Bella Swan has always been a little bit different. Never one to run with the crowd, Bella never cared about fitting in with the trendy girls at her Phoenix, Arizona high school. When her mother remarries and Bella chooses to live with her father in the rainy little town of Forks, Washington, she doesn’t expect much of anything to change. But things do change when she meets the mysterious and dazzlingly beautiful Edward Cullen. For Edward is nothing like any boy she’s ever met. He’s nothing like anyone she’s ever met, period. He’s intelligent and witty, and he seems to see straight into her soul. In no time at all, they are swept up in a passionate and decidedly unorthodox romance – unorthodox because Edward really isn’t like the other boys. He can run faster than a mountain lion. He can stop a moving car with his bare hands. Oh, and he hasn’t aged since 1918. Like all vampires, he’s immortal. That’s right – vampire. But he doesn’t have fangs – that’s just in the movies. And he doesn’t drink human blood, though Edward and his family are unique among vampires in that lifestyle choice. To Edward, Bella is that thing he has waited 90 years for – a soul mate. But the closer they get, the more Edward must struggle to resist the primal pull of her scent, which could send him into an uncontrollable frenzy. Somehow or other, they will have to manage their unmanageable love. But when unexpected visitors come to town and realize that there is a human among them Edward must fight to save Bella? A modern, visual, and visceral Romeo and Juliet story of the ultimate forbidden love affair – between vampire and mortal.

Also Known As: Muzgu, La saga Twilight: La fascination, Videvik, Twilight - Biss zum Morgengrauen, Сутiнки, Somrak, Alkonyat, Amurg, Kresla, Twilight - Evighetens kyss, Súmrak, Stmívání Czech, Gorgomish, Crepusculo, Zmierzch, Crepúsculo, Alacakaranlik, Dimdoumim, Towairaito - Hatsukoi, Lykofos, Λυκόφως, Bindi, Сумерки, Sumrak, Twilight: Chapitre 1 - Fascination, Здрач, Twilight, Twilight - Houkutus

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  • steven

    i love this movies

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    I couldn’t even watch the movie it keep on loading at the front page -_-

    • anonymous

      same 🙁

  • raymond-pearson
    raymond pearson

    First of all i just want to say that i have read the book about a few days before watching the movie. The book is amazing and recommend it to anyone out there. Now thats been said, in my opinion the movie is absolutely horrible.I didn’t see the movie in theaters, and i’m so glad i didn’t. There is no clear storyline whatsoever. After watching the first 25 minutes, i felt as if someone had cut the scenes before they had ended. In fact i had asked my friend if this version was in somehow edited by a teenage boy. The movie is so awkward i just felt like laughing. Where Bella sees the police car she says ‘what is going on’ as if she is reading from the script. I felt like i was watching some depressing parody of the movie instead. Kristen looked depressed in this whole movie, no facial expressions whatsoever! I think she might have smiled once throughout this whole movie. When she goes to his parents house, her acting is even more unbearable. The cast of Edward’s family is very well done, and at least they know how to act. Rob was good, except i could do without the pasty make-up job.WATCH THIS MOVIE. You will laugh. Its just so funny. I can’t wait until another sort of ‘scary movie’ comes out and they take their time to disregard all the other movies this year and do twilight. Hahaha Choppy scenes, horrible acting, and the graphics? WHATS UP WITH THAT? Take that Catherine Hardwicke! REMAKE PLEASE?

  • ann-mari-bjorkman
    ann mari bjorkman

    I read the book and was so excited to see this movie, but was utterly disappointed. With in the first ten minutes I wanted to get up and leave. The special effects were cheesy, the running scenes were not what I would have expected to see, and seemed more cheesy than unreal.The characters never seemed to be natural they all seemed like they were being forced to say what they were saying and just awkward to watch. Edward looked constipated through out the whole film and it was just uncomfortable to watch. It did follow the book’s storyline very well with some parts left out as usual, but the worst acting ever! I would not recommend seeing this movie, read the book instead.

  • daniel-cervantes
    daniel cervantes

    So, so very bad. Robert Pattinson, the male lead, is made-up like the Avon Lady. Nikki Reed looks like one of the black guys in White Chicks and Kristen Stewart was as wooden and flat as a living human being can possibly be. The special effects are not equal to 50’s TV and the script was painful to hear. Perhaps that is why the actors performed on something equal to middle-school level.The sooner this tasteless little flick fades away, the better.I assume Summit is rushing to complete the rest of the movies before the fan base grows up and develops some sense of taste.Oh well, you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.

  • cristina-diez-ros
    cristina diez ros

    There is no point in pretending it – I’m a man in his thirties and I’m not target audience for this film. So the fact that I rented it is just a “bonus” few pounds in the pockets of the makers since they clearly weren’t aiming this film at me. Who they were aiming it at appears to have been the army of teenage girls who have been reading the Twilight books religiously – again. I’d never even heard of the books so this is really something off my cultural radar. Regardless I decided to give the film a try without really knowing the plot or what it was meant to be. What I found was the first part in a longer story about a human teenager who moves back to her small town and falls for a boy who turns out to be one of a group of teenage vampires who feed off the blood of animals rather than people.I have no problems with the teenage aspect of the story but somehow it really failed to engage me as it was not only too superficial but didn’t even really do that particularly well. The film plays like it has been written around events without a great deal of depth, complexity or characterisation in it, which is a surprise considering the fertile ground the world of teenage love and acceptance is. Sadly it comes off all too bland and obvious for my tastes and I rarely could bring myself to care about what was going on. The direction is a bit too serious at times but it also lacks passion and the breathlessness that the material suggests it must have once had if it did captivate a teenage audience. Of course I could be just missing the point because perhaps the cast are a big part of it working and this is lost on me.Certainly the appeal of much of the cast is lost on me totally. Stewart has something about her but cannot translate it into something meaningful here, leaving her character feeling a bit one-dimensional. However compared to Pattinson she looks like one of the finest actresses of her generation because he is about as dull and vapid as he could have been without trying. OK maybe his immortal, unsleeping character has to have something weirdly “dead” about him but this should not be a detrimental part of his performance as it is here. I shan’t bother to list those below them because nobody really captured my interest in terms of their characters or performances.Twilight is not a bad film, it is just a very bland one that lacks passion, heart or excitement. Maybe the target audience will strongly disagree (I’d be shocked if they did not) but having watched this for myself I fail to see what not only the fuss is about – but why anyone would really consider this to be a good film.

