Rembrandt Macy (Tom Berenger) is a maverick cop assigned to a case where the primary evidence is a woman’s hand found in a pond. Investigators identify the dead, and Macy is lead into a young woman’s past. Macy’s primary path to understanding the victim is through one of her roommates, Nikki. Through Nikki and others, Macy learns of the victim’s shady contacts at City Hall, the involvement of a gang of Asian drug runners, and the sordid affairs of one of the city’s bigwigs. As Macy begins to understand how all these crimes fit together, he learns that his new friend Nikki is not an innocent bystander.

Also Known As: Истинско ченге, True blue - L'anello mancante, True Blue, Crime em Nova Iorque, Muerte y traición, Cold Crime, Crime Em Nova York, トゥルー・ブルー, Reglas de lealtad, Sininen totuus, Egy lehetetlen ügy

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