An animated re-telling of the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, in which Tom and Jerry help Charlie Bucket attain a Golden Ticket and secretly accompany him into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory to prevent one of Wonka’s competitors from stealing a special candy known as the Everlasting Gobstopper, but also experience the wonderful world of the chocolate factory with the guide of Tuffy, an oompa-loompa mouse.

Also Known As: Tom und Jerry: Willy Wonka und die Schokoladenfabrik, Tom és Jerry: Willy Wonka és a csokigyár, Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Том и Джерри: Вилли Вонка и шоколадная фабрика, Tom e Jerry: A Fantástica Fábrica de Chocolates, Tom ve Jerry: Willy Wonka ve Çikolata Fabrikası, Tom ja Jerry: Jali ja suklaatehdas, Tom et Jerry au pays de Charlie et la chocolaterie, Tom and Jerry: Kalle och chokladfabriken

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  • igor-kocjancic
    igor kocjancic

    Yes we all know, loved and grew up with the original… but my 6 year old never had a clue what it was. Despite my enthusiasm for the original a lot has changed in live action adaptations over the years and willy wonka, sadly, has lost some of its appeal to modern children. Yes they could have done a straight up animated version – but integrating characters to the story that today’s kids are familiar with gives us the opportunity to share a fairly close adaptation of a film we love, in a way that our kids can relate and be drawn into.I can’t say this new version annoyed me at all with the changes they made, and my son absolutely loves it – so seeing as it was made for children, what do we know and who are we to judge??? 6/10 from me, 10/10 from my 6 year old for an overall 8/10.

  • prof-gurli-kristiansen
    prof gurli kristiansen

    the movie teaches love and honesty in its best way.the animation and music and song are well done and are entertaining for my 4 year old nice and my whole family..we cant get over this movie which is full of laughter and emotional story and ending was unexpectedly simple and perfectly done.

  • dorte-simonsen
    dorte simonsen

    I’ve seen a lot of people disappointed with this film based on comparison with Gene Wilder or the Tom and Jerry they saw when they were a kid.The kids that are going to see this movie are kids that really don’t care who is Gene Wilder, and maybe they saw the same Tom and Jerry than you, but also Tom and Jerry kids, New Adventures of Tom and Jerry, Tom y Jerry Show, and other Tom and Jerry movies.So, regarding this movie for that audience:1. It’s a good movie. It a copy from the 1971, so if you like your kids know and watch old movies, this is a good choice (Something that did’t happened with “Tom and Jerry – Wizard of Oz” where I felt it was a complete different movie) 2. Tom and Jerry really don’t affect the main storyline, but they appear constantly, so your kids are never bored with the main story (Something that happened on Tom and Jerry, Robin Hood, at least in my case) 3. The quality of animation it’s not the best, but it’s OK. It looks like a movie from 2000. 4. The boat trip on the tunnel of terror seems to me is still too frightening for kids

  • ruth-pettersen
    ruth pettersen

    to be honest i heard of this movie coming out, and i actually enjoyed this very clever Tom and Jerry Movie, the animation in the movie was awesome, Tom and Jerry are always still going on fighting like always but this animated version of the original movie is great for everyone from 1-100 especially those who are Willy Wonka, and Tom and Jerry Fans

  • fredrik-gustafsson
    fredrik gustafsson

    Let’s get the ugly parts out of the way quickly……Tom & Jerry are not a natural fit into the world of Willy Wonka …there are moments of poor animation throughout the film …you’ll find a reasonable number of plot holes …it’s unlikely that anyone will rank this as their favorite WW movieThat said, if you have read this far and can accept the above, you may find yourself enjoying this film for what it is… an animated homage to a wonderful movie.I happened upon this film by chance and initially passed it over. But I love the 1971 film and so I found myself going back and read a little about it. Then I saw the artwork and started thinking that this looked an awful lot like the original film… albeit in cartoon form. So I decided to watch it.I got halfway through it and was really feeling like the folks behind this film had a love for Willy Wonka that mirrored my own. There were a number of moments that I readily recalled from the live action film recreated here.YES, Tom & Jerry are found throughout the movie (they do get top billing after all) and their antics are what you’d expect from any of their cartoons over the years. I knew that going in and so it did not take away from my enjoyment because I was expecting it. Moreover, the writers try to weave the characters into the broader story and do a reasonable job of it (watch the film and you’ll find out where the coin Charlie bought the winning chocolate bar came from).The voice acting was decent to actually pretty good and the songs/singing, if not quite up to the original’s soundtrack, were actually good. In fact, I would swear that they lifted the original actor’s singing “I have a Golden Ticket” and used it as it sounded spot-on to me. There’s even a pretty neat animated song featuring Slugworth that’s stylistic enough to be worth watching a second time.The irony in all of this is that I would have rated this higher had there been a way to edit out Tom & Jerry. Yes, there would still be issues but it was actually pretty cool to see an animated version of one my beloved childhood favorites. Is it worth a purchase? Maybe for little ones but I do think its rental-worthy.Bottom line, if you’re intrigued by the premise, you’ll likely find a few things worth the investment of your time. At a minimum, it got me whistling the soundtrack the last few days.