  • ricardo-lopes-borges
    ricardo lopes borges

    Good adaptation? Excellent movie? I hope those of you writing these reviews never watch another movie again. I’m marking it as “spoiler” because it MIGHT contain some small ones, but if you go see this movie, it’s already spoiled, rotted, and dessicated without any help from me.This movie stank. It was inept on almost every level. The acting was mediocre at best, the characters were poorly developed, the camera work was painful at times, the effects were laughably bad, the wirework is the worst I’ve ever seen, and the whole story is so ludicrous that I wanted to rip my hair out.First off, these aren’t vampires. Dracula was a vampire. These “vampires” have almost nothing in common aside from drinking blood and being immortal and…wait, that’s it. They walk in the daylight (and ooh! They sparkle, because teenie girls love sparkles!), they don’t have fangs, they don’t sleep in coffins, turn into bats, don’t have an aversion to silver or garlic, walk over running water, don’t mind crosses…the list goes on. Some of that is forgivable, but all of it? Nope. This is yet another pop-culture pussification of vampires, turning them into something ludicrous and throwing almost all the mythology out the window. Give me a nightwalking, bloodsucking, evil minion of the devil any day of the week. Don’t call the Twilight “vampires” by that name because, quite frankly, they’re not.Was the director of this movie high the whole time? Did she bother to try directing the actors, much less go over their dialog and realize that no normal human being would talk like that? The culmination of the two would be Bella blubbering in bed at the end for Edward to not leave her. I almost burst out laughing, but by then my soul had been sapped to the point that I thought laughter would be impossible. And I think her only direction for the vampires was, “Okay, ready, set, ACTION! Okay guys, SMOLDER! SMOLDER! SMOLDER!”, because that’s about the extent of the vampire “acting” in this movie. Lots of smoldering looks and very little else. And couldn’t she have made sure the effects weren’t awful? Seriously, who could have seen the fast vampire effect and thought it looked better than Scifi channel original movie effects? Did the director blow all the budget on crack to use while she was making this? And what was with the horrid wirework? Seriously. Watch Edward jumping from his window to the tree outside and see how he moves in a perfectly straight line. Watch the bad vampire jump over Bella and watch how his trajectory dips, then arcs UP, then drops in front of her. It’s unbelievable. And did anyone else notice how the camera-work in the woods when Bella says she knows that Edward is a vampire was pointless and utterly distracting? Sorry, but that’s not a good way to convey what was happening. Try again. Oh, wait, the studio decided you couldn’t. Sorry.Why the heck is Edward so dreamy? He’s a creepy stalker! He sneaks into Bella’s room at night and watches her sleep? Oooh, so romantic! I sneak into a girl’s room at night to watch her sleep? Pepper spray, a boot to the balls, and lots of community service. He follows her around wherever she goes? Nah, not stalking at all. He’s just enamored with her and it’s sooo dreamy! What a hairy load. Setting aside his saving her life twice (a contrivance so they can speed things up and they don’t have to make them fall in love the old fashioned way), Edward could do anything to her and it would be so wonderful. I cannot understand that. Maybe that’s why so many women will date total jerks and excuse everything they do. It explains a lot, actually.Sorry, but his movie is crap. Those who love it are likely so whipped up into a fervor about the book being turned into a movie that they’d watch anything with Edward in it. It could be Hostel 3: Vampire Style with Edward ripping limbs off of Bella in a bloodbath and it would be wonderful to them. Girls, I know you’re obsessed with this fictional character in ways that only hardcore comic book nerds could ever hope to match, but please, step out of that bubble and actually WATCH the movie. Please. We don’t need any more lazy, crappy cinema staining the multiplex screens. There’s enough of that coming out of Hollywood these days. My wife loves the books (and I get to hear all about them…groan), but at least she’s not so wrapped up in it that she couldn’t admit the movie sucked. She’s at least got that going for her. Other fans with claw your eyes out if you dare speak ill of it. Makes me wanna puke.

  • brittany-white
    brittany white

    Catherine Hardwicke, please put the camera down. You have absolutely no talent and yes, it does bother me that your daughter does get into every movie you direct. This could’ve been the greatest film of 2008 but your filthy little hands seem to have gotten on my favorite author. First of all, why in the world is Bella as pale as the vampires? I get that she doesn’t tan, but she does still have a pulse according to the book. (Maybe you should read it. I mean, it is just based on the written version of Twilight.) I felt as if I had not read the book, I would have no idea what was going on in the movie, which in my opinion, isn’t how a movie should present itself. UGH! GET ME A NEW DIRECTOR!!!

