In a small picturesque town in North India, Laxman (Salman Khan) lives with his younger brother Bharat (Sohail Khan). The two have no other family and are inseparable. Laxman’s world comes crashing down, when war breaks out and Bharat gets drafted into the Army. A helpless Bharat leaves a devastated Laxman behind. News from the border only worsens, as the tension continues to escalate. Seeing the carnage around him and worried for his brother, Laxman decides he must stop this conflict and get his brother back.

Also Known As: Свет в тоннеле, Tubelight New, Tubelight

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  • artis-lusis
    artis lusis

    Movie is very good and needs to be seen atleast once. Its not like most of stupid bollywood movies with no message and story. This instead have a beautiful story and also raises once love for his nation.

  • christa-thies
    christa thies

    Well to keep it short and simple… This movie basically revolves around salmans character for 80% of the film…. The movie is awfully slow paced with a very weak plot… sometimes you might find yourself thinking what on earth is going on… Well the only good thing is that.. Salman has acted very well…and has tried best to keep it together…other than that its just a slow boring kind of a movie which you should try avoiding…

  • cirkeline-hansen-frederiksen
    cirkeline hansen frederiksen

    Having been extremely underwhelmed by the trailer, I decided to watch this movie since my expectations were rock bottom. My expectations were so low, in fact, that the movie could only disappoint me if I suffered a stroke during the viewing and died. Having watched the film, I can tell you now that I wish I did have a stroke, it would’ve been far more pleasant than watching this calamity.That being said, I’m sure this movie will be a huge financial success- such is the new low of Bollywood. And in this, the last nail in the Bollywood coffin, we see a steroid jacked 50 year old playing the part of a mentally disabled man-child, in a movie brazenly copied from an English title. I gave this film 2 stars because despite its limitations as a movie, I can see it being effective as a method of torture. Prisoners in Guantanamo would sooner gouge out their own eyeballs using spoons laced in chili oil, than watch this movie. To that end, it may have its uses yet.

  • davor-mikulcic
    davor mikulcic

    It’s beautiful film. Salman is as usual at his best. I don’t know why media think it is let down. Bhai’s fans did not like their bhai as a tube light i guess. But movie is must watch. It’s family drama. You can watch with your family without feeling awkward not even for second.Thank you Salman Khan.

  • jules-van-der-ven
    jules van der ven

    TUBELIGHT is a story about a man’s unshakeable belief. Based on the adage, ‘Faith can move mountains’, the film revolves around the life of a simpleton named Laxman Singh Bisht (Salman Khan). Because of his exceedingly gullible nature, he gets nicknamed as ‘tubelight’, thanks to his inability to grasp, understand and analyse things like others. The story starts off with a narration by Laxman, wherein he takes the audiences through his childhood to adulthood. While the world doesn’t take him seriously, the one man who always stands by Laxman and has complete faith in him is his younger brother Bharat Singh Bisht (Sohail Khan). One day, in the wake of the Indo-China war, the Indian Army invites applications from young Indians to join the army and serve the nation at the time of crisis. While Laxman gets rejected outright, Bharat gets chosen to be a part of the Indian army to go to the border to fight against the Chinese invasion. Life falls apart for Laxman when he gets to know that there is no contact with Bharat and that he may have died in the war. That’s when Banney chacha (the late Om Puri) tells Laxman to have faith that his brother Bharat will return. Does Laxman Singh Bisht’s faith fight the test of time, does Bharat Singh Bisht return back home safely, and what happens ultimately of the Indo-China war is what forms the rest of the film.While the promos of TUBELIGHT simply ‘lightened’ up everyone’s excitement about the film, the film fails to live upto its title and eventually falls flat completely. The film’s story (Kabir Khan) is raw, extremely half-baked and totally convoluted. The film’s screenplay (Kabir Khan, Parveez Shaikh) is very convenient and rests on a wafer thin plot that gets stretched way too long, thus, spoiling the film’s novelty in a big way. The screenplay seems to have been born out of convenience rather than conviction. Even though the film has been based on the adage ‘Faith can move mountains’, TUBELIGHT just does not hold any kind of solid content to mirror the same. The film is not at all convincingly made in the context of a backdrop of a war as it lacks the emotional connect with the audiences. The film’s dialogues (Manurishi Chadha) are just about average and very much unlike a typical ‘Salman Khan film’.

