Katherine endures the worst Valentine’s Day date of her life. On her way home a gypsy casts a magical spell on her. The next morning she soon realizes she’s reliving the day until she finds Mr Right.::Andrew Hurley

Also Known As: À la recherche de l'âme soeur, Zilele îndrăgostiţilor, Immer wieder Valentinstag - Und täglich grüsst Mr. Right ..., Valentine's Again, Once Upon a Winter's Date, Ricomincio da San Valentino

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  • minjiyeon

    Why does she wear the same outfits every day to work/yoga etc when she thinks it’s a different day. She’s supposed to remember that she already wore this “yesterday”. Other than this detail, I was able to enjoy the movie and suspend all other belief.

  • zlatko-ban
    zlatko ban

    This movie didn’t have the magic I expect from Hallmark..it was very by-the-numbers…the actress did not have the same appeal that she had in Romance at Reindeer Lodge. Plus, I really hate that Hallmark feels the need to constantly bash gluten-free food..why? And the joke in this movie was particularly nasty. Shame on you, Hallmark. Not a great movie. And I’m sorry but the lead actress did not look healthy in this role. It was very distracting.

  • nauseda-tadas
    nauseda tadas

    A fairy tale version . nice, like many Hallmark movies. the only sin – the Groundhog day formula. who is used in not the most inspired manner. too many holes. too much pathetic scenes. fake or predictable scenes. childish moral. desire to convince almost with force about the noble message essence. few drops of Cinderella. and , as prize, a not bad chemistry between Nicky Whelan and Greg Waughan .

  • bolshakova-lora-ruslanovna
    bolshakova lora ruslanovna

    This movie lacks the spark of a chick flick and the warmth of a Hallmark. The acting is terrible. It was either understated and boring at times and overdone at others, with the exception of Marina Sirtis. Although it felt like even she had to hold back a little so as not to take too much center stage, since “Kat” was completely under acted. For someone endlessly reliving the same day, she didn’t show very much emotion, if any. Plus, there are too many inconsistencies; for instance, Kat didn’t once hurt her ankle before noticing Danny, then all of a sudden, she does? Secondly, Kat checks her phone first every day before turning on the TV, but now when its the day after Valentine’s day, suddenly she turns on the TV first? Also, after Danny makes a point to mention he knows she likes yellow roses but all other men give her red, he gives her a red one at the end anyway? I will admit the plot had potential, but it was lazy. I love movies with the groundhog day effect, especially “Naked”, with Marlon Wayans, as well as “12 Dates of Christmas”, with Amy Smart. This movie just did not deliver. Would not recommend “Valentine’s Again” unless you’re looking for a light nonsense movie to play in the background while you do housework.

  • okhrim-franko
    okhrim franko

    Not overly impressed by this Valentine’s Day version of Groundhog Day, where Nicky Whelan relives the day over & over till she meets the right guy & all aspects of her life are aligned perfectly. The 2 leads acting was fine & their chemistry together worked ok, but I just felt this was a lazy attempt to produce a new storyline from a classic film.

  • prof-mathias-christensen
    prof mathias christensen

    Cons to the movieThis was a very irritating movie. It’s another annoying film that minimizes women by demonstrating that career women are emotional vacant, relationship inept, neglectful of parents and the only way to be happy is to abandon the career they worked hard for and go be a corner shop entrepreneur (either a florist, baker etc) and fall in love with a blue collar man, small business man or a farmer. Such is the way of the fundamentalist christian. SMH They so need a kick up the keister. Nothing wrong with blue collar men etc, but the mandate of these flaky movies are to keep women in check by minimizing their career dreams.Script is flat and dull, as are the characters. That’s no reflection on the actors, they are working with what they were given, but this movie was so boring.Pros to the movie; nice dogs, nice clothes

  • malwina-solnica
    malwina solnica

    The Groundhog Day formula usually works. But here it doesn’t. The writing isn’t clever enough and they don’t make use of the repeats cleverly enough. It isn’t funny – just boring.Don’t bother.

  • joshua-duarte
    joshua duarte

    I love a Hallmark movie with a strong life lesson. I liked this movie because of this. Admittedly I was getting a bit frustrated but it was worth it in the end. I am a giant fan of any kind of Cinderella type movie and that is why I watched this movie regardless of the low rating. I am glad I read the reviews to know this. It’s a great reminder of what is important in life.

  • sara-perry
    sara perry

    The movie isn’t great, but it isn’t bad either. Even though there are lots of cliches, still it was enjoyable to watch. I don’t have much to say about it, also I might already forget about this film tomorrow, but all I needed from it was a cute romance on a saturday night and it was just that.