On the Kurdish refugee camp on the Iraqi-Turkish border, the boy Satellite is the leader of the kids. He commands them to clear and collect American undetonated minefields in the fields to sell them in the street market and he installs antennae for the villagers. He goes with the local leader to buy a parabolic antenna to learn the news about the eminent American invasion but nobody speaks English and Satellite that knows a couple of words is assigned to translate the Fox News. When the orphans Agrin and her armless brother Hengov and the blind toddler Riga come from Halabcheh to the camp, Satellite falls in an unrequited love for Egrin. But the girl is traumatized by a cruel raid in her home, when her parents were murdered and she was raped. She wants to leave Riga behind and travel with her brother Hengov to another place, but he does not agree with her intention.

Also Known As: Las tortugas pueden volar, 亀も空を飛ぶ, Kaplumbağalar da uçar, Tisbagalar uça bilir, Las tortugas también vuelan, Turtles Can Fly, As Tartarugas Também Voam, Και οι χελώνες μπορούν να πετάξουν, Skildpadder kan flyve, Zelvy mohou létat Czech, Tartarugas Podem Voar, Les tortues volent aussi, Schildkröten können fliegen, И черепахи умеют летать, Gdyby żółwie mogły latać, Las Tortugas también vuelan, Skilpadder kan fly, Lakposhtha parvaz mikonand

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