After a faulty interview with the Life Foundation ruins his career, former reporter Eddie Brock’s life is in pieces. Six months later, he comes across the Life Foundation again, and he comes into contact with an alien symbiote and becomes Venom, a parasitic antihero.

Also Known As: Венъм, Venom: Zehirli Öfke, Otrov Bosnia and, Venom Hong, Веном, Venom Czech, Venom, Antidote, Venomas

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    not able to watch this movie because of broken link. Please fix this

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    Please fix this and other broken movie files on this site. This website is awesome but I’m afraid that a lot of the movies here don’t work entirely or have broken files so don’t play throughout.

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    This movie would have been freaking golden if added spiderman

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    Fuck this movie

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    that was a good movie <:::::[]=¤ (▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿)

  • erika-montgomery
    erika montgomery

    The storyline is good but it seems like they left big chunks of the script out. Which made the movie feel rushed. After watching it I honestly felt robbed of a good movie.

  • daniel-wall
    daniel wall

    Tom Hardy is just great in this movie. Movie is really entertaining. Much better than I expected and I’m glad that I watched it.

  • rodrigo-cortina-banos
    rodrigo cortina banos

    Really I’m not a big fan of superhero’s movie, but this one is pretty good. Tom make the movie even better, he did a great job. Well done Tom 👏🏻

  • olavi-maatta
    olavi maatta

    This movie is good,i like it a lot actually. A unique combination of Horror,Action and Sci-Fi Movie (Yes,A little Horror Touching..Something you rarely seen at Marvel Comic Based Movie.). It was fun, thrilling, and enjoyable movie. But yep,There’s some weakness at the plot. There’s no further explanation for what happen after to the rest of simbiotes after the lab tragedy, And it didn’t explore Riot clearly. But Overall,Its A good one movie.👏

