Johnny Victor’s in love with an international businessman, Louis Galt, who is actually the head of a syndicate which mints illegal coins for the Continental market. But she soon learns that Galt has been deceiving her, and has no intentions of divorcing his wife. So she meets Pierre Clemont, a potter, and falls for him (onscreen and off). Into this little slice of life comes Emil Landosh, a confidence man, and he steals a bracelet that Galt had given Victor and uses it to pay a debt. Enter a twist-of-fate, and it ends up in Galt’s hands. Strained credibility aside since many, many films depend on beating the coincidental odds, Galt assumes that Landosh is Victor’s lover, and this isn’t a good assumption on his part since Landosh kills him and then makes it appear as if Victor and Clermont did the deed.

Also Known As: Geld macht nicht glücklich West, Meurtre sur la Riviera, La bella desconocida, Twist of Fate, A Bela Estranha, Coisas da Sorte, Beautiful Stranger South, I tyhodioktis tou Monaco, I brottets skugga, Trafficanti d'oro, Lifeline, En mand for meget, Un giro de la suerte, Frumoasa străină, Beautiful Stranger

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