In the magic realm of Coventry, the twin sisters Artemis and Apolla are saved by their protectors Illeana and Karsh from the Darkness and brought to another dimension. They are adopted by different families but in their twenty-first birthday, their protectors force them to meet each other. Alex Fielding lost her mother three months ago and is alone seeking a job while Camryn Barnes lives with her beloved wealthy parents. Once together they find that they have magic powers and they should return to Coventry to save their biological mother and their kingdom from the Darkness.

Also Known As: Sestry čarodějky Czech, Vrăjigemenele, Twitches, Δίδυμη Μαγεία, Magiczny duet, Twitches - Gemelle streghelle, Ведьмы-близняшки, Csiribí-csiribá, Sestre veštice, Twitches: O Poder das Gémeas, Des amours de soeurcières, Twitches: As Bruxinhas Gêmeas, Magičan par, Zwexies - Die Zwillingshexen, Las gemelas hechizan dos veces

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