  • nerea-vaquero-lastra
    nerea vaquero lastra

    Wow…Something different…Something ACTUALLY different. No, Venom is no masterpiece. It’s not perfect. It’s not quite as great as I hoped it would be, but…It’s ACTUALLY something different. And in an age where Marvel and DC give us the same comic book movie 500 times a year, that’s incredibly high praise. Let me clarify; despite what you’ve been told, Venom is not a superhero movie. Venom is, at its heart, a horror comedy monster flick. It has much more in common in its characters, story, tone, comedy and action sequences with An American Werewolf in London or Evil Dead than, say, The Avengers or The Dark Knight. That’s a wildly inventive and different take on the genre and enough to give it some much needed, genuine diversity.As I said, the film definitely has its problems. Riz Ahmed’s Carlton Drake is a terrible villain, one of the worst in recent comic book movie history. I’d like to say that he’s better than most of the easily disposable MCU villains, but even compared to them, he’s still low tier. Drake is your typical “evil corporate bad guy”, but Ahmed is neither charismatic, over-the-top or intimidating enough to make it really work. The real shame is that the movie easily could have made him work as a perfect adversary for Hardy’s Brock; a legally invulnerable, corrupt millionaire going up against an unlucky, lower class reporter with a chip on his shoulder. However, this dynamic is never really explored as much as it should be and, by the end of the day, his arc just ends in yet another case of 2 black CGI monsters smashing into each other.The neutered PG-13 rating also hurts the film significantly. To its credit, the film is surprisingly violent (To the point where my theater occasionally gasped) and there are moments of genuine suspense and terror here. However, at the end of the day, this is still the kind of movie where someone can get sliced in half with a blade arm and not leave a drop of blood. The edits are clear and blatant and I couldn’t help but occasionally cringe at the obvious censor job Sony did to get the film at a more marketable PG-13. Here’s hoping for an R-rated Director’s Cut.I must say, Tom Hardy is perfect, as both Eddie Brock and Venom. As Eddie Brock, he’s likable, goofy, charmingly dorky and incredibly sympathetic. As Venom, he’s darkly hilarious, witty and commands an incredible screen presence. And his chemistry with Michelle Williams’ Anne Weying (As both Venom and Eddie Brock) is off the charts. As somebody who frequently finds love stories in comic book films to be tepid and half hearted, this may be my favorite romance in a comic book film. It has its frequent adorable and sweet moments, but it isn’t afraid to cover the more painful and stressful parts of their relationship either. It felt way more genuine to me than any other love story I’ve seen in a superhero movie. There’s a scene in the 3rd act of the film involving Eddie, Michelle and the symbiote that is simultaneously sweepingly romantic, absolutely hilarious and incredibly bizarre. Without spoiling it, all I can say is that whether you love it or hate it, you won’t forget that moment any time soon.Michelle Williams is fantastic in her own right too. She does an excellent job portraying Weying’s spunk, confidence and intelligence and Williams brings both charisma and emotional vulnerability to the role. Weying herself is a surprisingly strong character as well; she’s arguably even more proactive than Eddie is and I loved watching her arc from distant and condescending to more empathetic and compassionate. I’ve missed the days when love interests in comic book movies had genuine character arcs, so Williams’ Weying was another breath of fresh air in a comic book movie already full of them.The comedy is definitely the highlight. This is by far the funniest comic book film I’ve seen to date, it puts both Deadpool movies to shame. It’s very reminiscent of a John Landis or Sam Raimi horror comedy from the 80s. Complete insanity in the best way. There’s a particular scene in a restaurant that had me laughing so hard my lungs hurt.As for the story, again, it’s not particularly deep, but its clever in its own way, and has its admitted emotional moments regarding Anne and Eddie’s relationship. The film works as a very interesting anti-Spider-Man movie; Eddie’s irresponsibility is as essential to the character as Peter’s responsibility and the movie tells a very compelling journey of a deeply self absorbed man having to learn to finally put the people around him above his own self interests when the chips are down. Even Eddie’s relationship with his suit serves as a dark mirror to Spider-Man; in Homecoming, Peter has to learn that he doesn’t need the suit to be a hero. In Venom, Eddie needs the friendship of his own suit to save the day.Venom is not the best comic book movie ever. It’s not quite as great as I had hoped. But it’s the farthest thing from bad. It has more heart and brains than critics are giving it credit for and it’s a desperately needed original take on a genre that’s admittedly been suffering from repetition, exhaustion and over-saturation. It’s definitely more interesting, bold and rewatchable than 80% of the easily disposable and forgettable MCU films. It’ll probably be more interesting, bold and rewatchable than any of the DCEU films post-Justice League (Including Justice League), which may as well be MCU-lite. I think I’m gonna go watch it again.(Also, very minor point, but that Eminem song was awful. It felt like a Vanilla Ice or MC Hammer song, only unironic and played completely straight. It was actually lowkey embarrassing to listen to.)

    • what

      nobody wants to read all that

  • shcherbakov-liubim-evseevich
    shcherbakov liubim evseevich

    I honestly don’t get the critics, the score does not coincide with the experience that Venom offers us. Is it a strategy to draw more attention to it? Who knows! But I am for sure that’s the truth… I’ve seen worse movies who had at least 50 points from them. Still, it’s not the best Marvel movie out there, with Black Panther being the best and probably the greatest surprise that MCU has ever given to us, but it was enjoyable and I was really impressed with the portrayal of Venom, considering the story in the comic books. SPOILER ALERT: there’s a lot of schizophrenia in this one :))

  • dr-amanda-jespersen
    dr amanda jespersen

    Enjoyed venom! Don’t believe the bad reviews, Tom Hardy is fab as Eddie Brock and the relationship between him and venom is great , I found myself really liking venoms character as well ( apart from the head biting) All in all a fun film worth a watch

  • kristjan-cerar
    kristjan cerar

    Great movie! Not overdone. Actors are great. This is Venom like i imagined him to be: consuming:) Can’t wait for Carnage!

  • vik-tor-kvachaze
    vik tor kvachaze

    I was impressed by the trailer but the movie was even better. It was humorous, Tom Hardy was an amazing choice for this role. The relationship and interactions between Eddie and Venom made the whole theatre laugh. Don’t listen to the negative critics and watch it yourself!

