Mary Giordano is a bright, intelligent student who goes to a catholic school. She also has an addiction to mystery novels and detective magazines (hence the title of the movie), which inspire her to do her own detective work. When she starts snooping around on the case of a murderer of teenage girls, it gets her in hot water with her mentor Detective Jerry Gunn. But it also starts a team up with police cadet Tony Campbell. The two work together to find the murderer. But the closer Mary gets to solving the murder, the more danger she puts herself in of being the next victim.

Also Known As: Истинско престъпление, Tosi rikoksia, Crimes em Série, Halálos tévedés, Alithina eglimata, True Detective, Atraída Pelo Crime, Pericolo nell'ombra, Deception - Tödliche Täuschung, Dangerous Kiss, Enquête sous contrôle, Настоящее преступление, Tiempos de crimen, Mente criminale, トゥルークライム(1995), True Crime, Crimen verdadero

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  • erik-mrak
    erik mrak

    Very good drama about a young girl who attempts to unravel a series of horrible crimes. She enlists the aid of a police cadet, and they begin running down a series of clues which lead to a traveling carny worker with a long police record. An ending which is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

  • gabriel-giraud
    gabriel giraud

    Mary Giordano (Alicia Silverstone) is a smart Catholic school girl obsessed with true crimes. She goes to school with her sister Vicki (Marla Sokoloff) and best friend Liz McConnell (Tara Subkoff). Police detective Jerry Guinn (Bill Nunn) is her mentor following her dead father’s footsteps. A fellow student Kathleen Donlevy is killed by who turns out to be a serial killer. She investigates with the help of police cadet Tony Campbell (Kevin Dillon).Mary is a darker teenage Nancy Drew. That has potential and it’s interesting to dip her toe into sexual tension. However I wish it’s not played up as erotica and it’s too broadly done. The murder case is relatively uninspired. It’s so uninspired that they investigate a traveling carnival. The actors are pretty good but there are some really clunky lines. I don’t like the poorly done dream sequences. Going back to the carnival is bad enough. I don’t know how she could still hang on to that carnival ride after being knocked unconscious. This is a borderline movie but I have to go a slightly negative.

  • melissa-colon
    melissa colon

    I believe that this is the worst film Alicia Silverstone has ever appeared in. Makes her previous films like The Crush(1993) look like a cinematic masterpiece. Alicia Silverstone’s performance as Mary Giordano is unconvincing and at times annoying. A bland Hollywood low budget film with a mystery that is uncompelling as well as tiredly predictable. Might have been a good film if the film director had put some creative energy into the story. The repressed erotic emotions of Mary Giordano never reaches a three dimensional depth. The worst of Italian Giallos is still better than True Crime(1995) and the best of 1990s Teen slasher horror flick. La Sindrome di Stendhal/Stendhal Syndrome(1996) had a similar serial killer-young police woman cat and mouse relationship that was more developed than in True Crime(1995). Bill Nunn gives the only performance of the film that makes the movie a worthwhile view. Lame attempts at plot twists that never surprises or shocks.

  • viktor-kolar
    viktor kolar

    This movie was a mystery movie and I love to solve things before the movie solves things, like cases, murder, etc. Alicia Silverstone has acted good especially when she was crying. And Kevin Dillon (also the brother of Matt Dillon) has been really good. In the movie, I realized that something was familiar with Kevin. And so I went on the net and saw the name of his brother. When the movie started, I knew Tony (Kevin Dillon) was the murderer all along. It was really obvious because of the way he has been acting around Mary (Alicia Silverstone). He also has been spying on Mary and following her. This movie is quite good, though it was a really easy case to solve. I like this kind of mystery movie.