  • connor-webster
    connor webster

    I love the original Willy Wonka, but I also find it sad and kind of disturbing. I watched some videos of the Willy Wonka movie, from clips of the movie to reviews to a scene from a “disturbing moments in G-rated movies” that included the scary tunnel scene from Willy Wonka. The scary tunnel scene scared me really badly the first time I watched it, and I still can’t really watch it completely without cringing.The only things I like about Willy Wonka to this day are the “Pure Imagination” and “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket” numbers. Other than that, the original movie doesn’t really appeal to me. Almost all of the movie is kind of annoying and hard to watch. Tom and Jerry change that, though.I love Tom and Jerry, as they are famous for their slapstick humor, but they are the funniest in this remake. They help make this movie more enjoyable and entertaining to watch, as well as want to sing “Pure Imagination” and “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket” instead of just watch them. My all-time favorite scenes in the remake are Tom and Jerry’s battles with Slugworth and Spike. They make me laugh and get stuck in my head easily.Another great thing about this movie is that it is less disturbing than the original. They recreated the scary-tunnel scene and made it not as scary as the original. This scene DOESN’T include a clip of a chicken getting decapitated or anything like that. Instead, it basically just keeps the vibrant colors (the only thing that IS disturbing, however, is Tuffy’s message during the boat ride)Because I’m more familiar and entertained with modern-day movies, I prefer this version of Willy Wonka instead of the original. I’m able to “savor this timeless family classic” more often now that Tom and Jerry are included. Plus, I love remakes because they make the original story more fun and memorable.I’m sending a huge thank-you to Tom and Jerry for being included in this movie. You both helped make Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory much better and more kid-friendly for me.

  • jele-bacic
    jele bacic

    I saw original Tom and Jerry when I was small, and it was my favorite cartoon, and – yes later they did many crappy remakes and spin-off and even absurd crossovers with Spy Quest (I didn’t get it because I never see this series). BUT! Last two films in this new series – really great! Gene Grillo do a good work and convert classical movies like Wizard of OZ (there Back to Oz, but few song the same I think like in first one), and this Willy Wonka! Great classic songs, with good animation (except few “like in 70th” shots and I mean horrible moment when Violet put hand in her mouth – but its not as much horrible like a chopped chicken head in original, lol), its really can motivate modern kids to see this original old films and actually enjoy it. And this is a good thing. So, yes this series not about Tom and Jerry at all, but… what you expect from characters who fight 77 years! Even not many people live so long. All gags are depicted and now they just comic relief and if you wall… well you can cut all except Tom and Jerry and have standard 10 minutes of them fighting with each other, what your problem then?

  • magnus-sjoberg
    magnus sjoberg

    I have seen nearly all of the other Tom and Jerry movies, and most of them were quite entertaining. This T&J crossover, however, is unneeded and will only be enjoyable for young children. The facial expressions of the human characters are horrid- they seldom match the tone of the scene or how they’re speaking. There are a few contradictions within the movie, including how Slugworth (the ‘villain’) continues to act evil around Tom and Jerry, even as he didn’t know that he had anything to do with Charlie.The animation and the classic Tom and Jerry slapstick comedy is something I do enjoy in the movie. But if the two beloved cartoon characters were removed from the movie, it would make little to no difference at all. I feel as if they should have changed it up a bit.