  • kazlauskas-erika
    kazlauskas erika

    Venom isn’t a Marvel movie, for that it succeeds far more than if it had been. If you’re getting tired of the Marvel formula then Venom is going to be a breath of fresh symbiotic air. Venom occupies it’s own universe, it’s dark, gritty and more grown up compared to its counterparts. The existence of Eddie’s personal life feels real, his struggles are far more relatable than any other character portrayed in a comic book movie so far. He is an everyday guy who screws up and because of that his need to redeem himself gets him attached to a symbiote. After that hes just trying to stay alive until the very end when the truth of his circumstance means he is the only one who can prevent humanities destruction. The movie didnt lead up to this, it wasnt even known what was to come until the last 20 minutes of the movie.This is a marriage of two separate movies and it’s done very well. You remove Venom and the movie feels like it could stand on it’s own with a few key changes. The Venom portion hits all the notes required for a superhero movie. You actually care about Eddy and it’s not because they give some sappy back story about loss or self reflection. You care because you can actually relate with what happens to him and how you may have reacted in the same scenario. He wasnt rich, a god or born with powers, didnt live with super advanced technology or volunteer for an experiment. Hes just a guy with a 9-5 in a regular relationship and living in the same world where shake downs and homelessness exist.The critics wanted a different movie then what they got. They wanted a basic Marvel super hero movie without realizing one of the better super hero movies as of late (Logan) didnt follow that formula either.Venom is the movie that stands on its own by creating a story with elements suited to the character, not checkboxes like others. Its entertaining and feels like it could have lasted longer. I’d rather feel left wanting then feeling like the movie is now requiring me to continue watching it because it’s been dragged out too long.I’d rather watch another Venom movie then any other marvel universe sequel at this point.

  • rachel-ochoa
    rachel ochoa

    Really loved it!!!! Ignore the critics and go and see it as soon as possible!!!!

  • ulkudes-durdu
    ulkudes durdu

    What an incredibly average film.It takes no risks. It’s watered down. It’s generic. It’s trying to give the impression it’s following Deadpool down the R-Rated super hero route, but it didn’t have the guts to go the whole way, or even take a step really.Tom Hardy is an OK Eddie Brock, but I still find him a bit hit and miss as an actor, and that comes through even from scene to scene here. Sometimes he just mumbles his way through with no effort and I genuinely wondered if he was channeling Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man, while other times he actually seemed to be trying, especially with the physical aspects. There’s no connection or chemistry between Tom and Michelle Williams. I guess she was just hoping for some Marvel money and didn’t realise this was a Sony picture. And the rest of the cast are incredibly average and forgettable. Especially Jenny Slate, who will always be stuck as Mona-Lisa from Parks & Rec.There’s years of comic book lore and stories to draw on for Venom, but they ignore much of it… For example, why does Venom look like Spider-man? We know why from the comics, but in the movie it makes no mention of this, so we’re left with questions and a very one dimensional character as a result.Of all the stories that could have been told about a symbiotic alien, and all the interesting directions they could have taken the story, they decide to go with what boils down to a boring buddy movie.

  • christine-fernandez
    christine fernandez

    Don’t listen to the critics they don’t know what they are talking about this film was great. Had a fantastic time watching this film lots of action and funny moments. Tom Hardy is perfect as Eddie Brock he did an absolutely great job. Would recommend this film to many people.

  • bay-tayaydin-kisakurek
    bay tayaydin kisakurek

    Knew nothing about this film but thoroughly enjoyed it tom hardy is awesome I do hope there will be more in the franchise

  • zane-roze
    zane roze

    This is probably the most underrated film I have ever seen. The CGI, graphics everything was perfect, except the final fight’s ending. Still its a great story.Stand ovation to TOM HARDY. He wraps up into perfection. Its a must watch movie.