  • katie-dawson
    katie dawson

    Okay, I just got back from watching “Twilight” and I must say, cheesiest, choppiest, worst characterization of a movie I have seen in years and by far the worst Book adaptation I’ve ever seen! It even beat my discontentment with Ella Enchanted.As avid readers, we do not go to a movie to see “surprises” or script changes! We go to the movie to see our favorite books displayed out in front of us to see how our minds and visuals compare. Bella was suppose to be funny, she was way too bloody serious! Kristen go get some facial expressions, terror is not love and looking insensitive all the time is not what the character Bella is all about! She’s so clumsy it’s funny, she’s sarcastic, you took out ALL of my favorite lines! And their should have been more chemistry between Jacob and Bella, it’s like hey look their vamps, haha now you can leave. She’s comical, did you even read the book? Edward, don’t’ look so constipated all the time. Like jeez you’re suppose to be tense, not looking like you had too much carbohydrates and not enough water. Not only that you didn’t’ portray Edward’s genuine gentleman side at all, the loving chivalrous side! And where is that infamous half smile! Honestly i’ll make a list for all of your characters! An essay about each and everyone on how readers want them portrayed and what scenes we could do with out.Alice was awesome, Jasper, very nice! Rosalie, hell down pat! Emmet, please face baseball cap forward, it’s annoying. actually don’t wear hats, Emmet’s not wangster and you look hot without it. Carlisle please cause some more fatherly emotion but good! Esme, you do alright. One question plagues me though… WHY WEREN”T THEY GIVEN MORE LINES? Like jeez! I understand your need to save time because no one wants to sit through a six hour movie but if it had to be three and a half hours, we’d enjoy it! Jacob Black, awesome casting!!!! But give him more lines, I saw Tyler Lautner in Sharkboy and Lavagirl, he’s a really good actor, ACTUALLY why don’t you JUST FOLLOW THE BOOK!! Come on everyone loved Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. I read those books and especially in Harry Potter didn’t’ have any troubles with their movie adaptations, actually i didn’t realized when they changed something! OK maybe some chapters were taken out but it didn’t ruin the overall point and it was funny loving and mischievous. I loved those books and those movies. The chemistry between Bella and Edward was lacking. I actually didn’t care to get up and go bathroom in between, i pretty much didn’t’ care to miss any of it. THIS IS A POPULAR BOOK! You’re adaptation sucked major insignificant crap. I mean just look at your movie rating! For a book that beat Harry Potter’s final book, I mean best seller’s list and it was Eclipse the second last book of the series and it beat out the final book to HARRY POTTER. Couldn’t you have taken a little more time on it. And where was Alice and Jasper and Rosalie and Emmet at the end in the prom scene? I honestly do not care if you continue on with the movies, actually I’d prefer it if you didn’t. You have ruined my vision of it, you’re killing your fan base. Unless you guys give the next one some extra spark and actually start listening to your fans, you can forget about a wide fan base. I absolutely hated the movie. I felt sorry for those who didn’t read the books because they had NO CLUE what was going on it was so choppy!!! I couldn’t even tell when the next day started, all of a sudden, Edward “I would like you to meet my family” next two minutes, “wow you have a really nice house…” um… hello did she sleep? DID I FALL ASLEEP? I think i missed something, oh no wait, you did. It’s called nightfall. Where was the talk about twilight? How it is the beginning and ending of a day…? Or about her talking in her sleep. He looked like a weird serial killer stalking her in her sleep. WHERE WERE THE FUNNY PARTS! I had more fun and made my friends laugh by making my own commentary during the film, i even made people i didn’t know who sat in front of me in the theater burst out laughing from my commentary then your boring movie did.As readers we expect the book to be taken seriously, and adapted to screen, NOT BASED, ADAPTED!!!!!! I’ve taken Communication Production Tech class in my high school writing my own scripts, so I know script writing agony, i’m also writing my own book. So if i was to ever sign off my book to make it a screen version I’d make darn sure it took more than a few SLOPPY months to make, with a CAST WHO READ THE BOOK FIRST AND RESEARCHED THEIR CHARACTER! Honestly, can you seriously give me an answer about how many cast members actually, i mean truly read all the books? I’m sure hardly any of them did.This by far is the biggest disappointment I have seen in years and I’m only eighteen.ADAPTION IS NOT THE SAME AS BASED ON!!! PEOPLE HONESTLY! Anyone who says they loved the movie did not care much for the characters or shares the same love as Stephenie Meyer does for her books. This was rushed, unorganized, ill plan, deceitful, and horrid.You’re lacking the spunk, zest, fire, passion, integrity, and the complete ethics of what made the TWILIGHT SERIES!

  • jacqueline-heath
    jacqueline heath

    After the enormous flurry of attention Stephanie Meyer’s literary series attracted (a unique hybrid of Romeo and Juliet style teenage angst and hormonal lust and supernatural horror), a cinematic adaptation seemed not only inevitable but almost expected, providing sultry visuals to the tale of starstruck lovers and proving the definitive date movie for months to come. However, the curse of mainstream literary adaptations proves inescapable, with excitement surrounding the release leading to the film being somewhat unreasonably over-hyped. And while Twilight is hardly a complete failure of a film by any standards, there remains the inescapable sense of its existence being geared to match up to a set standard rather than simply aiming to succeed as a film, making for the overall result being uniformly disappointing, whether for fans of the source material or those unfamiliar with the novels. Few Hollywood productions have the concern of appealing to both the demographics flocking to romances and supernatural action films, and as such, the impression is frequently given of Twilight biting off more than it can chew. This indecision between concentrating on the supernatural or romantic facets of the film leads to one of the more glaring flaws of the picture – the sense of neither being devoted enough focus to truly excel. While the climactic battle is gruesomely effective, for the most part, the film’s special effects appear rushed, under-budgeted and just plain sloppy, coasting by on horrendously unconvincing slow motion to represent vampire super-speed and making moments which should have been filled with wonder and awe instead evoke unintentional laughs and groans. However, Meyer’s revisionist take on vampire lore is intriguing, and the viewer wishes the film had delved into the technical aspects of immortal vampire lifestyles further – a sequence where protagonist Bella slowly begins to suspect the true identity of the mysterious boy she has found herself involved with is impressively eerie and chilling. Such moments are aided incalculably by the tremendous musical score of Carter Burwell, whose bold mix of brassy Gothic themes and eerie, chilling motifs perfectly compliments the intensity of the film. However, Twilight’s main concern lies in its script, which boasts some particularly gruesome patches of dialogue apart from the general lack of characterisation one has sadly grown to expect from the teen romance genre. Similarly, despite director Catherine Hardwicke appearing to be the perfect candidate to helm such a film (with directorial debut Thirteen demonstrating a keen knowledge of the teenage girl mentality), her handling of the source material is unfortunately shaky.The film repeatedly falls prey to the “Harry Potter syndrome”, feeling somewhat clunky in its almost robotic adherence to its source material, giving it the sense of jumping awkwardly from plot point to plot point and lacking the necessary cohesion and narrative flow. But most importantly, for a film revolving around its central romantic attraction and sexual tension, the audience is never really given the chance to FEEL the romance, to be drawn in by the mutual lust and entrapment of the two leads for one another. In an oddly rushed sequence, the budding romance between protagonists Bella and Edward is reduced to a couple of nonchalant sessions of hanging out, mostly demonstrated through montage, after which Bella’s (largely unnecessary) narration declares her unequivocal love for Edward. This rather abrupt transition would toe the line of appearing satirical of teenage romance were it not for the fact that the viewer realises the moment is meant to be completely heartfelt. What was likely far more effective in literary form, with the chance to understand Bella’s emotions and mental process making the romance far more credible does not translate into film. As such, with this crucial central romance lacking the necessary spark which made the novel such a success, Twilight, for all of its periodic cinematic potential, just feels somewhat unnecessary. The film’s casting is perfectly passable, supplying a sufficient variety of up and coming pristine teenage beauties capable of essaying their character types, yet for a book which was driven by such genuine intensity and passion, one can’t help thinking of all the performances as somewhat listless and flat. While Kristen Stewart makes a passable romantic lead as headstrong Bella, she lacks the necessary charismatic spark to truly make the viewer warm to her, making her teenaged-angst interludes harder to empathise with. Robert Pattinson does his best as teenage dreamboat vampire Edward, sharing strong chemistry with Stewart, even if his “sultry, moody glances” delve into the melodramatic to the point of verging on comical at times. The rest of the cast give rather bland but serviceable performances, the standouts being Cam Gigandet who is mercifully given the chance to gleefully chomp on scenery and generate sufficient menace as sadistic villainous vampire James and Ashley Greene who essays the ideal balance of being sweetly charming without being overly chirpy as Edward’s kind-hearted sister Alice. However, despite his best efforts, Billy Burke is forced to wade through “stern but absent father” clichés to the point of being almost invisible as Bella’s emotionally stunted parental figure, and Taylor Lautner fares little better as mysterious prospective love interest Jacob. While Twilight is hardly a failure on all fronts, with a sporatic peppering of effective moments, the word which most ably describes the film as a whole is ‘passable’, lacking the necessary intensity or impact to truly hit home. It is easy to envision the adaptation being far more satisfying if done as a smaller, independent production outside the shadow of Hollywood, one which would not shy away from capturing the true passion and intensity of the central relationship without baulking at the prospect of a simmering yet sexless teenage relationship. As is, Hardwicke’s film is content to succumb to cliché and sloppy, complacent storytelling, making it far too ‘bloodless’ to truly satisfy. -4/10