  • horea-dochioiu
    horea dochioiu

    The high school age of the story’s protagonist trivializes the entire film. Mary (Alicia Silverstone) has an interest in “true crime”. And there just happens to be an unsolved murder in her town. So after school, Mary sets out on an adventure to catch the killer, not unlike the youthful fictional character Nancy Drew.Silverstone gives a nice performance. But I just can’t take Mary seriously, so stereotyped is her view of crime, and so easy and predictable are the story’s plot points. Naturally, she has easy access to the local police chief. Naturally, she finds romance. And naturally, she encounters some dangerous situations. It’s just too easy, too predictable, and too convenient. Further, the plot climax is clichéd and trite. The film is about one step above a kid’s after-school special.I like the carnival setting, always ripe for intrigue and mystery, and the accompanying lighting gives a sense of the macabre. And the film’s score is unusual and haunting, especially during the title sequence.Though Silverstone is well cast, Kevin Dillon is not, looking too young and hip for a newbie cop. Film prod design and costumes are acceptable, as is the editing.The main problem here is the scriptwriter’s bubble-gum approach to murder. Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys may have been believable forty years ago. In today’s institutionalized world, they are not.

  • zemyna-paulauskas
    zemyna paulauskas

    I’m an Alicia Silverstone fan. She has that most memorable masterpiece that is CLUELESS to her credit. I didn’t know about this title until searching for THE BABYSITTER on Amazon spewed this out as a related title that I might like.Unfortunately, I am quite disappointed. Movie is kinda lame in a dull way. There’s not enough to make you feel something for the character. Nothing bright. Alicia needs a chirpy script. EXCESS BAGGAGE, though way inferior to CLUELESS, does a whole lot better.If we don’t feel for the character, it is all to no avail. Movie seems like just an excuse to have a few gory scenes that, in any case, seem totally out of place in such a tepid little flick. Too much wallowing in referring to ‘scattered body parts’ reveals a sadistic bloodthirsty Freudian slip of the scriptwriter. The hanging corpse was another dud of a scene. I’m in such a bad mood after just watching this, that my review is just filled with negativity, so if it sucks, it’s because the film was so bleak I’m still recovering.I absolutely know Alicia would have been up to portraying a much-more upbeat character had there been a better script. I’ve studied the 18 other reviews and why some of them are so positive about Pat Verducci I just can’t fathom. Maybe he bribed them? Maybe he is their uncle? Maybe they stand to inherit? Maybe they want to be cast in his next (????) movie?No involvement, no magic, that’s the cause of death, the true crime of TRUE CRIME. With hindsight, I’d have made this movie with Alicia cast as a fashion-conscious Nancy Drew with a weakness for some Questionable Type, but this Kevin Dillon, she’d have wrinkled her nose and said “As if…!” So sue me, Amy Heckerling!

  • beriye-zorlu-mansiz
    beriye zorlu mansiz

    A teenage girl Mary Giordano (Alicia Silverstone) has been addicted to the investigation of unsolved crimes since her father, a cop, died in the line of duty. While her so-called friend (Tara Subkoff) is interested in regular guys, Mary spends her whole free time by studying biography of male serial killers and newspapers about the murders happening on the last Friday of every month. She lives in her own world of mysteries that is represented by her personal cabinet with newspaper clippings, photos and thoughts’ journals inside (later she will keep there a rabbit foot, a gift from the serial killer). This is what fulfills her fatherless teenage life. Soon Mary meets Tony (Kevin Dillon) whom she suspects as a serial killer but who happens to be a cadet of a local police academy. Understanding that two heads are better than one, she asks him for help in solving the murders. He agrees, reluctantly though. During the investigation, Mary develops feelings for Tony. The idea of being together and solving the crimes as a team makes her feel happy, however after a while, she faces a harsh reality. To her horror, everything she believed in turns out to be wrong and the world she has built around herself starts crumbling.The opening of the movie makes it seem like a thriller and probably that is why, a lot of people expect more action and mystery and get disappointed as the movie ends. It is not hard to predict who the killer is going to be. True Crime is not a thriller. It is a crime drama with thriller elements about young gullible girl who comes to the understanding that life is not rainbows and unicorns. Slowly discovering how unpleasant the world can be, Mary still keeps her faith in people. What the movie makes interesting for me is how, throughout the movie, the director Pat Verducci shows two transitions that Mary undergoes simultaneously. She becomes a woman and matures. I was asking myself how the male director can make young female character so believable until I realized I was thinking, for some reason, of Pat Verducci as a man when it is actually a woman.Alicia Silverstone plays her part very well as a nerdy girl suffering from respective teenage complex. Her character is the total opposite of a seductive but psychotic girl from Crush or a rich high school student from Clueless which came out the same year True Crime did. Kevin Dillon, Matt Dillon’s younger brother was impressive as Tony. The supporting cast includes Michael Bowen as a main suspect and Bill Nunn as the chief of police. What impresses me the most is the score. Slow, discreet and haunting, especially during the last scene and closing credits. It creates an unforgettable atmosphere for what I loved this movie when I saw it the first time on TV in 2003. It is actually one of my favorite movies. This is a low-budget, direct-to-video movie with predictable plot and some flaws. Hence you should not expect it to bring something new. True Crime (the only feature film Miss Verducci made) is not primarily about solving the murders. It concerns the development of aspiring female police officer’s personality and the change of her outlook on life. Furthermore, it is about the understanding of the underworld through face-to-face interaction with a real serial killer. The invaluable life experience Mary obtains makes her stronger and now she can show others what she has learned from this journey through the heart.

