An in-depth profile of the life and career of Willy T. Ribbs – the controversial Black driver who shattered the color barrier of professional auto-racing and became the first Black qualifier in the storied history of the Indy 500.

Also Known As: Uppity: The Willy T. Ribbs Story

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  • aric-mettle
    Aric Mettle

    I’ve followed racing all my life and I’ve seen and heard from Willy T. Ribbs in many ways from watching races through the years to meeting him in 2010 at Indy, I can say that everything in this documentary is true to song. What this story has left out is Willy also was given opportunities just because he was black and because he ran his mouth. He offended anyone to get a advantage that’s what he did. They didn’t just hate him cause he was black they hated him because Willy wanted them to hate him. He would tell Nigger and Honky jokes and if you got offended at any point he’d call you a racist. If you think he deserved pity he’d make you wish you’d hadn’t, if you think he broke the color barrier in Auto racing you don’t know shit about Motorsports.