  • nuc-a-sxirtlaze
    nuc a sxirtlaze

    My Thoughts on the Film.Pros:Tom and Jerry Animated (Again): Warner Brother still keeps the designs of Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, even Spike, who appears in this, still looking good in a way.Charlie and the Voice Acting: Like the movie again, I thought the voice acting would suck too, but I’ll get to that in a minute, when hearing most of the voices in this, some of them were average, mostly the voice actors who played the parts of Charlie, Grandpa Joe, Willy Wonka, Mrs. Bucket, Tuffy, Mr. Salt, Mrs. Gloop, and surprisingly Augustus Gloop, but mostly Charle and Willy Wonka, I mean they not Peter Ostrum and Gene Wilder good, but it serves.The Music: While they tried to add filler music to keep the “other” scenes going, I also like how some choreographers put in effort to add some music from the original movie in, because while it may be a kid cartoon, it show dedication to fans who grown up with the original music when seeing it as a kid or an adult. And if your wondering, the music I liked hearing in this movie and the Original are when Charlie finds the Golden Ticket, Charlie Running Home, and the songs I’ve Got a Golden Ticket and Pure Imagination (Regular and End Credits Version), plus the adapted version of, “I Want It Now” with Verruca and Slugworth was, eh, alright I guess.Tuffy Vs Wonka: Crazy Poetry: One of the scenes I’d enjoyed seeing was the tunnel scene from the Chocolate Room to the Inventing, and when I saw that they weren’t going to do that scene I was disappointed, at first, but when scenes progressed on, it turn out that Tuffy ended up doing the crazy poetry in the tunnel, I even was shocked when he’d even said, hell, seriously, I’m mean I know it’s a kids cartoon, but wow, however, there was one thing I was concerned for, and that’s which did the better version of the crazed poetry, because when you see Gene Widler in the scene, he’s psychotic and…well…more psychotic, with Tuffy, you get the same thing but instead, a girl is doing the scene, no offense to all girls who find this offensive.Extra Detail: If you’ve seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 2005, you may have seen what the other four kids ended up like when they left the factory, but in Willy Wonka, they didn’t do this at all. However during one of the scenes in the movie, since “some” were desperate, they show us exactly what happened when Veruca and her father got sent down the chute, of course, it did had to feature Tom, Jerry and Tuffy, but who cares, the unimaginable/new era happened during these movie!Cons:The Same Old Routine: Now I maybe a bit byes in all this, and this may sound stupid, but just for once can we have an episode, special, or movie that that won’t involve Tom or Jerry chasing each other, don’t get me wrong, I do like that bit, but nowadays it’s just a bore to me. They did it in the past before Tom and Jerry Meets Sherlock Homes, so why shouldn’t they do it now.No Speaking Roles for Grandparents: While Charlie’s other three grandparents weren’t shown as much in the film, it was really disappointing that they didn’t get any speaking roles in the movie since they did in the original film.The Animation of Everything Else: I may be going a bit PhantomStrider here but, every single human animated in this repugnant, revolting, cringe worthy, unimaginative to watch, and dare I say, disgraceful, disgusting, and and despicable! In fact, if you want my opinion on the best/worst animation in the movie, the best character animation to my opinion would be Charlie, Grandpa Joe, Charlie’s Mother, and the Oompa Loompas, and the worst, oh the worst are those kids you see at the candy store or in Charlie’s school, even the Candy Store owner, Charlie’s teacher, and any other person you can think of, just let me know.Bland Voice Acting: As for the rest of the voice acting in the movie, they just plain sucked altogether, mostly the actors who played the role of Veruca, Violet, and Mike. Let me just say, that when I heard the actor for Veruca scream, I was almost close to going death, and I didn’t even have the volume on high, the actor for Violet kind of made her sound a bit like a retard, not only that, but the animation kind of hinted me a bit, and don’t get me started on actor of Mike, because let tell you lot, that when hear Mike speak, his voice made me think of a combination of squeaks from a chalkboard and whiny little girl that throws tantrums and never learns shuts up, no joke! And that’s just an in between best/worst case scenario!Changing Scenes/Plot: If I know one thing when making a adaption version in animation, claymation, etc, is that you stick with the main plot/script, this movie, instead they had just had random filler of Tom and Jerry’s antics and removed some of either the best/memorable parts, like the hunt for the golden tickets with the use of a computer, the therapy sessions, Charlie’s birthday Charlie and her mother’s talk, Mrs. Bucket’s music number, the police investigation, every single moment of the movie would’ve been great if they involved every scene from the 1971 film.

  • kristin-martinez
    kristin martinez

    This movie is so bad, it’s good! I remember first seeing this movie at RedBox. I was pretty interested in getting it, but I wanted to see the reviews first. The audience thought it was good, but critics hated it. Anyway, the part when they go through the tunnel, Tuffy recites the poem, and he even said the fires of hell, even though hell is a scary place. That part was crazier than the original. The original wanted to scare people. This one has a mouse reciting the poem who is also an Oompa Loompa, a toy dog on the walls of the tunnel, and it’s in a Tom and Jerry cartoon where they say the word hell. Also, Willy Wonka looks nothing like the original. Why didn’t they at least give him blue eyes, blonde hair, and paler skin?