  • rosolino-mazza
    rosolino mazza

    The movie never becomes intolerable to watch. And to tell it straight, it has nothing to show either, except maybe part-sexy Alicia Silverstone in a nerdy non-sexy character in revealing quite-sexy dresses. The story is very easy to follow or there’s nothing to follow — you can see in either way. There is no suspense, little action, unimpressive dialogs, unsatisfactory sensuality, same boring locations and very bland acting. Kevin Dillon is totally worthless. Silverstone… well, I didn’t concentrate too much on her acting, I confess. Yet as I said earlier, if one has nothing to do except watching a movie, this won’t look so bad. 4/10

  • orsos-balla-albert
    orsos balla albert

    i thought this movie was wonderfully plotted it made me confused and my cousin who watched it with me.to tell the truth i think that the younger kevin dillon was hot.hahahaha…but i also thought the girl was stupid to go along with the cop and that was wrong what he said to her before his death”i was inside you”.i think that’s what she gets for doing what she did with him and how is he going to tell her that she’s too young when he never cared how old the other girls were.?now i don’t think i myself could ever trust a cop like that.but to tell the truth it was pretty obvious it was him even if he was wanting to become a cop i would still be suspicious of him either way.and that was funny when she sprayed him in the eye in the store.hahahahaha.she was still stupid for going into the warehouse again by herself and so was the cop who died HELLO!! it’s called back-up.sometimes these movies make me mad when people act stupid and do stupid things.but that’s what i think an thought about the movie.

  • lara-babic
    lara babic

    This is a nice piece of work. Very sexy and engaging enough plot to keep my interest throughout. Its main disadvantage is that it seems like it was made-for-TV: Full screen, and though there were several sex scenes, there was absolutely no nudity (but boy did it come close!). Strange, too, since Netflix shows that it was rated R.Nonetheless, very titillating, and I wish Alicia Silverstone made more movies like this.One Netflix reviewer stated that it was part of a series, but I have been unable to find out what series that is. I’d like to find out, though, because this movie was THAT good.Walt D in LV. 8/23/2005

  • frida-johnsen
    frida johnsen

    RELEASED TO VIDEO IN 1995/1996 and written & directed by Pat Verducci, “True Crime” (aka “Dangerous Kiss”) is a mystery/crime/teen/romance starring Alicia Silverstone as a Catholic school senior in California who befriends a police cadet (Kevin Dillon) to solve a case of serial killings of young women. Their investigations lead them to a traveling carnival. Bill Nunn plays the girl’s detective friend and the cadet’s boss. This came out right after Alicia’s breakthrough flicks “The Crush” (1993) and “Clueless” (1995) and, while entertaining for what it is, it pales by comparison. The main problem isn’t the cast, locations or excellent percussion-oriented score, but rather the script; and, more specifically, who the killer turns out being. With just a couple imaginative tweaks this could’ve been a very satisfying teen mystery à la Nancy Drew, but with considerable edge. Still, Silverstone makes it agreeable, along with the other highlights noted. If you like those other two flicks, this is a must.THE MOVIE RUNS 1 hour, 34 minutes and was shot in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, CA. GRADE: B-

