An eccentric toymaker’s last wish is that his brother takes over the running of the business. The brother is a military General, and is out of touch with toymaking, and out of touch with reality too. The business should really have been given to Leslie, who was much more like his toymaking father. When the General starts making weapons instead of toys, Leslie decides to take action.

Also Known As: Παιχνίδια, Paihnidia, Zabaweczki, Játékszerek, Toys - Giocattoli, Žaislai, A Revolta dos Brinquedos, Toys - Fabricante de Sonhos, Iграшки, Igračke, Toys, Juguetes, Oyuncaklar, Jucarii, Играчки, Игрушки, Jouets, Tzatzooim

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