  • lilijana-hafner
    lilijana hafner

    William Hanna & Joseph Barbera’s ‘Tom & Jerry’ just doesn’t work with the set-up, the writer, Gene Grillo, gave them. The idea that the two followed Charlie Bucket (Voiced by Lincoln Melcher) and his Grandpa Joe (Voiced by Jess Harnell) around Willy Wonka (Voiced by JP Karliak)’s factory, during the events of the 1971 film, ‘Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory’, shot for shot, rather than using the factory as a background, with a new story of Tom being used as a pest controller, by Wonka, in order to stop rodents, from eating the candy, is insane. The original event adapt from Ronald Dahl’s 1964’s novel of a similar name should had been used as a minor detail in the background, rather than the main plot. Why, because a simple story of a mouse stealing food from the factory grounds makes more sense, than the outrageous, filler full plot-hole driven story that we got, instead. Because of this misdirection, it makes the film seem unoriginal, chunky and muddled. It also ruins some of good moments from the first film; by slowing down the pacing for mindless filler bantering or using original songs like ‘I want it now’ in the wrong places. A good example of this, is with the character of Mr. Slugworth (Voiced by Mick Wingert). Seeing him, played up as being incredibly bad and everything, kinda ruins the revelation of his true motives toward the end with him. Another thing, that it ruins, is emotional scene where Charlie is tested toward the climax. It’s clear, that the boy has earned more than Wonka’s trust. Because of that, that scene in the office, just felt a bit stale in repetitive than dramatic. In the end, it’s just felt odd. Like others critics, I also question this movie existence. The mashup of two different source material like a kid’s morality play/novel about behaving and short slapstick animation comedy series of cat chasing a mouse was indeed jarring & a bit confusing; as they don’t really match. It’s weird, seeing anthropomorphic animals live along humans, yet Tom & Jerry act more like animals. It’s coherent. The message about behaving didn’t leave, much of an impact, as the original movie, because how much Tom & Jerry misbehavior. After all, they pretty much, got away with a lot of crime. Despite the mixed message about doing good; at least, the music, was not that bad. It’s nice to see, a few new risky takes with the original songs like having a duet. Just wish, they didn’t interrupted it, so much, with noisy slapstick. As for the animation, it is a mixed bag for me. At parts, the motions are really colorful and smooth. At its worst, some of the characters’ facial expressions can be a bit ugly looking. Nevertheless, I don’t hate this animation film as much as the others. It’s pretty harmless and shouldn’t be, taken as a big deal. It’s not worth blowing up over. After all, this isn’t the first time, that ‘Tom & Jerry’ did a satire take on a classic film or literature property. 2011’s ‘Tom and Jerry & the Wizard of Oz’ & 2012’s ‘Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse’ follows the same method. Even short films as far, back as 1951’s ‘His Mouse Friday’ & 1952’s ‘Two Mouseketeers’ take a similar route. So, why is this film, hate more than the others? Well, maybe, because modern audiences are just getting tired of the silly crossovers and cross-promotional. Warner Bros Animation has indeed been recently rapidly, revamp and reinvigorate a lot of their Hanna Barbera film series, as of late with silly parodies. So, it was no surprise, that the results, were so lukewarm. I get, why some people want to see a various Hanna-Barbera characters, be taken in a new direction that mimics the original source material, while also appeals to modern day society, much in the same way that Disney has done with their old properties, such as 2017’s ‘Duck-Tales’. Rebooting ‘Tom & Jerry’ is indeed possible. Then, I get those, who wish, Warner Bros Animation would leave, some of the old Hanna-Barbera property alone as they had their time to shine. I kinda agree with those people as well. The simple plot of ‘Tom & Jerry’ cannot survive in a world, where kids shows are starting to appeal to both adults, and children, due to more complex, sophistical story-telling. “Tom and Jerry’, just isn’t one of those shows. Maybe, if the jokes were more cleverly written, than childish simpleton. People wouldn’t be so harsh on it. After all, it is possible. Nearly everybody whom, seen this movie, loves the Droopy (Voiced by Jeff Bergman) cameo as the Paraguay Billionaire and the Tuffy (Voiced by Kath Soucie) tunnel scene. So, write more jokes like that. It would help lower, the backlash, this movie has been getting. Another reason, why some people hate this movie is because, original actor, Gene Wilder who played the title character in the original 1971 movie had passed away the year before this movie release, and the weird timing contributed to the movie’s acidic reception as many nostalgia fans, thought, it was in bad taste, even though, the movie was in production, way before, that actor’s passing & even got his family blessing for the film to use his like-less, after his death. Even the producers wanted to dedicate this film to the memory of him. So, I found, this reason to hate the movie to be, weak. It wasn’t in bad taste, at all! It’s just hard to stomach. Just not as bad, as 1992’s ‘Tom and Jerry: The Movie’ & 2005’s ‘Charlie & the Chocolate Factory’, which are far worst. However, I can understand, if some people hate it. This movie is indeed awful; yet for me, its scrumpdiddlyumptious fun in how bad, it is. Overall: This animation direct to video is a guilty pleasure of mine!! ‘So bad, it’s good’.