  • eglitis-vija
    eglitis vija

    There’s nothing worth seeing here. The plot is generic, the acting is bad, the characters are underwritten, the dialogue is painful, it’s full of cliches. The only reason I saw this was because I’m a huge fan of ’90s crime thrillers like Se7en and Kiss the Girls, and was hoping this would fall under that umbrella. It technically does genre and plot-wise, but quality-wise, this has to be one of the worst examples of the serial killer subgenre.Silverstone’s stone-faced performance does the movie no favors. At least Dillon knows he’s in a trashy movie and his performance is suitably hammy as the mysterious rookie cop. He’s also trying to an extent, unlike Silverstone who just looks bored. Watching them exchange dialogue is like watching a brick wall talk to a plastic bag. And their chemistry? Well, it’s about as romantic and titillating as Irreversible.I was at least hoping for some skin – an erotic sex scene to spice things up perhaps – but no, the movie deprived us of even that. There’s no entertainment value to be had here. I laughed once, when Dillon first bumps into Silverstone’s character and is promptly maced in the face. Though I’m not sure that was meant for laughs.Again, there’s no reason to see this movie, so don’t. Watch Se7en again.

  • kristi-lopez
    kristi lopez

    I saw this made-for-video movie on TV once and was quite impressed with it. It stars Alicia Silverstone as Mary Giordano, a student who has an addiction to mystery novels and detective magazines. She uses her knowledge of detective work to intervene in a homicide case, and teams up with police cadet Tony Campbell (Kevin Dillon) to try to solve it.The chemistry between Mary and Tony were good and the movie has a good thrilling and exhilarating feel to it. For a made-for-video movie, the script made for an exciting plot and kept me engaged, especially when he came to the part when Mary finds herself becoming a victim of her own circumstances.While the plot may be predictable, it does go at a steady momentum and the acting throughout wasn’t bad. Overall, this makes for a good movie to keep you entertained on a slow night.Grade B

  • milena-albu
    milena albu

    I have seen this movie and even though I kind of knew who the killer was from the beginning I still liked watching it. I would recommend it to other people. It comes on Lifetime movie network quite a lot. And I am thinking since it’s close to Halloween they might play it more. So please be on the look out for it if you are interested in watching it. I believe that Alicia Silverstone played her part very well. I really like her as an actress and person. She seems so nice and down to earth. Kevin Dillon he’s performance was so so for me. I am not trying to knock him or anything but I believe that his brother Matt would have been able to pull this bad evil serial killer persona better. Kevin just seems too sweet for me. But I think he did okay.

  • carl-jenkins
    carl jenkins

    This film was so predictable, that during the entire time you’re hoping that the obvious suspect is innocent, and there’s some other big twist still coming. However… it doesn’t. He just continues to act creepy, and she continues to ignore it. Mary found very incriminating evidence at his place, and she still trusted him? And what was that “baiting the trap”? There was no trap. She confronted him, he said “excuse me. I have to go kill someone” He left, and that was the end of it. They make attempts to use other suspects, (like that one older carnival girl at the end) but they’re completely underdeveloped. Actually, all the characters are underdeveloped. They have no depth, and the setting is just plain strange… who hangs out in a recycling factory?? Its choppy and nothing is well developed. For example: When she leaves his place after having the beer, and he finds the pics and she runs out and he catches her and they end up having sex in that car… what was that? Her reactions weren’t portrayed. In the car she acted scared like it could have been practically rape- but then all we see is her showering the next morning. booooooooo It could have been so much better.. sooo much better.

  • sprogis-vija
    sprogis vija

    Alicia Silverstone (pre-“Clueless”) plays a modern-day crime-obsessed teenager attempting to solve the brutal slaying of a local girl. Pat Verducci wrote and directed this B-flick, which isn’t especially well-made but is however surprisingly serious-minded in regards to its leading character. Silverstone is appealing and successful in carving out an interesting young woman here, despite the picture’s kitschy undermining. The supporting cast (including Kevin Dillon and Michael Bowen) isn’t bad, though the violence in the last act goes overboard. Not a cheesy camp-fest, but nothing exceptionally memorable either. *1/2 from ****

