Former pirate Billy Bones boards at the seaside inn operated by Jim Hawkins and his mother and confides his dread of discovery by his old cohorts to the young boy. After Bones’ death, Jim shares his treasure map with the reputable gentry, Dr. Livesey and Squire Trelawney, who organize an expedition to recover the buried loot. Long John Silver, a charming but ruthless rogue, is able to infiltrate the ship with his pirate co-conspirators and mercilessly murders loyal crew members. In the subsequent struggle with the mutineers over the buried gold, half-witted marooned pirate Ben Gunn may hold the key to victory.

Also Known As: L'île au trésor, A Ilha do Tesouro, I nisos ton thisavron, La course au trésor, Skattkammarön, Wyspa skarbów, Остров сокровищ Soviet, La isla del tesoro, Островът на съкровищата, Aarresaari, Die Schatzinsel, L'isola del tesoro, Skatteøen, Treasure Island, Kincses sziget, 宝島(1934)

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