Unearthed s6 e5 Tower of Babel: The New Evidence
Genre: Documentary, History, mystery

The Tower of Babel is one of the most famous stories of the Bible. To find out if it really existed, archaeologists use cutting-edge tech and the latest science to investigate how ancient engineers could have built such an extraordinary structure.”,”detailed”:”Babylon’s Tower of Babel is the setting of one of the most famous stories in the Old Testament: a tower so tall it was said to have reached the heavens and angered God. Today, ancient Babylon is in modern-day Iraq, but did it really exist? How could ancient builders construct a tower of such a staggering height? Was it circular in shape, as depicted by medieval artists? Enjoying rare access to this war-torn site, investigators are uncovering the long-forgotten secrets of the tower and finally answering the question: is the Bible story true?


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