  • heidi-bakken
    heidi bakken

    My goodness! Who in their right mind thought this film was a good idea? I mean, I LOVED Tom and Jerry when I was little, and when I read about them doing crossovers with other franchises, I thought, ”This looks…interesting” But at the same time, I thought, what exactly is the need to do this?Whoever thought it was a good idea to shoehorn these two TITANS of cartoon history into a classic film like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, I pray that they are no longer working in animation. I mean, that I Want It Now song, it looked like a kid’s version of Another Brick in the Wall! Also the fact that the film was released shortly after most of the cast of Willy Wonka died comes across as a little bit INSENSITIVE. In conclusion, no words can describe this piece of animated offal. In short, avoid like the plague!

  • ewa-andrzejuk
    ewa andrzejuk

    Wow. Just wow. Truly awful. Who on earth thought shoving Tom and Jerry into the middle of a cheap animated remake of such a classic film was a good idea?

  • nodar-ot-arashvili
    nodar ot arashvili

    Seriously, who in Warner Bros. thought this was a good idea? Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory is a legendary movie from my childhood. This abomination of a crossover, released almost a year after the death of Gene Wilder, the man who played Willy Wonka, was basically made on the influence of that Lickboot character’s infamous line: We’ve got to have money.Yeah, this DTV film is nothing more than Warner Bros. trying to milk money off a duo who has been long getting stale due to the many DTV movies being made with them (including other crossovers with movies like the Wizard Of Oz). This movie is basically a remake of the classic film, only with Tom and Jerry injected into the story, which is not good, as the film focuses more on their antics than Charlie, Willy, and company. And Tuffy as an Oompa Loompa? Basically another crossover that serves no other purpose than to milk money out of a classic film by adding two cartoon characters who have no reason to be in it other than to steal the spotlight.

  • paul-cox
    paul cox

    Yeah it’s a bad mix up concept of both great classic films being mash together trying to be success but failed miserably ruining the emotional moments with slapstick humor and how its too insensitive to the death of gene welder sure I’ll have to give credit for it’s animation and for at least trying their best effort but let’s face it no matter how many Tom and Jerry films they’re gonna release it will always proves that the maker behind this just doesn’t get on how to make a Tom and Jerry cartoon in every single flat out inspirational corporate bad idea to begin with also its the first Tom and Jerry cartoon to ever say the word h*ll

  • sr-gabriel-pinto
    sr gabriel pinto

    So, after i saw a 2.9 on IMDb for the New Tom and Jerry Feature length Movie, I was honestly a bit upset at IMDb, not the first time I did not agree with scores posted…….but still just because it was Tom and Jerry I decided to watch the Same to judge for myself if it were really true…. Could two Cartoon Characters, So Beloved by the entire world, really have an outing that wasn’t good enough to score even a measly 3/10……(P.s at the time of writing this review it was 2.9/10)My Conclusion – Yes and No !!!! Let me explain………………. I was one of the batch of the kids who were still being introduced to our Beloved Characters from the original Chuck Jones and Fred Quimbly – also known as the Golden Age of Tom and Jerry. Since then, Tom, Jerry,Spike and rest of the family has been revamped more than a couple of times and none of them to my liking, Buut i always filed it under “I guess I am too old now to get what the New Age versions are trying to portray.” ……!!!…..!!!… While the new age versions received a clear bump in the animation budget, the other aspects of the shows were either just grossed over or just neglected all together for the sake of budget…. and herein lies the main problem in the very Steep Decline in the Love and appreciation of Our Favorite Cat And Mouse Duo……………… This movie kinda suffers from the same problems…. Although the animation and the look of Our Furry Friends, has considerably improved from the very glitchy type of animations in the previous RE-takes of the famous classic……………………..The problem lies in THE MUSIC…………….It was only after recently watching my collection of The Original Tom and Jerry (Mind you I am 26 Now), where i realized that the magic and the love that all of us felt for the show, was due to a Phenomenally Beautiful Sound Track and utterly simplistic problems that Our Furry Friends and their Families Faced… every one, everywhere could instantly relate with them and The absolutely Gorgeous Animation is also a Key Aspect………………………Now compare That to Tom and Jerry going to Meet Willy Wonka, for starters u lost a major portion of your adults right here, but still if by any chance an adult were to sit and watch this movie with their kid, they will find it very, very difficult to be drawn into the world that so many of us spent so much time watching, experiencing, loving and emotionally attaching ourselves to the Original Show……………………………………………….IN conclusion i think the studio is yet to understand no matter how much they make our NEW Versions Furry Friends run into different story lines, get animation Upgrades, Make them Talk to Humanize them allit Never Was and I Doubt ever will hold up to the Beauty in Simplicity and The Absolutely Emotionally Driving Soundtrack is What made the Original So close to our hearts, regardless of age and nationality…My mom is 55 and she still enjoys the Originals…Nuff Said !!!! Over all nothing what you do not expect happens in the 2017 Movie, As i said the Animation HAD this glitchy, hyper Active feel to it, but this time round is better done and slightly resembles the Original Unfortunately the soundtrack still suffers from _ Lazy Cartoon-ishly Stupid base soundtrack that most of our minds will find it VERY DIFFICULT to get invested in…….I don’t think even most KIDS, in today’s day and age will enjoy something like this when U have Johnny Depp and HIS version floating around and the Original Tom and Jerry Shows so readily available !!!

