17 September 1983 was a seemingly ordinary day, except that several lives in my family has changed forever. It is the day that my parents were devastatingly wounded from a car accident. My father at the time was a young military officer with a bright future ahead of him. He was driving back from a party in an early evening to pick up the kids, with my mother sitting on his side. Inebriated, he stopped the car at a red light on top of one rail track where there was no barrier put in place. A train approached at full speed, hitting the car on the driver side and drag what remains of the vehicle, and its passengers, for a long distance. The opening image of VANISHING POINT is the front page picture from the newspaper report of my parents’ accident that day. I grew up with that news photography and my father’s fading memory of the day before the accident. After several months in recovery, my mother resumed her normal life and work. But my father suffered from severe brain damage, and he could no longer return to the life he used to have. His dashing career suddenly came to a halt. This abrupt change has a big impact on my family. I cannot imagine how my life, and my family’s, would turn out had there not be an accident that day. But all these experiences had made me who I am today. I invokes the story of my father, and merge it with other tales inside my head, into a story of two men who are the mirror image of each other. Actions lead to consequences, and the karmic force has a pull on all men just like gravity to earth.

Also Known As: Znikajacy punkt, Vanishing Point, 消失点

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