The official denial and the ridicule began in 1942 with the Battle of Los Angeles, where a UFO was fired upon by our military that could not bring it down. This film brings an end to over sixty years of official denial.

Also Known As: UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied

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  • tim

    There’s no such thing as a ufo as far as the government knows,those are chariots of the Elohim of Israel,doubt me Google Iran tries to shoot down ufo and watch one such chariot as it is fired upon not once but twice and is never even touched by Iran’s primitive weapons those black angels were laughing their angelic heads off,but they are showing the world of men their weapons won’t stand a chance against them,our fathers sang about these very same chariot
    clouds,the same chariot cloud that came and took yashuah back to heaven,swing low sweet chariot coming for to carry us home, Deuteronomy chapter 28:68 kjv we are negroe israelites.not africans.