An in-depth profile of the life and career of Willy T. Ribbs – the controversial Black driver who shattered the color barrier of professional auto-racing and became the first Black qualifier in the storied history of the Indy 500.

Also Known As: Uppity: The Willy T. Ribbs Story

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  • aric-mettle
    Aric Mettle

    I’ve followed racing all my life and I’ve seen and heard from Willy T. Ribbs in many ways from watching races through the years to meeting him in 2010 at Indy, I can say that everything in this documentary is true to song. What this story has left out is Willy also was given opportunities just because he was black and because he ran his mouth. He offended anyone to get a advantage that’s what he did. They didn’t just hate him cause he was black they hated him because Willy wanted them to hate him. He would tell Nigger and Honky jokes and if you got offended at any point he’d call you a racist. If you think he deserved pity he’d make you wish you’d hadn’t, if you think he broke the color barrier in Auto racing you don’t know shit about Motorsports.

  • patty-robinson
    patty robinson

    I knew of some of his accomplishments but never knew the backstory. Mr. Ribbs along with others during this time raised the level of consciousness in America concerning race issues and how he never played the victim but looked at his struggles as hurdles rather than brick walls. Lewis Hamilton is standing on one of his shoulders.

  • matthew-gamble
    matthew gamble

    Who knew Adam Carolla had such chops!? This documentary–another in Adam’s growing line of racing-inspired documentaries, is not only an inspirational and emotionally gripping account of a truly great black race car driver, but is also an interesting case study within the long saga of American racing. I can only imagine the amount of legwork and research Carolla and his team did. Amazing end product. DO NOT MISS this excellent documentary, and let’s hope this is the start of a long series of eye-popping docs from Carolla’s Chassy Media. BRAVO!

  • augoustos-lagopates
    augoustos lagopates

    Really enjoyed this Doc! If you like any form of racing you will love this. Never knew much about Willy T but glad I do now. Thank you Adam Carroll’s for this!

  • uldis-baltins
    uldis baltins

    As documentary film makers, Adam Carola and Nate Adams have hit all the marks to allow me to give them five stars out of five for their look at Willy T. Ribbs, the first black man to quality and race in the “greatest spectacle in racing”, the Indianapolis 500. This is quality film making that tells the little known story of the Jackie Robinson of auto racing, Willy T. Ribbs. The high production values present some of the best film of car racing to go along with many interviews of the people involved in the sport, “Uppity…” is highly recommended for historians of both sport and car racing. Viewed and playing on Netflix.

  • richard-moravec
    richard moravec

    Such a fantastic story that’s not known by many. Well done production that keeps you in suspense to find out what happened.

  • bobby-peterson
    bobby peterson

    Is a sad movie that reminds us how bad it was/still is racism (injustice) but had me with tears of joy at the end, knowing that Wllly never give up.Extremity well produced documentary with an outstanding narrative, that brings hope by showing us that not all white guys in Motorsports are evil… because indeed, it is a cut throat field where the good bud white guys network always seems to win…Well done, well done Adama Carolla!PS: people that blames his attitude had never been treated differently for no apparent reason, or ask themselves why I have to try harder than my counter parts? A victim of society, Willy was in fight mode at all time and on top having to prove he had something to offer to the teams as the other drivers (caucasian), and since is Motorsports, Willy had to prove that he was better than them, because that’s why we rave!

    • aric-mettle
      Aric Mettle

      Allot of drivers never got to show what they could do at least he had opportunities. Color isn’t a struggle life is. He wasn’t a victim you missed the message completely.

  • debbie-chandler
    debbie chandler

    I knew a bit about Willy but wanted to know more. Thank God this documentary came out. So well done and entertaining. I rarely cry during docs but…

  • fernando-villaverde-tena
    fernando villaverde tena

    This is Carolla’s best documentary so far. Great pacing, suspense and a very charismatic protagonist. He was very pleased with this on his podcast, but rightly so.