Steve Jackson and Wardell Franklin sneak out of their houses to visit Madame Zenobia’s: a high-class but illegal nightclub. During their visit, however, the place is robbed and they are forced to hand over their wallets. Steve’s wallet turns out to have contained a winning lottery ticket, and together they must recover their stolen property.

Also Known As: Samstagnacht oben in der Stadt, Uptown Saturday Night, Panik i kubik, Samstagnacht oben in der Stadt West, Arpajaisvoitto, Sobotnia noc, Säpinää laitakaupungilla, Simbata noaptea in oras, En kveld på by'n, Субботний вечер на окраине города Soviet, Samstagnacht im Viertel der Schwarzen West, Aconteceu num Sábado, Събота вечер в горната част на града

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