International terrorists attempt to kidnap a wealthy couples child. Their plan comes unstuck when, a deadly Black Mamba sent by mistake instead of a harmless snake, escapes, and the terrorists and several hostages are trapped in the boy’s London home. A tense evening is had by all as the snake creeps around the house picking off the various characters one by one.

Also Known As: Die schwarze Mamba, Die schwarze Mamba West, Veneno, To htypima tou fidiou, Змеиный яд Soviet, Farligt bytte, Snakes in a Box: Die schwarze Mamba, Bamba: veneno mortal, Otrov crne mambe, Черната мамба, Musta mamba, Strup crne mambe, Jad, 恐るべき訪問者, Svart mamba, Venin, Perigo na Sombra, Svarta mamban, Το χτύπημα του φιδιού, Venom, Kígyóméreg

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