  • antony-hill-jones
    antony hill jones

    I was excited to see the movie because of Kabir Khan, the amazing songs and the backdrop of Indo-China war, which not a lot of Bollywood movies have covered. I prebooked tickets for Saturday Night. Then came the reviews– critics and movie-goers, everybody panned it. Most were like- no story, bad direction, terrible acting. Not being a regular Salman Khan fan, where I only liked a handful of his movies such as Tere Naam, Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya, I was a bit apprehensive. I watched the movie yesterday and I liked the movie, the songs, the child actor, the story and most importantly Salman’s courage to pick up a non-conventional role. I mean I understand it is no Shawshank Redemption and may not be the best Bollywood movie either but it is definitely an above-average, emotional rendering of a man’s story who is not a stereotypical hero, set in a time where things were different, filled with positive messages about nationalism, acceptance, war and “yakeen”(belief).My suggestion, go watch this with your family. It is a tearjerker and definitely one of Salman’s best acting roles after Tere Naam.

  • muraveva-anna-stanislavovna
    muraveva anna stanislavovna

    What,this movie will break bahubali record?How can few brilliants compared this myth to epic?Who said salman is great actor in India? Acting is worst.Before calling salman as great actor there is a tami movie called Deiva Thirumagal.Vikram in this movie make you cry to the core with his mental disability problem which is similar to laxman character.At least salman,kabir could watch this movie and take vikrams reference,style,body language before taking revenge on audience with this piece.

  • anneli-raty
    anneli raty

    This is a very nice, sweet and simple movie. If you are expecting action and over the top heroic stunts with not so funny one liners, this is not your type of movie. It has a simple story of a mentally challenged person trying to cope up with the loss of his only family member in this world. You would certainly find an emotional connect with the acting of Salman khan if you have lost someone close recently. Also I think it was a bold movie for Salman Khan since his fanboys expect him to behave in a very manly (men also cry btw) and strong heroic manner. But in this movie he is showing his emotional side which probably is the way anyone will react in such a situation. All the characters have done proper justice to the role. If you want 2 hrs of emotional drama then this is a good movie with a relatively positive ending. Don’t go by other reviews. It is a genuine movie with a pure heart and soul. I was never a salman fan but he has actually given his best. I care more about the effort of the actors and directors. I saw that they have given their best in a different script with an honest attempt.

  • max-haack
    max haack

    What do you in life when you are bullied, laughed and doubted – you believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself and the keep the hope alive, nothing can beat you. Tubelight, remake of critically acclaimed “A Little Boy”, does sends out the message but is far from being properly executed .. Tubelight tells the story of a special man (Salman Khan) whose IQ is well-below his age but is a gem-of-a-person. Praying for his brother’s (Sohail Khan) return from Indo-China War, he starts fulfilling a wish list.Kabir Khan, who gave us some memorable films like “Kabul Express”, “New York” and “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”, Tubelight will come as shock for his followers and especially for Salman Khan’s fans. The well intentioned film sits on a wafer-thin plot and the screenplay is weaker than a woman’s tear. Of course, there are few moments which is enthralling. For instance, Salman Khan taking courage to slap his naysayer who he hurts the Chinese family. The scene where Salman Khan thoughts that his brother is dead at the Army camp and closes his ears pretending not to hear the sad news is one of the finest moments from the film. Unfortunately, the scenes are less to keep up the momentum of the film which falls flat on the face and tumbles down into a rabbit hole.Cinematography is superb capturing the beautiful locals of Manali, Kashmir and Ladakh. Art direction is pretty impressive. Background score is just about okay while the music piece by Pritam is decent with “Radio” song being best of the lot and well-choreographed. Coming to the performance, Salman Khan tried something different with his honest performance. However, few scenes I felt he was overboard and could have worked on his expression. Zhu Zhu was good in her part. The young chap playing “Guo” was amazing. Sohail Khan was just about okay while Om Puri and Mohmammed Zeeshan Ayub were excellent.Overall, Tubelight has been a big disappoint. Watch it only if you have not seen “A Little Boy”. Below average 2/5

