In 1831, Irishman Charles Adare (Michael Wilding) travels to Australia to start a new life with the help of his cousin, who has just been appointed Governor. When he arrives, he meets powerful landowner and ex-convict Sam Flusky (Joseph Cotten), who wants to do a business deal with him. While attending a dinner party at Flusky’s house, Charles meets Flusky’s wife Henrietta (Ingrid Bergman), whom he had known as a child back in Ireland. Henrietta is an alcoholic, and seems to be on the verge of madness.

Also Known As: Bajo el signo de Capricornio, Pod zwrotnikiem Koziorożca, Sklavin des Herzens, Sob o Signo de Capricórnio, Sklavin des Herzens West, Atormentada, Под знака на Козирога, 山羊座のもとに, A Baktérítő alatt, Ston asterismo tou Aigokero, Под знаком Козерога Soviet, Lady Henrietta, Under Capricorn, U znaku jarca, Pod znakiem Koziorożca, Під знаком Козерога, Les amants du Capricorne, Kapri yıldızı, Sotto il capricorno, Het dodenmasker, Kauriin merkeissä, Slavin van haar hart, Il peccato di Lady Considine, 7 hronia horismou

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