It’s modern kung-fu action galore in this nonstop actioner starring everyone’s favorite duo Twins (Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung), the great Sammo Hung and Jacky Wu! When a precious Tibetan bead is stolen by rogue members of the mysterious Gemini Clan, the protectors of the bead, Lucky and Hey, enlist the help of the Gemini Clan leader the Principal and his former twin disciples Jade and Pearl to retrieve the bead and bring the thieves to justice. With energetic fight sequences and Charlene and Gillian at their most adorable, TWINS MISSION is mission accomplished for satisfying both action and Twins fans!

Also Known As: Миссия близнецов, ツインズ・ミッション, Seung ji san tau, I apostoli, Sứ Mạng Song Sinh, Sứ Mệnh Song Sinh, 雙子神偷 Hong, O Amuleto Sagrado, 雙子神偷, 双子神偷, Twins Mission

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