  • imjunseo

    Kabir Khan’s films are always based on magnification of a small idea that looks good on theory, but becomes preposterous on reel. His latest Bollywood feature drama is the newest example.Laxman (Salman Khan) is a dim-witted young man who lives with his younger brother Bharat (Sohail Khan) in a small North Indian town. He is called “tubelight” by his fellow town-dwellers because of his doltish nature and his inability to muster general things at the usual human pace. Bharat knows that his brother needs his support to survive, but still enlists himself for the army. With no one else to go to, Laxman now finds solace in a young boy named Guo (Matin Rey Tangu) who everybody misguidedly thinks hails from China, a neighboring country which India is currently at war with.Director Khan, along with co-writer Parveez Sheikh, narrate a straightforward story here and try to exaggerate it beyond limits. The basic idea that they try to convey is about Laxman’s undying love for his brother and his unabashed faith in this love that will possibly help his brother come back hale and hearty post the war. As stated earlier, while that story looks good on paper, watching the Khan brothers enact it with a couple of supporting actors (albeit talented) is real pain. Mostly because the whole drama is highfalutin nonsense that does not induce any kind of emotion, let alone tears. An added dash of ambiguous magical realism does not help either, as one will find out if one manages to finish watching the film.Although, the film is too politically correct to not appeal to the average Indian audience. Of course, it may not matter to the international crowd, but when the makers inculcate thoughts of patriotism (nationalism, if I may) into the dialogues, one knows what the story is trying to achieve, and thus pay attention. One could look at this film as a message to the several unpatriotic citizens of India who should sign up for the army and look for Laxman’s prayers to stay alive. Utter nonsense! Forget what’s in the epitaph and hail the country!At the end, however, one realizes that all that Laxman did was fool around with his new friend and his friend’s mother. For an average film-goer, the experience would be foggy, unsatisfying, and deeply disappointing because of factors that are not only related to a poor script. The quality of acting is not that great either. Watching Salman Khan wince as he tries to act like a half-witted grown-up is cringe-worthy. The popular notion that he cannot act might finally be becoming more apparent. His brother Sohail has a small yet pivotal role, and he too seems over-occupied. Supporting actors Om Puri, Zeeshan Ayyub, Zhu Zhu, Tangu, and Brijendra Kala put up a better show.The score is ambient, but the songs did add to the stupidity of the entire 2-hour long show. I am personally not against songs in Bollywood films, but when they are unnecessary, it’s better to leave them out. Some exciting shots of northern locales of India, but other than that, it’s just Salman and his borderline mockery.Overall, there are far too many negatives in this film, which is a remake of a 2015 Mexican film called Little Boy. Even if you are optimistic about the Kabir-Salman duo or are a fan of any of the actors, skipping it would be in the best of your interests. Do not even watch the original.BOTTOM LINE: Kabir Khan’s “Tubelight” must be an ambitious project, considering that it released during a big festival time in India, but as standalone cinema it does not hold any ground. You might as well switch off this tube light.Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

  • mr-hugh-collins
    mr hugh collins

    “Worst movie ever…”, “Don’t waste your money…”, “Salman Khan is not able to act…”… IMDb and more are filled with such reviews. Guys, what do you want to watch? Item numbers? Actress in skimpy outfits? Kissing scenes? Do you expect Action in a Drama movie? Tubelight is a beautiful drama/war movie. Its about strongly believing in what you want. And Salman Khan did a great job. My 5yo son, who was not so focused when watching Jungle Book, watched Tubelight from the start to the end. He had tears in the emotional part and agreed that he enjoyed. What else do we expect? Don’t judge by online reviews. Watch the movie yourself!

  • john-russo
    john russo

    It is difficult to believe that a Director with good track record can node yes to lead such a lame story and screenplay. It seems that someone else of his name has directed the film. Director must be aware of the lead actor strength because of his long association with him but in this movie he totally exposed actors weakness. In emotional scenes sometimes lead actor looks funny sometimes irritating. All characters and actors in film look visibly alone even being connected to each other. Film is so slow that you pray to its end in climax. First they punch you irritating assumed emotional pre climax then kick you with childish climax. That shoe exchange excuse is so stale and repeated. Kid looks cute but then his name was kept, thinking it is funny but repetition of his name sounds eventually filthy. Background gun shots sounds as cannon shot. I just cherished a moment when lead actor throws ash and second lead actor runs and then diffuses as ash. Performance wise all good actors are wasted. Especially lead actor doesn’t fit this character.

  • karen-esparza
    karen esparza

    After a long time we have a Salman Khan movie that has the main character portrayed in a very boring, over the top and irritating way. It has a very thin plot and the movie lacks soul. The only saving grace are the beautiful visuals and a decent act by all the others involved. Most of the emotional scenes come across as unbearably farcical, crippled by what is possibly the worst performance of Salman’s career. The problem of the movie seems to be Salman himself as he tries really hard to come off as slow-witted but the effort falls flat on its face. Although the movie has a good message to convey but it hardly gets conveyed. The songs tend to slow the movie down even further. Really disappointed!!!!

