In 17th Century Amsterdam, an orphaned girl Sophia (Alicia Vikander) is forcibly married to a rich and powerful merchant Cornelis Sandvoort (Christoph Waltz) – an unhappy “arrangement” that saves her from poverty. After her husband commissions a portrait, she begins a passionate affair with the painter Jan Van Loos (Dane DeHaan), a struggling young artist. Seeking to escape the merchant’s ever-reaching grasp, the lovers risk everything and enter the frenzied tulip bulb market, with the hope that the right bulb will make a fortune and buy their freedom.

Also Known As: Тюльпанная лихорадка, Tulipanska Groznica, Tulipanowa goraczka, Ο πυρετός της τουλίπας, Tulipánová horecka Czech, Tulipánláz, Tulipanfeber, Amor & Tulipas, La ragazza dei tulipani, Tulipánová horúcka, A Febre das Tulipas, Tulip Fever, Tulpenfieber, Tulpiu karstine, Tulbipalavik, Треска за лалета, Tulppaanikuume, Tulpanfeber, Febra lalelelor, Kaddakhat ha'tziv'onim, Тюльпанова лихоманка

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