  • gulsiye-tevetoglu
    gulsiye tevetoglu

    Just to start I want to say my favourite super hero/ villain is venom so I may seem a bit biased but I tried to keep a level head going in and not let the fanboy out.My honest feelings were that the film is exactly what it needed to be. Thank god they didn’t pull and amazing Spider-Man 2 and tried to set up a wider universe. Yes there is space too but I believe this film can stand as a stand alone movie.The opening to the point of Eddies first contact to me was really poor in the acting department and the story seemed very messy here however as soon as that symbiote hits it’s full steam ahead! Tom hardy has always been an actor that I can really rely on in movies and after seeing legend, (an excellent film which I highly recommend) I had no doubt about his ability to form the two identities of Eddie and venom.The romance sub plot surprised me and I thought it was handled in a way rarely seen in superhero movies so well done on that. A big point of content was the jokes. Yes the “turd in the wind” line is a bit cringy but I think a huge amount of the jokes do hit home. For people who have seen the film a certain joke regarding an elevator that was short and sweet and had me genuinely laughing at it. Time to talk about venom himself! CGI on him is how I wanted venom to look in a live action version, that slimy, toothy, grinning look that looks like something straight from the comics.This film will definitely not be for those that aren’t really into comics and I think this film may hit a special place in some fans hearts like me. At the end of the day I say go see the movie and see if you feel the same way. Something that I found really helped me was I went in not thinking of the MCU at large and Spider-Man at all and only when I was 1 hour in did I think “I haven’t thought about Spider-Man once!”To me venom is a surprisingly good film with some great action, visuals and comedy that occasionally stumbles, especially the clunky opening 30 minutes

  • gina-ewing
    gina ewing

    Do have a fondness for superhero films. ‘Venom’ also had talented people in the cast, Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams have both done great work in their careers, it looked interesting and found myself really fascinated to watch an origins story of one of the most interesting anti-heroes in the superhero universe.Watched ‘Venom’ with reasonably high expectations and with the willingness, as always, to judge the film for myself and form my own opinion. Was aware that it was not well liked by the critics, but part of me was really hoping to disagree with the thought that could a film with so much potential be worse than it actually looked? Have to agree with those that were left disappointed, while also not finding ‘Venom’ to be that bad. Am not though going to join in the irritatingly excessive critic bashing from people who really need to start learning the difference between fact and opinion.’Venom’ does have good things. It is at its best in the scenes and chemistry between Eddie and Venom, which had fun and tension. It is when Venom arrives on screen too when the film properly starts to generate interest, after too long struggling to invest in the first act. The darker elements of the film are actually quite well done, having a dark grit and creepiness. It looks reasonably good, well designed and shot with slickness and atmosphere.The music has pleasant moments and fits well while there is some exciting action, especially the car chase sequence. Some of the effects are terrific. Tom Hardy is intensely charismatic, with Eddie/Venom being interesting and well contrasted characters, far more believable than Topher Grace in ‘Spiderman 3’.However, the rest of the cast don’t fare so greatly. Michelle Williams has never had a flatter character than here and is basically wasted in a development-free plot-device role. Riz Ahmed is far too anaemic for the one-dimensional villain that’s both cartoonish and insipid. Of the characters, only Eddie and Venom engage and intrigue, the rest are flat. While some of the effects are terrific, others are terrible especially in the latter stages with the biggest offender being the rushed and clumsy climax.It is the script and story where ‘Venom’ fails most. The script is really clunky, especially with the forced and goofy humour that can be misplaced (Venom’s disgust at taking the elevator was the one moment passing as funny) and the villain spouting dialogues and speeches that mean nothing. The less too about the soapy and cliché-ridden scenes featuring Hardy and Williams the better, they are bland and don’t serve much point, and the Life Institute scenes should have had more clarity. Unfortunately, these scenes dominate the first act and makes it feel rather dull and “taking too long to get going”. The story is tonally disjointed, too many tones that are very variable on their own and don’t gel together, and very clunky. This is not a case of the film not trying, to me it came over as trying too hard in catering to everyone and throwing in too many ideas and elements and executing them very variably and too safely. For a story intended to be dark and violent, this seemed rather tame and held back.Summing up, a disappointment but not that bad. 5/10 Bethany Cox

  • benjamin-vasseur-vallet
    benjamin vasseur vallet

    I don’t really get critics; the movie is just fine. Yes, it should’ve been Rated R! Yes, some of the dialogue/story is clunky and there’s some plot holes and missing info.Also, not crazy about “Anne”, and the way the female characters are written in general. The CGI and action do have their lows that’ll make your head spin, but Venom looks like Venom and in a great way. But, Tom Hardy acts his little heart out ( and so does Riz Ahmed) and the movie, while not perfect, is fun.P.s. The mid credit scene gives one hope!