  • shaun-faulkner
    shaun faulkner

    First thing first, I am not a Salman hater. I went into this movie expecting another good experience, because that’s exactly what Bajrangi Bhaijaan did for me. I was disappointed.This movie means well and wants us love our neighbors, but when the main man of the movie (this movie is 95% Salman) is unconvincing and at times, annoying, you just cant enjoy the movie. I liked what Salman did in Bajrangi. I didn’t like what Salman did in this. I cant make up my mind on if he was trying too hard to be a convincing disabled childlike-man or not trying at all, because most of the times the camera was on Salman, he’s making extremely silly and at times annoying distorted faces. I know kids and people with similar disabilities do that too, but what Salman was doing looked like he was making fun of such people, far from convincing us that he was one of them. Then again, making Salman play a disabled childlike man was never a good idea.This movie can get emotional (trying too hard at times) so you might want to bring tissues along. The plot is pretty simple, Laxman aka Tubelight does little but wholesome things to increase his ‘yakeen’ which he believes will bring his brother back from war. The cinematography is breathtaking, but the war scenes were disappointing and poorly choreographed. The film’s music was thoroughly enjoyable, especially Nach Meri Jaan and Radio.The supporting cast was pretty good. The late Om Puri showed us his excellence for one last time, acing the role as Banne Chacha. Sohail Khan played his part well, nothing else to it. Zhu Zhu was great whenever she was great on-screen, so was little Matin Rey Tangu. Zeeshan Ayyub was convincingly good in his role. SRK’s cameo was (no pun intended) magical.5/10.

  • patricia-walters
    patricia walters

    Kabir Khan & Salman Khan are a combo to reckon with. Their first collaboration was the Smash Hit Ek Tha Tiger & was followed by an All-Time Blockbuster with Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Expectations from their latest effort ‘Tubelight’ are expectedly gargantuan. But sadly, ‘Tubelight’ fails to deliver.Reason? ‘Tubelight’ stands on a faulty script, that despite noble intentions, never takes flight. This tale of two torn-brothers aims to be an affecting tale on brotherhood & love, but what is eventually served here, is a bland film, that never hits the point.’Tubelight’ Synopsis: Laxman (Salman), a man-child simpleton, believes his faith will bring back his brother Bharat (Sohail Khan), who gets lost while in Battlefield in the Sino-Indian War. ‘Tubelight’ stands on a tiny plot & Writer-Director Kabir Khan gets stuck midway. Once Bharat leaves for war, the narrative just becomes stoic. And Laxman’s relentless effort to bring back his brother with the power of ‘faith’ is overlong & tedious. Also, the sub-plot involving Laxman’s relationship with a Chinese Family, of a mother & child, don’t add much to the goings-on. To give its due, ‘Tubelight’ begins well & the camaraderie between real & reel life brothers offers genuine charm. But that doesn’t last long. In short, ‘Tubelight’ doesn’t make good use of its tiny plot & just goes on 136-minutes. Kabir Khan’s Writing is the weakest link here. Though his intentions are to deliver a noble message of love & peace, but the Writing isn’t tight enough. Also, there are too many songs in the film & they only drag the film. Khan’s Direction is alright. Aseem Mishra’s Cinematography is fantastic. His work deserves all the credit, as ‘Tubelight’ is a visual delight. Editing needed to crisper. Pritam’s Score is nice, but the songs don’t appear useful in the film beyond a point. Art & Costume Design are decent.Performance-Wise: Salman falls flat in his portrayal of Laxman. As a man-child driven by unshakable faith, the superstar tries to stretch the actor in him & even makes a sincere effort to justify the part, but his performance appears mechanical. Its sad that both Kabir & Salman aren’t in form this time around. Sohail Khan gets little to do as Bharat, although his scenes with Salman are sweet. The Late/Great Om Puri shines in his final role as Salman & Sohail’s mentor. The Legend grabs your attention in a supporting role. Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub is perfectly mean as the bully. Matin Rey Tangu & Zhu Zhu lend able support. Yashpal Sharma is wasted. And Shahrukh Khan barely leaves a mark in a cameo.On the whole, ‘Tubelight’ offers very little light! A Huge Disappointment!