  • amedeu-tabacu
    amedeu tabacu

    Alicia Silverstone stars in True Crime in which she plays a Catholic school girl about to graduate who has an intense interest in criminology. In a more innocent time she would have been cast as Nancy Drew.One thing in those Nancy Drew novels and also with the Hardy Boys the juvenile sleuths never went after criminals whose mental states were in question. If you can recall the kids going after a sex criminal so be it, I sure can’t. Takes a whole different kind of perspective in dealing with that. A theme that should have been more clearly developed but wasn’t in the film.During the course of the investigation she starts looking at a stranger hanging around where her school girl friends go. It turns out to be Kevin Dillon who is close to graduating the police academy. The two turn into an R rated Nancy Drew and Ted Nickerson. But it certainly doesn’t end that way.I think the roles were superficially drawn here and the players not given direction enough so they were left to their own devices. This had the potential to be better than it is.

  • kathryn-andersen
    kathryn andersen

    Mary Giordano (Alicia Silverstone) is a Catholic high school senior whose deceased father was a cop. She loves mysteries and detective magazines (which are seriously some of the creepiest magazines out there since the Apter wrestling magazines stopped featuring apartment wrestling). Now, she’s doing her own detective work, investigating the death of a classmate’s sister.Detective Jerry Guinn (Pittsburgh’s Bill Nunn, Radio Raheem from Do the Right Thing) is her mentor, trying to keep her away from the dark world of being a cop. However, police cadet Tony Campbell (Kevin Dillon) is too willing to bring her along as they try to find the killer.This film feels giallo-esque in storyline, if not in tone. There are red herrings galore, plenty of sex, lots of gore, hands being hacked off, carnival freaks…it has a lot going for it. And it squanders it all at every single opportunity. This is a rough film to get through, but one that I hung on and made to the end.I’d recommend you take whatever running time this film has and use it to better yourself. Have a great meal. Read a book. Learn how to paint. Anything but suffering through this.

  • murt-az-varshanize
    murt az varshanize

    This is the best made-for-TV movie of all-time! Am I saying this because I’m a huge Silverstone fan? Partially, but even without her, I’d still see it. I’m a fan of serial killer genre films, and believe this to be a great entry in that category. Also, Mary Giordano easily ranks among Alicia’s top five character creations. Totally memorable – like she really exists. I’d have her on my side, too, if there was a mystery to be solved. She plays the character, like she does with her real life, with complete confidence in everything she does. Seems sweet, honest, nice…just like she is in real life. So is that acting? Yes, indeed, she’s sort of a rebel once again. This time she’s not bad, she’s too good and a bit afraid to do things that seem above the law. But she doesn’t do things the normal teenager would do. Instead, she spends her time reading detective mags and solves crimes. A cliche abounds: she’s sort of avenging her father’s death, in a different way than vigilante-style. At the time, Alicia seemed to be playing the same characters: rebellious, seductive, without a parent, a loner. This happens here, too, but she’s a bit nerdy this time around. That doesn’t matter; she’s still cool as a nerd. Check this out soon, or else Giordano will be investigating why you haven’t…

  • jennifer-estes
    jennifer estes

    I try to be very objective when I view a low budget movie. I also apply a lower weight to independent and low budget productions versus the big budget productions. I expect near flawlessness from big budget productions and their studios. Therefore I apply tougher criteria to the major studio releases. But this movie was just a dud. Period. The premise was terrible. The main character, Mary Gordano (Alicia Silverstone), was unbelievable as a high school senior with an unquenchable desire to solve crimes. There was not enough depth in her character or her acting that pulled you into her world. Also, to make this movie more mysterious, the lighting in certain scenes did not set the mood, especially in the warehouse.Once again another disappointing movie that I could only give three points to.