  • lidia-fonseca-sancho
    lidia fonseca sancho

    “Twilight” is the first film from a series of 5 movie based on the literary works of Stephenie Meyer. I do not want to say this took over from Harry Potter as the big movie franchise as Potter was still running at this point, but it had pretty much the same impact on young people back then. “Back then” sounds somewhat strange, but the first film is already almost a decade old, so it is an appropriate description. In order to appreciate this film (and the sequels), it is essential what you expect before actually watching them. If you expect a new “Godfather”, you will of course be disappointed. But if you expect a fantasy film that is not scared of going over-the-top on many occasions during its 2 hours runtime, then you may have a pretty good watch here like I did.Let us look at the cast. Kristen Stewart is one of the most talented actors from her generation and was a pretty successful child actress before this film already. Needless to say she was the perfect choice for the character of Bella Swan. She carries the whole franchise tremendously and her talent is absolutely visible. Robert Pattinson made Harry Potter fans fall in love with him and this was certainly the role that gave him a shot at playing Edward Cullen. I don’t think he is a better actor than he is allowed to show here and has a couple not-so-good moments unlike Stewart, but overall, he works the part. Thumbs up for him too. Finally, Taylor Lautner: He is clearly the least talented actor from the lead trio I guess. Luckily here, he does not really have that many moments to show us his (lack of) talent, but it becomes painfully visible in the next films when his character has a bigger role, also in Bella’s life. The supporting actors, especially Billy Burke who plays Bella’s dad, are pretty good too.Finally, the story: Yes the writer here, i.e. Melissa Rosenberg who also worked on Dexter, totally makes sure we never forget Edward is the greatest, fastest, most eloquent and most desirable male on the planet in general. Annd Bella is the new queen of their school that every male wants to be with and go to the prom. It is a bit cringeworthy sometimes and there are moments of schmaltz, such as the “maybe I am the bad guy” quote, but let us always keep in mind for whom this film was made. Young teenage audiences that do not see the ridiculousness of such statements and suck them in, even really love them. Let them have their fun I say, we grown-ups can smile at these parts, but not in a condescending manner, and enjoy those sequences that were better-made. There are more than just a few.What I liked maybe the most about the film, apart from Stewart’s star-making turn, is how nicely clean-structured the film is. The first part is about Bella’s new life in her dad’s town. Second part is about getting to know Edward (and his family) and fall in love with him. Last part is about a gang of actually evil vampires and how the good vampires fight them in their attempt to protect Bella. It’s all a bit predictable, but that is not a problem at all in my opinion, because it is nonetheless fun to watch for the most part. And lets be honest here, the music in this movie, especially the soundtrack is truly outstanding. I recommend “Twilight”, a really strong beginning to a good franchise. It’s tough to decide for me if this first film is the best or one of the final two, but maybe you can make a clearer decision. You really need to check this one out. Highly recommended.

  • georgina-green
    georgina green

    “I really like Twilight. It is a very good film.” – Orson Welles The Twilight franchise stars Kristen Stewart as Harry Potter, a wizard who defeats evil Emperor Sauron and so reclaims her position as head of Starfleet’s Jedi Order. Based on a series of books by author Tom Clancy, the film would spawn a massive fan-base, members of which often attend conventions dressed as werewolves, vampires and virgins.The first film in the series, Catherine Hardwicke’s “Twilight” raises many interesting questions, like “where do babies come from?” and “what do you do when two guys like you?” It’s also very original and has nothing to do with sex.10/10 – Masterpiece

  • pausanias-spanoudakes
    pausanias spanoudakes

    I have read the books, and the first thing I noticed was that the story wasn’t about a plot line at all. It’s about the characters and what’s going on with them. Stephenie Meyer focuses on interaction, not on dialog, plot, or setting, which is fine. But it makes for a bad movie.Surprisingly, Twilight wasn’t that bad of a film. I expected it to be much worse. As I said, there’s very little plot or dialog in the book, so it’s hard to make a convincing film. They had to over act looks to try and communicate without many words. I could probably count on one hand the lines in the movie.Other than the over acting, it wasn’t bad. There were some very good moments and some very “eh” moments. But overall I would recommend it to Twilight fans. I probably won’t ever want to see it again, but it’s okay at midnight with some school friends who like it or something.