  • julia-pirinen
    julia pirinen

    “Its one of the worst films of bollywood and nothing new to offer.”My rating- (1/5)As the title suggests full movie is like Tubelight. It tests your patience and they could have reduced 40 min to make it “atleast watchable”. This is a torture from kabir khan and salman khan. Everyone before the release was like “tubelight will break Bahubali’s collection”But after the release after hearing initial reports producers reaction be like -“Hope at least it will get more than bahubali actor’s salary”positives-1.)Salman khans innocent and childish acting. He has that cute charmness on his face and i really loved his performance. (Only thing which can make you glued to the screen)2.)Shahrukhan’s cameo. His presence and combo scenes with salman was good.(celebration for both the fans)3.)Brother bonding scenes (emotional)Negatives-rest all are negatives and gives viewers a big headache.Overall- If you have any enemy’s please take them to this movie or if you want to breakup with your girlfriend then this movie is the best option. Try it. (Try at your own Risk)

  • ernestas-gronskis
    ernestas gronskis

    This is disaster movie of year. Director made this movie to showcase Salman acting skills. But Salman cant act. He is known as superstar not as an actor. Late Om Puri Ji is only saving point for this movie. He has again proved his versatile acting skills. Camera work is good and some locations are good.

  • chris-freeman
    chris freeman

    Being Salman Khan comes with a responsibility, sometimes that turns into : i’ll do anything and fans will still watch. The original movie LITTLE BOY is so honest as we can believe a small childs fantasies and innocence. but tube light seems like forced. the easiest way to gain sympathy is by showing the protagonist as a non matured kid, innocent and childlike. we have had a long history of that in bollywood, gain sympathy by showing some rare disease (pa, guzarish, barfi) or show non realistic themes.locations and cinematography is wonderful, so is the other cast. Om puri and the little child. rest it just feels like a safe bet by kabir khan, put a goody goody world and ppl will grab it.of course one can’t argue with salman fans as they get personal in case anyone criticises the movie. how ever it’s more important to understand who exactly are they helping in this case, their IQ or Salman Khan

  • sr-ian-duarte
    sr ian duarte

    Complete copy of Hollywood little boy. Pathetic acting n screen play. Torture for audience.Songs r average. How can someone make these kind of movie. Worst movie ever. Story line based on self believe. But after seeing these movie everyone might lose their self believe.Film is very slow nothing happens only a pathetic actor who pretending of a dumb boy always crying.

  • peter-brown-harper
    peter brown harper

    Keep your brains outside the movie theatre before watching movie. Salman did the same job while making it… Sohail deserves Oscar for the consecutive flops added to his list. Worst screenplay worst acting worst storyline (little boy movie is way better) n Worst direction… Even d audience laugh at every serious n emotional scene. Only thing better in d movie is “nothing”.

  • peeter-saare
    peeter saare

    This movie is a complete disaster in all aspects from story, direction, acting and music. Only good things are some of the locations shown in movie. Salman Khan tried to do a Koi Mil Gya Character here but falls flat. Worst part is the thing which you hate most in movie is none other than Salman Khan, this movie is even bad than London Dreams and Jaaneman. Biggest disaster movie from Khan released on Eid. A complete journey of boredom that simply never ends, when leading actor disappoint at such a level than other supporting cast good acting was also ignored that happen with Sohail part here, he was very god in his extended cameo role. I am Salman Khan fan and watched all of his movies enjoyed all of them but his 3 movies Jaaneman, London Dreams and this are really painful but in other 2 movies Salman was average but in this movie I am running our of words how bad his acting was.At least this type of movie was not expected from kabir Khan who lacks completely on Direction part.I Will rate this 2/10

  • pani-irina-andrusenko
    pani irina andrusenko

    Today I thought that I should watch this movie so I booked tickets for the movie. The show was at 12:00 PM. When it was the time for intervals I was regretting my decision.Salman does not know how to act and he was annoying. I suggest you not to watch this movie and waste your money. I think it’s enough for now Bollywood is intolerable

  • kaarina-hartikainen
    kaarina hartikainen

    Save your money and your time and avoid this broken Tubelight. This is not awful, it’s worse than that. The story is non-existing and over acting is prolonged, and painful. The worst part is non-essential over dramatization. There are better movies available! NOT RECOMMENDED!

  • poulkheria-georgoula
    poulkheria georgoula

    This movie is another Salman pathetic movie. Poor acting and direction. Tubelight rests on poor plot and lacks the power to enthrall and mesmerize. I am sure it will make money and be declared as blockbuster but this is not worth watching. Only good thing about movie is to see Om Puri

  • isabella-thompson
    isabella thompson

    I have watched 100 of movies in theatres but this is the first time I got out from the cinema hall. Could’t bear this garbage after interval. No storyline , only melodramatic drama and music. Film is racist , a Chinese name is called gu (SHIT) real name was guo. Even though they know Hindi but accent is that of katrina kaif (lived throughout there life in India)A man catches fire but it is supposed to be funny. I have no idea how the film ends because I walked out after interval , but listening from other people does not improve after interval.One of the worst performance ever by salman khan. I hope this film flops so that in future such shits are not made