Is anyone who he says he is in this caper that moves from Hong Kong and Las Vegas to Tokyo? Ken doesn’t show up in Vegas for his wedding; his disconsolate bride, Macy, heads home for Hong Kong and finds John, an interior decorator, waiving a check of Ken’s that has bounced. She leaves immediately for Tokyo to find her businessman boyfriend, and John tags along. Ken’s flat is teeming with members of the Ito gang, who are also looking for Ken. John and Macy escape, with the help of a crew of look-alike cuties who work for Lin, who claims to be a private investigator. He too is looking for Ken. Where is Ken, why has he disappeared, and who will find him first?

Also Known As: Tokyo Koryaku, Dot Kich Tokyo, Tokiói fosztogatók, Criminosos de Tóquio, Urmărire în Tokyo, Japonskie wilki, Persecució a Tòquio, Dong jing gong lüe, 東京攻略, Токийский расклад, Eisvoli sto Tokyo, Tokyo Raiders, Tokyo Raiders - Nell' occhio dell'intrigo

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