  • guneri-bilge
    guneri bilge

    Firstly, the DVD cover claims it’s an ‘original movie’.Yeah, let’s talk about that.This is a huge recreation of the Gene Wilder movie, complete with the look of the movie, the look of the original characters, huge chunks of dialogue, the incidental music as well as the songs, the basic plot. There’s the obvious addition of tagalongs Tom and Jerry (and a mouse who wants to be an Oompa Lompa), and a subplot of T&J trying to stop Slugworth when he seemingly sneaks into the factory during the Golden Ticket Tour, but really, ‘original movie’? That’s chutzpah.The animation hurts. It’s like some Eastern European ripoff that would have been made soon after the Gene Wilder movie. The voice actors approximate the original cast voices to varying degrees of success (I find it hard to criticise the voice actors, they’re just collecting a paycheck). I’m old, but I’m not so set in my ways that I can’t appreciate a good remake – if the remake can bring something good and interesting to its interpretation. This, like that Gus Van Sant Psycho remake, fails that requirement. Though I suppose it will amuse the younger and less demanding demographic.I still wonder why Tom and Jerry are the only animals in this world that can’t talk. And why the makers didn’t put a warning at the start to tell kids that chocolate is highly toxic to cats and mice and other animals.

  • liubov-vitruk
    liubov vitruk

    So first, I love the original film even if Roald Dhal didn’t. Tom and Jerry too. I even seen the West End show in London, which wasn’t great. Now step off the high horses keyboard warriors, this is a nice movie for kids. The best thing about this film is it brings the old songs from the original film with it. The animation was very good, at times yes you can get frustrated but then again, the movie is aimed at KIDS. If you have any children watch it with them, remember it’s for them. You will like it even if you do hate it.

  • kelly-lucas
    kelly lucas

    While it is nice to see Willy Wonka get an animated update… Some of the scenes with Tom and Jerry trying to get at each other ruins some of the movie’s great moments… The scene where Charlie and Grandpa sings about the golden Ticket is one example… The scene where Charlie meets Slugworth is changed up when Slugworth sings “I WANT IT NOW..” The movie is nicely animated… The voicing is mostly on point with Willy Wonka, Charlie, and Grandpa…This movie is worth it for the throwback factor but If you want to see the original Willy Wonka… I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you see the 1971 version….

  • maksymilian-madrzyk
    maksymilian madrzyk

    Wow, a lot of bad reviews here. I also grew up with Tom and Jerry and the original Charlie and the Chocoate factory and loved both. My kids are 3 and 4 and still a bit small for the original Charlie and the Chocolate factory and animation keeps them entertained longer. This movie had the original story plus the comedy of Tom and Jerry and they are watching it for the second time today on Netflix. To all the negative reviewers, this is aimed at little kids, not adults.

  • israel-serafin-chavez-perez
    israel serafin chavez perez

    Not only the animation’s horrible, it’s pretty much unbearable to watch because of how it focuses too much on Tom and Jerry instead of the actual plot. When a musical scene starts, it focuses on Tom and Jerry’s shenanigans instead of the song and it’s pretty jarring.This is a prime example of why two popular things doesn’t work together all the time. If you like Tom and Jerry, just watch the cartoon instead! If you like the original Willy Wonka, just keep watching the original. This movie’s not only bad, but it’s a bit disrespectful considering it’s paying tribute to Gene Wilder. He deserves a better tribute than this.So save your money and don’t watch this film! Just go buy the original movie and/or watch the original Tom and Jerry cartoons. They’re worth spending your time than watching this atrocity.

