On the surface, Meg and Tom Davidson are in a happy marriage. There is, however, an underlying tension between the two because of Meg’s part-time job as a real estate agent, which was originally only supposed to fill in her down time as a stay-at-home mom caring for their infant daughter, Ellie. Because of how successful she is at her job, Meg, on the urging of her boss George, is contemplating taking the broker’s course and getting her broker’s license, leading to a full time job. Tom, a lawyer, deep down would rather Meg return to being a full time stay at home mom and wife. What he sees as this neglect is only part of the reason why Tom has embarked on an affair with a younger woman named Lisa Carver. However, Tom, who really does love Meg, decides to break it off with Lisa. Lisa does not take this news well. Although Tom is aware of the telephone calls and other attempts she makes to contact him, he is unaware that Lisa is emotionally unstable, as she will do whatever she needs to to get Tom back. Stevie, Lisa’s lowlife of a former boyfriend, decides to help Lisa get back at Tom in an effort for him to get Lisa back, which includes using violent tactics. He does so despite knowing Lisa will lie to get what she wants. Meanwhile, Meg comes to realization that Tom is hiding things from her, the extent of those secrets which she is unaware. She is also unaware that Tom’s actions not only may break up their marriage but puts Tom and her life in danger.

Also Known As: Lazos que matan, Le prix de la trahison, Posesión obsesiva, To Have and to Hold, Bis dass der Tod uns scheidet

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