Tom and Jerry and other racer’s try to win the key to the prize. They firstly go to Mexico and find out the ratings are too high so they extended it to the Amazon Jungle. Tom eliminates Soccer mom by making her drive her minivan into a pit of quicksand. Bugs swarms and eaten soccer mom.

Also Known As: Tom en Jerry - Een bonte race, トムとジェリー ワイルド・スピード, Tom e Jerry: Velozes e Ferozes, Tom & Jerry: De snabba och de ludna, Том і Джері: Форсаж, Том и Джерри: Быстрый и бешеный, Tom kai Jerry: Grigoroi kai malliaroi, Tomu to Jerii: Wairudo supîdo, Tom y Jerry en la super carrera, Tom et Jerry: La course de l'année, Tom i Džeri: Brzi i krzneni, Tom és Jerry: Vigyázz, kész, sajt!, Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry, Tom i Jerry: Szybcy i Kudłaci, Tom & Jerry - Mit Vollgas um die Welt, Τομ και Τζέρυ: Γρήγοροι και μαλιαροί

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