The whole village mourns when General O’Leary, owner of a hunting estate in South Ireland, is killed in an accident. His nephew, Jasper O’Leary, takes over the state and soon has aroused the displeasure of all, with the exception of Serena McGluskey, as much a schemer as he is a cad. Led by Thady O’Heggarty, the villagers plot to drive Jasper away. They use the occasion of “O’Leary Night”, when the ghost of the first O’Leary walks the halls, to create general chaos.

Also Known As: L'eredità di un uomo tranquillo, Tonight's the Night, O'Leary Night, En zij leefden lang en gelukkig, Ein neuer Geist auf Schloß Rathbarney West, Det spøger på slottet, Para Sempre Felizes, Stranger in Town, The Ghost of O'Leary, Happy Ever After, I kväll smäller det, Oi, mikä yö, Naar den bliksem met dat spook!, A Morte do Fantasma, Noches de Espanto, Esta es la noche, Azután mindig boldogan, Héritage et vieux fantômes, Skandaliara hira kai klironomos

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