teen rom-coms because what makes or breaks a franchise is the chemistry between the two romantic leads. The first film is one of the best ever written as both characters have fun and believable without falling into boring or problematic tropes.The main problem with this movie is that it has a every mixed bag of explanations for things in the first movie that really did not need to be revisited. A good example is when Jen reveals that she confines in Peter because their parents were both separated – which is a good subversion. What most completely ruined this movie for me is how it seemed to forget how much of an b**** this character was in the origin and up to this point. Yet all the blame falls onto LJ for doubting Peter and assuming they were cheating. There is a strong balance between blame in the first movie between LJ and Peter, however all the blame is tipped onto LJ here because she ‘overthought’ everything.The worst scene is when LJ learns that Peter asked Jen down to the hot tub, intially it seems like they were going to explore the idea of fate more with who he might have ended up with. Yet this is retconned later on when she apologises to Peter and Jen for blaming him then Peter has to wait whilst she re-evaluates and they get back together: sound familar? The last third of this movie is a rehash of the exact arc she when through in the last movie YET Peter does not learn anything. Instead of following through on the idea of her accepting responsibility for “””over-reacting”””, they backdown and have him stay with her out of love (beginning to feel like co-dependence). Not consquences. No depth.This is not mentioning the worst part of this movie. John Ambrose. A generic and unnecessary point of conflict made retroactively worse by the improvement on Jen because we know they can write good romantic rivals.Remember when I praised the first movie for not falling into problematic tropes? Either way you look at his it a) places all blame on the women or b) is a reversal of the they have to be together because they ‘love’ each other.This movie did not need to exist.

  • andrew-patterson
    andrew patterson

    I’m normally not rally into teen/love/drama movies but I actually really likes the first one. Ofc it was predictable and a bit cringe but I mean you know what to expect with this kinda movies.I liked the first one better than this one but this one was still cute and fun to watch :))

  • kairys-egidijus
    kairys egidijus

    I found the first one very fresh, fun and enjoyable, so i was kind of excited for this one. The characters have great chemistry, and the actor added is great, he is so charming. And even though the story makes sense generally, it has a lack of charm and depth, it never really brings you in like the first one, especially because it is a teen rom-com, it never fully lets you feel something about either of the characters even though it is a love triangle it feels rushed, the actors were great, i just wanted more spark.

  • marianna-ligenza
    marianna ligenza

    This was really cute film and you get what you expect when watching this. Including the first, its some of netflix’s best teen films as it doesn’t come off too cringy. Everything did come off a bit extra but at the end of the day, it was a really cute film Jordan Fisher was a great addition and the soundtrack fit so well with the story. Nothing amazing overall, but it’s definitely worth the watch.

  • austin-sullivan
    austin sullivan

    After the first movie, I wasn’t expecting much from the sequel, but they did pretty good work. The CHARM was same and really was intruiding to watch it. Yeah, didn’t give vibes like the first one. This time it is more about the TRUST AND FAITH required in a relationship whereas the first movie revolved around “FIRST LOVE’s” feeling experienced by a mid-school teenager. Sometimes you need to love another person to know the right person.Would recommend to give it a go 😉 👍

  • aishvryaa-ddaanii
    aishvryaa ddaanii

    This is a beautiful story that encapsulates what teens feel in a relationship and in friendships! The leads are beautiful and they really have great chemistry together. I like John Ambrose a lot, he has this magnetic quality to him. I feel so happy watching it.

  • connor-moore
    connor moore

    6.5/10 but that’s not an option so I rounded up.As someone who read the books I think this was a good adaptation that allowed for the same lightheart romantic scenes as the first movie. Obviously this movie was more focus pn the ups and downs of Peter and Lara Jean’s relationship, creating for a slightly more realistic portrayal of ‘love’.However, I felt that John Ambrose was not given enough credit as a character like he was in the book. His romance with Lara Jean was underplayed, making it seem quite weird for Lara Jean in the movie to be so confused by him since it wasn’t a proper romance.SPOILERS In the end her kiss with John Ambrose made her realise she loved Peter…..AHHHHH! John Ambrose is meant to show her complex emotions and add depth to how much Peter and Lara care for each other since they end up back together despite how perfect John could’ve been for her. But with only 11 minutes left after the kiss they had to shove Peter back in for the romantic reunion. If this movie had begun the plot earlier, and developed John Ambrose properly as a character and romantic competitor I would’ve been fine with how it shifted from the book. But it just did not give him the chance to shine.Overall, I think it was an enjoyable and emotional little ride. A good follow up to the first movie, and making itself similar but distinct from the book. The directors and screenwriters just need to get better at pacing and developing their characters to hold the strength they do in the books. A similar issue they had in the first movie as it felt the problem was too quickly added and resolved.