  • gregory-sanders
    gregory sanders

    last night finally rented the DVD, expecting a chick flick, some action, good music and a sense of fantasy and adventure. what I got back? two hours of lame acting, poor direction, no action, stupid phrases. did I mention the lame acting? there’s no development, you cannot care for the characters. I laughed out loud the first time I saw the vampire youngsters in the school. no one can go walking through life with that amount of powder in their face!!! you can tell a mile away they’re blood suckers. and all that Stewart and Pattinson’s characters do is look into each other eyes, sigh, talk nonsense. For the first time in years i used the fast forward button in the remote. seriously!!! It is a product made for girls up to 14 years old. There’s no romanticism here, no fantasy, no sense of epic love. It’s more an infatuation, a whim, opposites attract with no possibility of a future based in something else than the pale look of both of the main characters. If you’re expecting something of a “Harry Potter meets Vampires” movie, you WILL be disappointed. wait until it’s on HBO and save you money. Please do!

  • panagiota-preka
    panagiota preka

    I saw nothing good in this film, although I really did like the (first) book. The cinematography is what really struck me as terrible. I really don’t know what they were trying to convey with it (an avant-garde approach?), but it didn’t work for me and I found I couldn’t move past it. Perhaps, then, it tainted my opinion regarding the rest of the film, but I saw nothing good in it either; be it the soundtrack (poor), the dialogue/screenplay (lame) or the acting (overly hesitant at times). Quite honestly, I saw none of the chemistry that others have commented about regarding the two main characters. Their relationship developed much too quickly and wasn’t adequately explained. Most of the early book takes place in Bella’s thoughts, and that wasn’t translated into the film. Edward went from apparently hating Bella to loving her almost overnight.We rented it through Netflix, and I am thankful for not having spent the $$ to see it in the theater. I doubt I bother with the others which are to (inevitably) follow.

  • mark-brooks
    mark brooks

    To preface this review, I read all four Twilight books in one weekend (last weekend, actually) when I picked the first one up at the airport, and could not put it down. I zipped through the other three and went to the midnight screening on opening day. To say the least, I was captivated by Twilight (and I’m in my 20s…).I was anxious to see the movie because, like so many other people, I felt really invested in Bella and Edward’s story. Not only that, but I love the vampire premise – it just never gets old, especially when you put a new spin on it, as Meyer did in her books. The events of each book really ran together for me, so in a way, I felt like a non-Twilighter coming into this film. I really didn’t care if the movie deviated from the book – in fact, I was kind of hoping it would, since you can’t expect a book to translate directly to the screen. I heard a lot of serious Twilight teens complaining about “major things” missing when I left the theater, but I honestly didn’t notice any major omissions.Overall, the film was better than I expected (based on previews, I expected it to be extremely cheesy, low-budget, and awkwardly filmed). It definitely grew on me as it went on, especially Pattinson’s performance. His introduction was extremely awkward – not sure if that was Hardwicke’s fault or Pattinson’s acting. In any case, as soon as he settled into his character, he was absolutely captivating. Stewart plays a great brooder, and she certainly did that here. I loved the scenes with her father; in my opinion, these were some of the gems of the movie.The romance between Edward and Bella, which was obviously the crux of the film, was fueled by their chemistry, but not much else. Where was the development?! I really wish Hardwicke or the screenwriter or somebody had taken more time to delve into the roots of their relationship. It all just happened way too fast. I feel like this happened because of the James story, which to me was almost completely unnecessary (yeah, I know, it’s a big part of the book and obviously needs to be here). But even so, the film would have been a more moving romance, and probably a more poignant, emotional film, if that cheesy, goofy subplot hadn’t existed.Hardwicke dealt exceptionally well with teen angst, which was evident in the high school shots. Unfortunately, she really struggled with the vampire side of things. I have to put most of the blame on the director because the characters were all spot-on, very well-acted and well-cast. I also think a higher budget would have done wonders for this movie, and I’m hoping that becomes a reality for the sequel. The special effects were embarrassingly bad, and nearly ruined the movie.Overall, I enjoyed “Twilight” for what it was – a romance that probed the timeless dilemma of wanting what you can’t have (and despite Meyer’s Mormon beliefs, this whole series is basically a metaphor for sex). It makes for an interesting, compelling story, and I expect more from the sequels, because the potential is certainly there.

  • meredith-garza
    meredith garza

    The only thing I felt was right about this movie: the actors kind of resembled what the characters should have looked like.The only performance I enjoyed was Charlie. I personally always thought of Charlie as a more rounded person, but I adjusted to a slimmer version (makes sense seeing as Bella is slim…but then again all Charlie does is fish, watch T.V. and sit at the police station since there’s no problems in Forks. Makes me feel like he would have a slow metabolism). I actually believed the words coming out of Charlie’s mouth when he said them.I expected more out of Kristen (Bella). I figured Rob (Edward) would ruin the movie, I came prepared for that. What I did not expect was Steward’s inability to complete a sentence (any one else notice how she started and interrupted her lines with a lot of scoffing and stuttering? Note the hospital scene: “Wh- what? What…uh what are you saying? Like- wh- like what are you even saying? I don’t- don’t…i don’t even know what you’re saying” (Neither do we Kristen) ).And Rob lived up to my extremely low expectations. He tried too hard. That’s an understatement. He tried so hard that I felt the veins in my forehead about to burst. Every scene between him and Steward is awkward. Were they going for awkward? Because that’s what it was. The book’s charm was truly absent in this movie. Perhaps Meyer’s talent and vision is something no one else can try to reproduce on screen. Alice was mediocre. She’s supposed to be more bubbly. And she would have never let Bella go to prom in that blue JC Penny dress with the grandma sweater. And why is Victoria showing up at a high school prom? She’s supposed to be licking her wounds and planning her next attack of revenge, not watching Edward and Bella dance!The rest of the vampires didn’t get enough screen time for me to really judge them. Like I said, they looked the part. But so did the leading roles, until they opened their mouths.It’s a shame that the books that I have come to love were portrayed like this. I have waited for months, checking Meyer’s website daily for any new clips, interviews…anything! And it came down to me and my not happy b/f shaking our heads sadly when we should have been in complete awe.The only thin worse than this was watching Hayden Chrisensen play an emotional Anakin…Jedis don’t cry, you wuss.