  • melk-owm-mikoyan
    melk owm mikoyan

    Just got back and to be honest I thought because of the critics that the movie would be a mess, but I reallyyyy enjoyed it!! Tom hardy did a great job as always and Venoms character was amazing! Loved the jokes and the relation between those 2. I think everyone should go see this movie with an open mind and not thinking about the bad critics, people always just want to complain about everything, specially when it’s hyped. Conclusion: GREAT MOVIE, GREAT ACTING, IGNORE THE CRITICS

  • mike-blair-phd
    mike blair phd

    Had a test screening tonight in cinema I work at, and couldn’t wait to watch my all-time favorite Marvel (anti) hero on big screen. Tom Hardy is great as always, that guy really can act. Can’t think of anyone else who would be a better choice for the role but him. Introduction was really long, but I was not bored for a second. When Venom comes in his true form – the party starts! Wish few action scenes were less like Michael Bay’s style (hardly see anything) but the inner child in me was really happy for Venom’s maniacal kicking and punching around. Venom’s character is really well made visually – his walking, jumping and smashing are just like in the comic books – thumbs up for that!Hope they will release R rated version on BluRay so we can see more of Venom’s craziness. Tom Hardy allegedly said best parts are cut out to make the movie more age appropriate, and I think that’s a shame. Anyway, I will watch this movie once more in cinema, and buy it on BluRay. After all, it’s Venom!Go and see it on big screen – hope you won’t be disappointed!Oh, and there are TWO mid-credit scenes – one we all are waiting for and another one that…just go and see it for yourself!

  • semenov-martian-aleksandrovich
    semenov martian aleksandrovich

    Don’t listen to the critics whom are desperately trying to remain relevant in a time where the opinion of the audience truly matters.The movie is geniunely good. What it isn’t is fantastic however.-buildup. The intro of the movie was fine. Nothing spectacular but certainly progressed the story into the right direction. Though it did linger on for a tad bit too long.-The plot while amusing, is definitely lacking and drops the ball at least at a certain point, which i cant really dive into here due to spoilers. This certainly is the biggest problem with the movie. -CGI. Not great but certainly far from bad! -Venom. The symbiote is awesome and i loved the bonding with Tom Hardy’s character which truly moved the movie forward. Definitely the strongest point within the movie and was eager for more!-Overall. Ignore the damn paid critics. They are a dying breed and shouldve been put out of their misery years ago. This movie is entertaining. While i was dissapointed with the lack of a true dark tone, it wasnt all pure comedy either. it was a decent balance.Check this movie out for yourself and vote accordingly. This movie deserves that at the least.8/10

  • julien-de-gonzalez
    julien de gonzalez

    It’s not your typical Marvel movie, but I loved it! I hope they go for an R rating on the second movie though.

  • susanne-gustafsson
    susanne gustafsson

    First of all Iv just watched the movie a couple of hours ago and Iv just been reading a few reviews and I must have been watching a different movie to them cause I absolulty loved Venom!I love the relationship between Eddie and Venom, they proper cracked me up with some of the things they said and the whole room was laughing at loads of moments throughout the movie. Coming out of this movie makes me want to have a symbiote latch onto me if it’s anything like the film. I loved the movie from end to finish, it was a hilarious, fun filled action ride!My only critic is I would have liked the finale to go on for a little longer but other than that I thought it was brilliant, I deffo reccomend everyone go see it.DONT Listen to other people’s reviews, go watch it for yourself then decide if u liked it or not, I loved it!

  • anka-gokce-karadeniz-durmus
    anka gokce karadeniz durmus

    We just came out of the theatre and I can honestly say. I liked it! It was funny and it paid great homage to the Todd McFarlane bombastic Venom era of the late 90’s. It truly baffles me that Sony would not take enough risks to release the film with an R rating. I wonder how much of this film was left on the cutting floor!?! Tom Hardy’s performance is also on point and…just go see it.

  • juan-carlos-aranda
    juan carlos aranda

    I don’t know what’s going on with all the negative reviews. People are really hard to please! I went to see that movie without any real expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Tom Hardy does a fantastic jobVenom is an interesting and fun characterThe plot is fairly classic for this type of movie; nothing good or bad about itThe special effects are great – I loved the transformation scenes.Overall, I recommend it if you like the genre, want to have a good time with a dose of laughters and aren’t overly hard to please.