  • matic-mrak
    matic mrak

    i got to see the whole movie last night and i found it very exciting.it was at least,not like the teen-slasher movies that pop out every now and then.the search for the killer and the ‘partner’ relationship between the hero&the so-called bad guy was parts i liked about the movie.also,i remember once being on the edge of my seat during a specific scene in the movie.i mean it’s exciting.maybe some time later,i might watch the movie again…

  • dolores-araujo-baena
    dolores araujo baena

    I saw True Crime when it was first released back in the mid-nineties and I have watched it many times since. It is a great mystery about Mary (played by Alicia Silverstone), a high school senior in a California town who’s classmate’s younger sister was tortured and killed by an unknown murderer. Mary meets Tony (played by Kevin Dillon), a police cadet who sees how bright she is and they decide to work together to try to find the killer.Many suspects in this one. True Crime feels very “true” or real to me. I read a newsgroup review where someone wrote that total suspension of disbelief is present here and it is so true. Alicia Silverstone is perfect in this role and Kevin Dillon and Bill Nunn do a great job, as do the other actors. The locations are right on and the writer/director, Pat Verducci, really captures some of the realities of teenage life and of Mary’s loneliness (see the scene where Mary awakens from the dream sequence after having viewed the photos she took of Tony). I wish Verducci would make more movies.I have not seen any other movie quite like True Crime. 10/10

  • dean-de-vrome
    dean de vrome

    I searched out this one after seeing the hilarious and linguistically challenging “Clueless” (1995), perhaps Alicia Silverstone’s best known effort from early in her film career. “True Crime” has Kevin Dillon, which should be helpful in improving most film projects. In fact everyone in the cast does a good job . The only disappointment I think the movie has for me is an awkward “feel” to some of the scenes, coming from the need to run a quite uncompromising, grown up theme as part of what in tone starts out as a schoolgirl adventure.Alicia Silverstone is pretty good in this one. She carries off well the naive enthusiasm and growing unease that affects Mary Giordano as she manoeuvres towards the truth behind the serial murders. I reckon her characterization of MG has some mileage in it too. The inference of the story line is that she goes on to a career in law enforcement. It could be really interesting for an older Silverstone to revisit Giordano at a time of crisis later in the officer’s life. Just a thought!”True Crime” shows its director in a good light. Pat Verducci also has the writing credit. I don’t know of any other film work PV has done. I can only wonder what happened after such a promising start.Like most productions, this one has a largely unknown supporting cast, although Bill Nunn (Detective Jerry Guinn) is hardly that. Over the past decade he seems to have been able to secure an impressive number of screen appearances. I recall seeing him recently in “Carriers” (1998), a made for TV presentation with a military theme. Bill Nunn played “Captain Arends”. Fans of the classic US TV comedy show “Who’s the Boss” may also have an interest in “Carriers” because the leading player is Judith Light, remembered with affection by many because of her lengthy involvement with the show.”True Crime” could easily not have worked, but it does OK. I think it is an entertaining story worth seeing.

  • filip-jurcic
    filip jurcic

    Alicia Silverstone is looking for a killer. The sick twisted type. See she’s a big fan of those ‘True Crime’ magazines hence the title. Now I’ve never been able to grasp the interest of these magazines, but that’s of no consequence here. It seems very likely a murder is going to happen and she’ll naturally investigate. Along the way hooking up with a police cadet (Kevin Dillon) who’s off doing his own investigation. They form an unofficial partnership and from there things proceed pretty much how you expect in these sorts of movies. More bodies show up, as do many suspects, including the police cadet, cue the sexual tension. Can you say predictable yet?The problem with True Crime like many movies is it has nothing new to say. It’s watchable, but you’ve seen it all done before and to better effect. The premise could be decent, but there is no follow through. It’s just another cookie-cutter thriller with way too many red herrings thrown at you and a scene that happens early in the middle half of the movie just ruins it all. I call it the “point of no return”. Without giving away too much I’ll say this: She ends up investigating a house and finds hard incriminating evidence in and outside the place. Then she gradually seems to forget about it. Time passes and attention shifts to other suspects but why!? Eventually we end up back at square one and yup you guessed it. The person’s house which she found all that evidence at turns out to be the killer. Laughable.True Crime is just below average in the end. The cast is passable, there’s a creepy moment or two, but the end of the movie is a joke. Unless you’re a big fan of Alicia Silverstone or have lowered expectations for thrillers you should pass. Especially with the blunder the movie makes that means you can easily predict who the killer is going to be. Nevermind the fact that a 16 year old girl is smarter than all the police officers in town put together. True Crime this is not.