  • janina-samul
    janina samul

    Saw ‘Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ for two primary reasons. One being my love for Tom and Jerry.Have vivid and fond memories of seeing all of their cartoons, with the classic ones (the Hanna Barbera years, the best of which among the best cartoons ever made, Chuck Jones’ output was a mixed bag and most of Gene Deitch’s were abominations and disgraces to cartoondom) being watched over and over, at my sister’s late godfather’s house at the age of six and have been a huge fan since. While not as good, most of their films have a lot of enjoyable elements and are not bad films at all.Also to this day still have a lot of fondness for 1971’s ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’, which as you can tell this film is very strongly indebted to. Sure “Cheer Up Charlie” is the mother of musical-numbers-that-slow-the-film-down and Peter Ostrum couldn’t sing to save his life. However the rest of the songs are very good to timeless, the production values are deliciously colourful (especially when in the factory), it’s entertaining, it’s charming, Jack Albertson is a delight, the oompa loompas are scene stealing characters, the weirdly trippy and deliciously dark boat ride still dazzles and terrifies and Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka (and his iconic introduction) is a performance for the ages. Just to say, didn’t care hugely for Tim Burton’s version though it had its merits. Really did question the point of this film but with all the above considered, plus most of Tom and Jerry’s other crossovers were surprisingly good, part of me was intrigued and hopeful.’Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’, as feared, was a disappointment and is not one of the better Tom and Jerry films. If anything, to me, along with ‘Tom and Jerry: The Movie’ and especially ‘The Fast and the Furry’, it’s one of the lesser efforts. Also had mixed views on ‘Spy Quest’.Does ‘Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ have pros? Of course. The songs are still great, with the only one coming over as strange in arrangement and staging being “I Want It Now”. The zesty “I Have a Golden Ticket” and the beautifully touching “Pure Imagination” particularly come off well. Some of the classic scenes are re-created surprisingly well, particularly the boat ride, which is both wondrous and frighteningly surreal, Willy Wonka’s introduction and “I Have a Golden Ticket”. Some of the dialogue sparkles and there is the odd amusing moment.Some of the backgrounds are colourful and imaginative, especially once we get inside the factory, creating that feeling of affectionate nostalgia that one wishes translated into the storytelling. A few of the vocal performances are decent, the highlight being Jess Harnell’s note perfect Grandpa Joe. JP Karliak’s warmly twinkling and mysteriously enigmatic Willy Wonka is a close second.However, there are a larger number of cons. Despite being close to personality and drawn well, Tom and Jerry themselves feel shoe-horned in in a story that is not a natural fit for them and most of the time (apart from bringing the golden ticket after being forgotten) they are pointless. Their shenanigans are overused, often distracting from the musical numbers, and little more than filler that pad out time in favour of other memorable parts omitted or toned down. The material is very bland and repetitive, due to a lack of sharp timing and having no originality or freshness. In their ‘Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Sherlock Holmes’ outings they served more of a point, added more to the stories, their comedy was funnier and better placed and there was a better mix of old and new, showing fidelity but having enough to set them apart.Being faithful can be a blessing, the case of ‘Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ it was something of a curse. The film suffered from being too faithful and being too closely indebted, and even with the addition of Tom and Jerry and other cartoon characters it added very little new. The only noteworthy fresh touches were the expansion of Slugworth’s role (the subplot didn’t always make sense but the character was interesting) and Veruca’s father growing a backbone and actually scolding her.Often the human character designs were horrible. The drawing is scrappy and static and the eyes and expressions look dead and with little warmth or joy, almost creepy at times. This is particularly in the case of Slugworth and most of the children. The rest of the voice acting is not particularly good, with the lifeless Charlie of Licoln Melcher and the excruciatingly irritating interpretations of Veruca and Mike from Emily O Brien and Lauren Weisman (meant to be brats but taken too far, the characters are insufferable here) being dishonourable mentions. It’s all a mix of hyperactive, with rushed line delivery, and disengaged, some of it done in a monotone. Charlie’s mother and the rest of his grandparents are utterly wasted, and excepting Grandpa Joe and Willy Wonka the characters lack their spark. Before one forgets great characters like Droopy and Spike are misused and add nothing and Tuffy is annoying and not just by a little (a talented voice actress like Kath Soucie deserved better).On top of that the story generates very little warmth, heart, charm or imagination, tending too to be too rushed and hyperactive. Anybody wanting the nostalgia factor are best watching the 1971 film which is full of it whereas too much of this feels like a cheap carbon copy with differences that add little or distract. Instead, one is yearning for fresher material to stop the sense of complete pointlessness but it very rarely comes.In conclusion, has moments but a purely unimaginative confection. Tom and Jerry and Willy Wonka deserved better. 4/10 Bethany Cox