  • camila-brito-leite
    camila brito leite

    I saw this for free at the Recreational Center on my college campus, and it became the first movie I ever walked out of. As a horror movie fan and a film director, I have never felt so insulted in my life. Since when can vampires survive in daylight. I loved the line “You avoid daylight”…. PRETTY MUCH THE WHOLE FILM TOOK PLACE IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!!!! Apparently now they just glow and show their “true form” Really? What’s next, werewolves will start drinking liquid silver for breakfast? Frankenstein becomes a fire twirler? Might as well, the rules of movie monsters apparently do not apply anymore. When the main vampire (I didn’t care enough to catch his name) said “We consider ourselves vegetarians”, that was all I could take. Everyone involved with this film should have stakes shoved through their hearts for conspiring to create this garbage. Anybody who likes vampires should agree with me. If you don’t, you are a poser my friend. That is the cold, hard truth.

  • alison-bryant
    alison bryant

    This is just one person’s opinion. No need to get angry, in fact I’d like you to convince me I’m wrong.The movie is missing the magic. Edward appeared on screen and I swooned. He opened his mouth and I cringed. Edward is strong and confident. He wasn’t a whiney, smitten child. In love yes, but brooding and in pain. Bella was delicate, not just dry and indifferent. This Bella lacked emotion maybe even a soul-who is she? She didn’t feel like the yearning, thoughtful Bella I had imagined. I wished she needed to be protected. This version can take care of her own business–and I’m not sure how bad she wants to be with Edward, or why for that matter. Maybe if she narrated her emotions would have been more pronounced. Don’t get me wrong, the actors’ chemistry is very evident, they should get married and have melodramatic children. But was the film from Bella’s perspective or not? The changing pov was off-putting. This film proves that Meyer’s pages and pages are what bring this story and Edward and Bella’s love to life.The TONE was completely lost in the book to script to screen translation. The story is supposed to be a song that takes you to another world, one where vampires and werewolves exist. The story is an intoxicating melody. Here we’re presented with a boy-band pop song sung by kids who think of themselves as classically trained Opera singers. PICK ONE. Be a chart-topping, America’s Top 40 or be the haunting, dangerous lullaby I think a lot of fans were looking for.Speaking of boy band…the screen version of Jacob Black is one “Bye Bye Bye” from being the lead singer in Over-Produced-Axe-Wearing-Guy-Group 2008. Jacob, in my mind, is earthy. He’s a guy’s guy and gets his hands dirty fixing cars and building stuff. Jacob always left me feeling like he was wise beyond his years, a smitten kitten of course, but I always felt that he was more dynamic than this cute little wig-wearing version. I always felt this sense of history and quiet power. This version wears Abercrombie (and randomly appears from behind trees apparently…you’ll see).The cast was quite OK for me. I did feel bad watching them try to deliver the lines they were given. I get that this is a vampire-romance movie, but honestly. The script is dripping in gooey, sticky, melted, mixed cheeses. OK, so it’s fantastical, but to slap me in the face with Gouda and Brie every other frame is just insulting. Cheese aside, Charlie was great. His timing was spot on. Carlisle played the part, but the caked-on white makeup so completely distracting. Esme– I wanted to crawl up onto her lap and have her tell me bedtime stories. Love it. Alice… that’s her on that screen. A little bouncier and she’s perfect. Jasper– freakishly creepy and pained, loved it. When he comes out of his shell and plays more than the wide-eyed silent sidekick, I’m all over it. Those who doubted Reed need to reconsider. Rosalie is freaking hot and one sassy vamp. Emmett…holy crap, on the money (call me). Jessica is the best casting job in life…Mike, however…really?I know that this is just a movie. Film is a different medium than books. We get to create the world from a book but people get to interpret for us on screen, I know. I just wish it wasn’t so far off base for me. I wanted nothing more than to enjoy it. I think I’m going to remember the series the way I imagined it and set this version aside. My oil canvas painting to their Polaroid. Who’s melodramatic now? This girl.Here’s hopping they make a choice for the next one: teen scene or dark love story so audiences know what they’re getting into. Teenie Boppers are quite loyal, perhaps bubblegum will beef up their box office.

  • roger-fournier
    roger fournier

    NOTE: This review is the fair and unbiased opinion of someone with extremely little knowledge of the Twilight series. I watched the movie with a few die hard fans who I talked to after the movie, and I will work some of their thoughts into the review.Another much loved book series has been brought to life in the form of Twilight, which despite having nothing in common with the Harry Potter series, will undoubtedly draw comparisons because of the furor and craze surrounding it. The main difference between the two, however, is that the Harry Potter films are generally good and solid films. Twilight, despite having done a couple things right, is not.As a story, I will admit, Twilight is very catchy and interesting. Now I see what all the hype is about. If I was a young girl, I would go nuts over this stuff too. It’s not just a vampire and a human falling in love with each other, but because of the two leads, it’s one of the best on screen romances of the decade. This, however, is severely hurt by the fact that Twilight boasts easily some of the worst writing and editing I’ve ever seen. Let’s not forget about the horrid VFX and pasty makeup, either. It’s one of the cheesiest films of the year, and can definitely be put in the category of “so bad it’s ALMOST good”. Yes, I just invented that category.The ‘allure’ of the film appears to be the character played by Robert Pattinson, who ironically was previously known for his role in the Harry Potter series. Pattinson succeeded there and he more than succeeds again, as he more than fit the bill for what he needed to do with the character. Most actors would believe the only requirement of the character is to be good looking, but Pattinson takes it a step further and makes Edward Cullen very likable, trustworthy, and in the end, a good hero for the audience. Kristen Stewart is sort of the queen of not showing facial expressions, so she’s perfect for the role of the awkward teen Bella Swann. However, there were sometimes where her lack of emotion bothered me.Our supporting players…Well, none of them are noteworthy like Pattinson is. The villain of the film is lame, cheesy, and played by an actor I can’t take seriously. Nikki Reed is probably the best as Rosalie, Edward’s ‘sister’, and the antagonistic vibe felt from her adds a different side to the movie.Okay, I don’t really know what possessed the writer of this screenplay to make it so horrible (was it the source material?), because the dialog is just so bad that I laughed at serious moments. There’s a lot of intentional humor, mostly in the beginning when Bella and Edward feel like awkward teens in love. I guess the movie moved along okay, because I wasn’t bored at all. I was either laughing at how stupid the dialog was, laughing at some of the mildly funny jokes, or getting pulled in by the electric chemistry between Stewart and Pattinson.That, folks, is the reason most people will be able to sit through this movie. The chemistry between the two leads, romantically and sexually, is amazing. In this respect, Pattinson and Stewart are perfectly cast and it makes me wonder if they could end up together in real life some day. I was very surprised by how much I liked seeing their one on one scenes, as cheesy and bad as the VFX and editing are.As far as these visual effects go, I’ve seen a few vampire movies in my day. I’m going to assume director Catherine Hardwicke has seen a few. Well, she needs to watch a few more. Her fight scenes are horribly choreographed, terribly shot, and lack the intensity required to successfully rouse her audience. I could almost notice the wires the actors flew across on. I noticed a ton of errors with the editing as well, such as basic stuff like mouths moving and no words coming out, and words coming out when no mouths were moving. The fight scene at the end has wicked bad editing too, as the sound mixing also suffers as well.All in all, with Twilight, as bad a movie as it may be, I couldn’t help but stay interested in it because of the electric chemistry between the leads. That alone kept me in the seat the whole time. It is technically one of the worst films of the year, but the entertainment factor in the above respect keeps it out of the company of movies like Disaster Movie and College. I was actually lucky to see it with some of the fans of the book, and all of them (5) described the movie as a ‘disappointment’ and that the film went ‘half way’ with some subplots, either starting and dropping them, or randomly starting them halfway through an individual subplot. They were not happy at all with this movie, but agreed on one thing: Robert Pattinson was the perfect Edward Cullen. I’ll agree with them on all those points and say that Twilight is exactly what I thought it would be: so bad it’s ALMOST good.

