Cecile is a young and beautiful Frenchwoman married to a much older Englishman. She loves her husband and seems to be content with her life, until she meets a younger man and feels forgotten passions stirring within her. She now finds herself confronted with a choice: to stay with the steady and peaceful love of her husband, or to run off for excitement and adventure with a new love?

Also Known As: Io, l'amore, Dwa tygodnie we wrzesniu, À coeur joie, Quince días de Septiembre, Dyo vdomades tou Septemvri, Bara kvinna, Tatlı başlangıç, セシルの歓び, Zwei Wochen im September West, Drei Tage einer neuen Liebe, Elsk mig altid, Duas Semanas em Setembro, Eu Sou o Amor, A cor què vols, To uker i september, Kaksi viikkoa syyskuussa, Two Weeks in September

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