  • patrisia-at-amanyan
    patrisia at amanyan

    I really did not think the title would be harder to say than “Scrumdidilyumptious”. Aside from the fact that it has too many “and”s for one title, it shows why Tom and Jerry and Willy Wonka don’t belong together, yet somehow the makers decided to shoehorn them in together. Why? Money of course, but also because this was the late Gene Wilder’s most beloved movie. This came out months after he passed away, and it upset the internet world, even more than Tom and Jerry’s encounter with The Wizard of Oz. I don’t need to mention what the plot is: it’s just the Willy Wonka story with Tom and Jerry in the background. But to shoehorn their importance in the film, the makers decided that Tom and Jerry should have a conflict with Mr. (Not) Slugworth throughout Charlie’s visit to the factory and make him a misunderstood antagonist for no reason. Out of all the problems in the film, that one gets me the most irritated. Anyone who’s seen the original (1971) version know that he’s not a bad guy, so it makes no sense why he’s chasing Tom and Jerry. And even if kids never saw that movie, it’s still stupid. Because in the end they have an all out scene where Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, and Charlie confront (not) Slugworth, before Wonka reveals to them “He was my assistant all along.” So if he was a good guy, what was he doing making his good deeds sound deliberately diabolical, and not telling Tom and Jerry, “Hold it, I’m on your side,” or even Tuffy (the oompaloompa guide) recognize that he’s not a bad guy?What are other issues that bother me: The human characters look hideous, Charlie’s voice actor speaks in a constant monotone (even when he’s suppose to be excited), Willy Wonka’s sarcasm is lost to monotoned acting and subplots, the famous lines of the movie are rushed out or glanced over, and every moment with Tom and Jerry feels phoned in and boring. Yes, somehow Tom and Jerry chasing each other feels boring now. Thank you, movie. Also, I hate Tuffy. He steals attention away from the Wonka story, speaks for Tom and Jerry, and his obnoxious goal is the same as in The Wizard of Oz: get taller. While it made sense in The Wizard of Oz for him to wish for height, it doesn’t in this movie.However, I still look for diamonds in the rough. What are the good stuff? Everybody’s a good singer, and the guy voicing Willy Wonka sounds a bit like Gene Wilder (only when he sings, the rest is monotoned). Apart from Charlie and a kid or two, most of the other voice actors are good and try their best. Jess Harnell as Grandpa Joe is easily the best part of the movie. He just puts all his energy into the character and sounds like he’s having a great time. Even the cringey song “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket” sounds fun with him singing it. I just want to eat up this guy! Also, the background animation does try to recreate the feel of the original factory, but does one thing better than the original: the river really looks like chocolate and not dyed water. Personally the best thing about the movie was that it reminded me of all the hard effort that went into the original Willy Wonka movie and what a masterpiece it was. While it didn’t always follow the book, it felt original, fresh, and new. This movie was a direct rip off to cash in on something beloved. Also, it makes me feel sad that Tom and Jerry are now reduced to direct to DVD movies where they have little to nothing to do. There’s a reason they were seven minute shorts instead of ninety minutes, and this movie is one of many confirmations why.

  • thales-moraes
    thales moraes

    I remember watching the Tom and Jerry shorts on TV when I was a kid and I enjoyed them and I’m glad to see that they’re still entertaining kids today, although I think the newer stuff is pretty downgraded when it comes to the slapstick comedy. I also remember watching the original ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ film with the late Gene Wilder as a kid and love it to this day. So it comes to my surprise that both will have a crossover and when I saw the trailer I thought it was a terrible idea. Why make a crossover that no one asked for? So after seeing it via a streaming website, because I don’t want to buy a DVD that might end up being worthless. After watching it, it’s bad and just lacked so much creativity. All it basically is is the original 70’s movie all animated with Tom and Jerry. There are at least one or two changes but they don’t make the movie stand out. I hated for the fact that Slugworth was singing Veruca’s song ‘I Want It Now!’, it just feels dumb to do that. But one thing that I do like was Veruca being scolded at her father after being in the furnace for being selfish and rude, but it felt brushed away. The animation, oh god I think it was horrible! The facial expression on characters like Charlie, Wonka and the other kids look creepy, soulless and dead and Slugworth I think was most hideous designed character I’ve seen from the movie. Another thing that I hate was the voice acting. I felt it was rushed and poor. The characters never seem to take a break from talking and some feel like they weren’t trying to replicate the original actors. I get it that it’s it own movie but when it comes to probably one of the most charming films of all time, people kind expect it to be a bit faithful to the original movie. The closest voice was Grandpa Joe. Well I think that’s my view on the movie so I’ll..oh wait, Tom and Jerry were in this movie too! I know that this movie has Tom and Jerry in it. But it feels like they were forced into the plot with no rhyme or reason. They were just there and that’s it. I like the comedy of Tom and Jerry but I also felt their comedy dragged the movie out with its pacing and it was getting annoying at times. I think this movie is recommended to fans of Tom and Jerry but I feel this movie was bad and it purely lacked imagination to at least make it its own thing and rather just be lazy and put Tom and Jerry in a movie to make $$$ for Warner Bros. I like Tom and Jerry but these crossover films shouldn’t be made. However this movie makes me glad that the original still exists and I recommend the 1971 movie. I don’t really have much of a thing for Tim Burton’s 2005 remake though.

  • dr-patrizia-bolnbach-b-sc
    dr patrizia bolnbach b sc

    Just… no.Someone needs to be fired for this. I’d suggest they should be ashamed of themselves, but this is a shameless display as it is. Offensive to the source material and about as ‘original’ as someone taking the source material and making a cheap remake.Oh wait; they did.