  • trond-evensen
    trond evensen

    Let’s face it, the movie was a total let down. I had low expectations. Extremely low but the movie disappointed me even then. The amazing love story we all read in the books was transformed into a whiny preteen nightmare. There was chemistry between Robert and Kristen, there is no denying that, but I didn’t feel the need that is in the books. They are supposed to be I-can’t-live-without-you, take-me-forever, I’m-devoted-to-you-always in love (Unless you want to count that one incident in Eclipse, but let’s face it, most of us don’t) but all I saw was a bored vampire and an indifferent girl.The one thing that made me most angry was the complete disregard for the meadow scene. It is a VERY important part in the book where they pretty much declare themselves to each other. This meadow scene lasted all of 10 seconds and consisted of them staring at each other. They changed around the timing of the movie so much that it almost made no sense. Lets face it, the book was a good story but the writing wasn’t up to par. It was pretty much written to be turned into a movie and the screenwriter obviously didn’t realize that.Sure, Robert was smoking hot (don’t lie, you saw the ray bands) but his performance of Edward was terrible. The first time Bella walked into the Biology class, I laughed at his expression as did most people in the theater (some of them were too busy squealing). His badly-covered up English accent was also laughable.Jasper was perfect, the person that made me laugh during the movie because if you looked, not at where the camera was focused, in most scenes you could see him lurking in the background and I think it fit his character well. Carlisle was cast to a T as were Esme, Jessica, Rosalie, Emmett and Alice. They all fit their parts well even if I imagined Alice a little bouncier, Emmett a little bigger and Rosalie a bit more bitchy.Oh, the camera work. I’m not denying it, I liked the flickers between scenes at times but after a while, it can give you a headache. The insane closeups did NOT do what they were supposed to (show the intensity) instead they made me where they were half the time and realize how much makeup the actors where wearing. Every time there was a close up on Robert, it was totally obvious he was wearing contacts. Seriously, look for the line.The one thing that was actually done really well was the climax with the ballet studio and James. The fight scene was pretty cool and I totally believed that James wanted to kill Bella right there. But, with every up there is a down. After James is killed and They are taking care of Bella, why couldn’t Edward have been more upset? It’s written right in the book that he all but cries when he sees her.The movie was hyped up to an extreme so it was obvious it would be a let down, I just didn’t know how bad it actually was. I don’t get why they couldn’t do little things that would have made it a bit better; The biology class incident? Bella wearing blue? Why the hell did James have to bite her arm instead of her hand? Would that have been SO hard to change? All in all, go see it if you are a Twilight fan but be weary. If you aren’t, stay away because you will not understand a thing that is going on. As I said in my title, somewhere, Edwards is rolling over in his hypothetical coffin (yes I know they don’t sleep in coffins, or sleep period for that matter, but that’s why it’s hypothetical)

  • tazio-rossetti
    tazio rossetti

    I’ve never wanted to walk out of a movie so badly. I think you should give the film a chance to develop fully before forming an opinion. This was certainly not a “film” with any substance. The acting was horrible, the script was horrible, the whole thing was rushed and insubstantial. For being such a predicted box office hit, given the already large fan base, the budget must have been dismal. I think you would need to be no older than 10 to enjoy this film, but the kissing scene in Bella’s bedroom was too passionate for a kid’s movie (Bella’s in her panties!?). In the books it takes them a long time to move forward with their physical relationship. The story was clearly written with teens in mind but still enjoyable for adults. The movie was a cringer.

  • christopher-clark
    christopher clark

    Now do not be offended by any of this, this is just my opinion.No I am not a rabid Twilight hater. I read the books, yes all of them. I thought they were interesting. Not very original, well thought out, or well written, but decent enough to read. I had several problems with this movie. It’s not just the cast. Though I think Cam Gigandet did an excellent job as James. Okay my main problem with the cast was not really who they picked. I guess it boils down to the fact that Bella and Edward really are not that interesting. Is it so much to ask for a heroine who isn’t so whiney and can take care of herself. Or maybe a vampire who isn’t broody and boring and doesn’t SPRAKLE! ((sorry that just bugs the **** out of me)) I think if they had stuck more to the actually book it would have been better. Granted, not by much, but it would have at least gotten 5 stars from me.I do like the cinematography. The movie is gorgeous visually, and as i stated before the acting was not terrible. I would have picked different people for most of the cast, but thats me. I do have one more thing to say before i end this.RABID TWIlIGHT FANS NEED TO CALM DOWN!!! ITS JUST A BOOK AND MOVIE SERIES!! don’t take the fact that people don’t like it to heart. if you like it, thats great.

  • kimberley-burgess
    kimberley burgess

    That was my interpretation of this weekend that I had to endure working at my movie theater, all these little hormone crazed brace wearing under developed young girls who I think would’ve just about died with the anticipation of seeing Twilight, I’m not kidding, I personally witnessed a twelve year old say that she wanted to have Robert Pattinson’s baby. OK, so how I saw the movie, my sister, ironically my older sister has been just raving about the Twilight series with her friends and told me that I have to read these books, after weeks of bugging me with it, I finally broke down and read them. Actually it’s kind of a fun series, it reminded me of the same love that I had for the TV series Buffy the vampire Slayer when I was a young teen. But of course she has to take me to the midnight premiere with 100,000 crazed fans who were knocking each other down and crawling all over each other just to see a movie.Bella Swan has always been a little bit different, never caring about fitting in with the trendy girls at her Phoenix high school. When her mother remarries and sends Bella to live with her father in the rainy little town of Forks, Washington, she doesn’t expect much of anything to change. Then she meets the mysterious and beautiful Edward Cullen. Intelligent and witty, he sees straight into her soul. Soon, Bella and Edward are swept up in a passionate and decidedly unorthodox romance. Edward can run faster than a mountain lion, he can stop a moving car with his bare hands – and he hasn’t aged since 1918. Like all vampires, he’s immortal. But he doesn’t have fangs, and he doesn’t drink human blood.So, my opinion about Twilight the movie… honestly, it’s average, it’s my junior high romance with a vampire. I hate, beyond hate to say this, I’m a hypocrite for saying this, but because I read the book before I saw the movie, I had this completely different interpretation of what the characters look like and how they say certain lines. Twilight the movie made me laugh more than anything simply because of the actors, Robert and Kristen are not bad actors, but the way they talked, I just couldn’t take their “love” seriously. Peter Facinelli who played Carlisle Cullen, Edward’s father, was exactly how I pictured and pulled in the best performance of the film. Is it worth the watch, absolutely if you’re a fan of the books, otherwise, I would say if you just wanna see this movie, I recommend the matinée price because honestly, I think I may have lost my hearing after this weekend of the none stop screams from crazed teens.5/10

  • beth-griffith
    beth griffith

    I would give this movie no stars.. This movie is pathetic. I mean so pathetic. The acting was awful! The movie starts well, but once they introduce the Cullens its pretty much downhill. Ashley Greene looks good as Alice, Jackson Rathbone looks constipated as Jasper, a wooden plank would have been a more convincing Edward. Robert Pattinson deserves the Razzie, second thought, his acting is so horrible that a razzie is like honoring him. Vampires are supposed to be scary, when Edward scales trees he acts like a monkey, move over Kong! The baseball match looks like Super Mario Sluggers on steroids! Horrible..The scene where Edward glitters is pathetic. It looks someone dumped some glitter on him.. On the other hand Charlie Swan and Jacob were spot on.Over all the director tried too hard and lost it all. I strongly believe someone with more experience should direct a high profile film like this. This movie doesn’t appeal as a Vampire movie or as a Romantic movie. Its pathetic.. Jury

  • gederts-abele
    gederts abele

    This review may contain spoilers. You’ve been warned. Twilight was a terrible film adaption of a, let’s face it, mediocre novel. I went into the theater with an open mind, not expecting brilliance, but expecting to be entertained. Well, I guess I was technically entertained since I laughed throughout most of the movie. Sadly, I wasn’t laughing at purposely funny moments. I was laughing at the awkward “acting” of the actors and the terrible dialogue.Now this is where it gets tricky: Do we blame the screenwriter or the author? The movie made me realize just how corny the book’s dialogue was. I found myself rolling my eyes, when I wasn’t laughing, at every word out of the actor’s mouth. Especially the dialogue between Edward and Bella. Now, the dialogue could have been over looked if the actors were able to deliver them. Alas, whoever decided to do casting for this film decided to cast every “actor” with the acting ability of a toaster. Now, a toaster is a inanimate object and therefore cannot act. Get the hint? What made me laugh the hardest was at the end of the movie when Bella’s mother decides to inform Phil VIA TEXT MESSAGE that Bella is alright. I was so shocked that she was really texting him that I turned to my friend and whispered “Bella’s okay, L-O-L”. Really, though. Text messages? I would think that informing your potential spouse of your child’s well being would warrant a phone call at least.Now, I have to point out the scene where Edward decides to flash Bella the goods. He want’s to educate her in the ways of the vampire. He cannot go out into sunlight NOT because he’ll burn or turn to dust, but because he turns into a failed children’s art project. Reading the scene in the book I already knew whoever turned the book into a film was going to have issues with the scene. However, I really thought they’d aim for something above spraying Robert Pattinson with water then dumping craft store glitter on him. I didn’t even notice the “sparkles” at first. My friend turned to me and commented “The sun hits him and he gets gross and sweaty?” because, let’s face it, that’s what he looked like. Damp and dirty. Oh baby, I can hardly contain myself! I could go on and nit pick at everything, but I’m just going to wrap it up and say this movie was awful and I’m disappointed in the screenwriter as well as the director. I feel like Hardwicke was too focused on making the mise-en-scene beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, which is all well and good, but in doing so she over looked her cast of actors who would probably get over looked at a high school play audition with the way they displayed their acting abilities in this movie. Though, maybe I take back the part of being disappointed in the screenwriter since you can only do so much with the source material you’re handed.BRING ON THE TWILIGHT FANS! I CAN TAKE THEM! *Shields at maximum power!*

  • achim-georgescu
    achim georgescu

    Movie begins. Some sh*t happens.Vampire dude: I’ve killed humans. But, you know, I’m not a monster or anything anymore, all I do now is hunt animals, drink their blood while they are mostly still alive, and dismember the carcases after.Stupid retarded pale girl: OH WOW, well that’s OK! Because you are HOT and totally BADASS and you have skin that shines like f*cking diamonds in the sun for some f*cking unknown reason and I like shiny stuff because I’m f*cking retarded!Vampire dude: I think we should go out because I am an obsessive compulsive stalker and you don’t mind having men you’ve just met sneaking into your bedroom at night and watching you sleep.Stupid retarded pale girl: I can see no fallacies with your logic.Some more sh*t happens.The end.